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What is the Return policy period?

Our endeavor is to provide the best customer service every time you shop with us, however please do not lose your faith in us if you receive a product and do not like the fit, color or design. You can initiate a return request within 14 days of product delivery.

All returns are refunded in the form of store credits, which can be redeemed on any product on our website within a period of six months. Indiarush do not provide refund in the form of Cash, Bank refund or NEFT.

*Please note that Cash on Delivery & Shipping Charges would not be included in the refund value as these are non-refundable charges.

How do I pay for a IndiaRush purchase?
IndiaRush offers you multiple payment methods.

Whatever your online mode of payment, you can rest assured that Indiarush trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.

You may use Internet Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash on Delivery and Wallets to make your purchase. We also accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

What is the estimated delivery time?

Sellers generally procure and ship the items within the time specified on the product page.Business days exclude public holidays and Sundays.

Estimated delivery time depends on the following factors:

1. )The Seller offering the product Product's availability with the Seller

2. )The destination to which you want the order shipped to and location of the Seller.

What are the shipping charges? offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders placed on our website, with minimum order size of Rs 500.

For orders below Rs 500, there is nominal charge of Rs.40 applicable.

Please be informed that it is mandatory to pay Rs.40 for shipping and handling charges through online payment mode, if the partial payment mode is return credits.

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[{"name":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy05","id":"1012111","sku":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy05","price":549,"brand":"Harshita Creation","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":0},{"name":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-088","id":"994384","sku":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-088","price":564,"brand":"NishTag","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":1},{"name":"IR3946_31032017-50000171-MUSTARD","id":"770225","sku":"IR3946_31032017-50000171-MUSTARD","price":553,"brand":"Avaana","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":2},{"name":"IR5274_210_110118-2SIS02730","id":"1028116","sku":"IR5274_210_110118-2SIS02730","price":850,"brand":"Embok Fashion","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":3},{"name":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy03","id":"1012097","sku":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy03","price":549,"brand":"Harshita Creation","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":4},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN095BLACK","id":"991033","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN095BLACK","price":399,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":5},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN056NAVYBLUE","id":"990793","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN056NAVYBLUE","price":499,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":6},{"name":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy08","id":"1012125","sku":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy08","price":549,"brand":"Harshita Creation","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":7},{"name":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy01","id":"1012090","sku":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy01","price":549,"brand":"Harshita Creation","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":8},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN092WHITE","id":"991015","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN092WHITE","price":499,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":9},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN054PINK","id":"990781","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN054PINK","price":499,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":10},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN034Multicolour","id":"990655","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN034Multicolour","price":399,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":11},{"name":"IR153_26Apr16-102016","id":"455999","sku":"IR153_26Apr16-102016","price":635,"brand":"Style Of Surat","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":12},{"name":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy84","id":"1012146","sku":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy84","price":549,"brand":"Harshita Creation","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":13},{"name":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy83","id":"1012132","sku":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy83","price":549,"brand":"Harshita Creation","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":14},{"name":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy07","id":"1012118","sku":"IR3966_28122017-HC-V-Tipsy07","price":549,"brand":"Harshita Creation","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":15},{"name":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-053","id":"994300","sku":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-053","price":564,"brand":"NishTag","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":16},{"name":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-015","id":"994074","sku":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-015","price":564,"brand":"NishTag","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":17},{"name":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-007","id":"994034","sku":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-007","price":564,"brand":"NishTag","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":18},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN099BLUE","id":"991063","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN099BLUE","price":499,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":19},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN083BLUE","id":"990973","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN083BLUE","price":499,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":20},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN064WHITE","id":"990835","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN064WHITE","price":299,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":21},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN058BLACK","id":"990805","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN058BLACK","price":399,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":22},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN054BLUE","id":"990775","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN054BLUE","price":499,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":23},{"name":"IR5339_41217-WHITE02","id":"977970","sku":"IR5339_41217-WHITE02","price":180,"brand":"Lias","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":24},{"name":"IR1106_151117-SS1265","id":"957039","sku":"IR1106_151117-SS1265","price":199,"brand":"SS","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":25},{"name":"IR1404_14042017-EFG1453Multi180WT17","id":"932949","sku":"IR1404_14042017-EFG1453Multi180WT17","price":499,"brand":"Eyelet","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":26},{"name":"IR5401_210_200118-TOP-094","id":"1039223","sku":"IR5401_210_200118-TOP-094","price":564,"brand":"NishTag","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":27},{"name":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_15","id":"1036212","sku":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_15","price":399,"brand":"Stop Look","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":28},{"name":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-059","id":"994336","sku":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-059","price":564,"brand":"NishTag","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":29},{"name":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-055","id":"994312","sku":"IR5401_16122017-TOP-055","price":564,"brand":"NishTag","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":30},{"name":"IR5406_15122017-AAN137BLACK","id":"991141","sku":"IR5406_15122017-AAN137BLACK","price":499,"brand":"GMI","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":31},{"name":"IR5358_61217-CR20708","id":"979695","sku":"IR5358_61217-CR20708","price":399,"brand":"17Hills","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":32},{"name":"IR5339_41217-GBBRW06","id":"977895","sku":"IR5339_41217-GBBRW06","price":445,"brand":"Lias","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":33},{"name":"IR5339_41217-BLACK01","id":"977885","sku":"IR5339_41217-BLACK01","price":180,"brand":"Lias","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":34},{"name":"IR5339_41217-BCKWH019","id":"977880","sku":"IR5339_41217-BCKWH019","price":249,"brand":"Lias","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":35},{"name":"IR1106_151117-SS1264","id":"957032","sku":"IR1106_151117-SS1264","price":199,"brand":"SS","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":36},{"name":"IR5274_13112017-2sis025_14","id":"954370","sku":"IR5274_13112017-2sis025_14","price":1050,"brand":"Embok Fashion","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":37},{"name":"IR2095_20062017-30513","id":"830953","sku":"IR2095_20062017-30513","price":448,"brand":"Iralzo","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":38},{"name":"IR2095_20062017-30511","id":"830945","sku":"IR2095_20062017-30511","price":451,"brand":"Iralzo","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":39},{"name":"IR5573_210_16022018-CFG17AWSTRB4104","id":"1061974","sku":"IR5573_210_16022018-CFG17AWSTRB4104","price":899,"brand":"Cult Fiction","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":40},{"name":"IR4885_1912018-SE0012VOL4_C2","id":"1038847","sku":"IR4885_1912018-SE0012VOL4_C2","price":2190,"brand":"Urban India","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":41},{"name":"IR5270_1812018-DWTP1000","id":"1036364","sku":"IR5270_1812018-DWTP1000","price":809,"brand":"Desi Weavess","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":42},{"name":"IR5270_1812018-DWTP995","id":"1036329","sku":"IR5270_1812018-DWTP995","price":899,"brand":"Desi Weavess","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":43},{"name":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_19","id":"1036228","sku":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_19","price":399,"brand":"Stop Look","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":44},{"name":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_14","id":"1036208","sku":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_14","price":399,"brand":"Stop Look","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":45},{"name":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_13","id":"1036204","sku":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_13","price":399,"brand":"Stop Look","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":46},{"name":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_07","id":"1036180","sku":"IR5516_1712018-TOPNEW_07","price":399,"brand":"Stop Look","category":"Tops","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":47}]
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Purchase from Online collection of Tops & Tunics at

Daily wear can be a little hectic if not been decided properly. Well, who do you think is your BFF while selecting your dresses? It must be some fashion or style expert. No? Don’t worry, the exclusive collection and fashion experts at IndiaRush assure you the best to come on your way!

In summers or winters, most picked and suggested daily or casual wear is tops and tunics and kurtis. Their easy breezy appeal is something which catches anyone’s attention. Get ready to adore some of the best women formal or casual or party wear tops and tunics to stack in the wardrobe. These online tops and tunics are available in various shades or colours, patterns, designs and styles. They are the best picks to break the monotony of life and everyday wear. From embroidered tops to laced tunics, floral print to embellished covers, these types of tops and tunics take forward the preposition of both western and ethnic wear. Crack your oyster shell and discover the world in a whole new pattern. You will find some brilliant prints such as Boho-print, floral, striped, chequered, paisley, geometric, animal prints, polka dot, chevron, Aztec, block and many more types of prints in amazing tops and tunics at IndiaRush. For an easy to wear look with comfort quotient at top, top notch quality fabric are being offered in the making of these stylish tops and tunics. With mind-blowing prints and styles, these types of tops and tunics have latest designs and cuts which are followed widely by the fashionistas. Take a ride on through the wild streets of your town and get instant notifications from your peers and let’s start making new followers with your amazing style statement. Not only prints but there are other factors also which affect the looks of these tops and tunics. So here are some upbeat designs which are in trend these days;

Peplum: Peplum tops and tunics are quite flared and sturdy at the waistline. The silhouette of this area is little bit different and provides hourglass shape to your body. With variety of necklines, lengths and sleeves, peplum tops are loved by women of every age group. They are best to be worn with tight bottom wears to elevate the ravishing look of the apparel.

Balloon: Balloon tops and tunics are the coolest apparel during hot summers. They are extremely loose and offer a baggy display to your appearance. This types of tops and tunics are well available with lot more prints and cuts that worth your every penny. You can wear it high waist jeans for a cool adhere.

Asymmetric: Asymmetric kurtis or tunics are in trend these days. As its name suggests, they are not at all symmetric and this amazing trend is loved by every person standing the next door. This number can be wirn with palazzo pants or ethic printed skirts.

Crop Top: Crop tops are generally shorter in length than the usual ones. Just like the designer lehengas and choli, these crop top with amazing prints and style look fabulous with long, midi, and short skirts. Even you can manage a look of them with palazzo pants. Little shorter but high on hotness!

Halter Neck: You will find amazing designs in halter neck kurtis, tunics and tops. These types of Indo-western dresses are well adorned by the mass of Indian women. Club them with traditional skirts or your favourite denims.

Kaftan: Kaftan tunics are the best ways to keep the discomfort at bay. They are heck loose and are generally slightly ribbed at the waistline. You can wear it with your best denim shorts, leggings and jeans with chunky jewellery.

Every day comes with new hope to strut with style on road. As every stage is your fashion ramp (if you love fashion by heart). Light coloured stylish tops and tunics for women are loved in summers as they impart lightweight look and feel as well. When combined with dark hues, they may display awesome colour range called colour blocks, which are quite in trend now.

Online Tops And Tunics With Perfect Accessories & Looks

Why do you think Mondays as always boring and straight? They may not but as thought, they seems quite monochrome. Pick your bright poppy colours for Mondays and pair them with interesting jewellery. Another interesting day is Friday as it invokes the coming hum-drum of weekend. You need to choose creative stuffs like peplum tops, skater tops or jacket style tops on this day matching with contrasting bottoms. Put on cat eye-glasses for a vintage mode and rule your surroundings with high heels or pumps. A right selection of eye-glasses, lip-shades or footwear can save your day’s look like nothing. Last but not the least thing is fabric which decides your mood all the day long. If the fabric is playing comfortably with your skin, your face will wear an automatic smile. Right? As in, silk, velvet or satin should be avoided in hot weather of tropic regions like India. And if you are in a great hurry, cotton can be the ultimate saviour for you.

Feel Free and Stylish in Online Tunic Tops

If you are a fashion-loving woman, you would not deny to wear a tunic for a hangout with your friends or to wear it for casual event. With increasing demands of fashion, the ethnic tunics are becoming a big part of the rage of fashion among women. Tunics are simply meant to provide looser and freer flowing fit that can allow you to more comfortably with added sum of trend. You can simply pair the outfit with diverse variety of bottoms like capris, jeans, palazzo etc.

Great variety of Tunics for True Fashion-Lovers-

If you are truly a mad lover of western wear, you cannot deny wearing the outfit that give you sheer variety of lengths, styles and shapes. Apart from that casual jeans and top appearance, the tunic gives your appearance a uniqueness and attractiveness at the same time. You might have noticed many women celebrities with these ideal tunic tops that actually make them cool and stylish. A tunic gives you the right style to help you fully accentuate your appearance. Don’t you want getting the same?

At our online store, you can simply explore the wide range of stylish, beautiful, funky, elegant and attractive tunics that you can put on while going to office, college or at home as well. This piece of western wear certainly gives add more elegance to your beauty aspect. Besides any other thing, it gives you highest level of comforts because of its loose and wobbly manufacturing. So, do not get yourself in doubts of yes and no, just bag a beautiful tunic into your shopping cart from a wide collection of stylish tunics. At our online shopping destination, you may find a great difference in size, fabric, type, and other important thing. Do not forget to read complete description before purchasing the product. Buy what you really buy to be more stylish in the crowd.

Get to Know About some Do’s and Don’ts Before Wearing a Tunic to Get Stylish Appearance-

Tunic tops are both fashionable and comfortable. Their slight bagginess flows with your movement and adds more sophistication to you. Apart from the general information on the tunic tops, we also recommend you to buy the best tunic top. Make sure that you buy a tunic top according to your body type as it should not adhere too tightly to your body. Do not forget that better flexibility is customary. Keep it loose and the shirt’s delicacy should be more prominent near the waist. This will give you the perfect appearance and a true sense of online shopping. So, don’t wait and choose a suitable tunic top right now. Hurry!