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Poly Cotton Tops & Tunics

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  1. Base Fabric: Poly Cotton Tops Tunics For Women
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Stay Fresh As Ever with Poly Cotton Tops & Tunics

Poly cotton tops and tunics are made cottons yarns and thus are fully breathable. It versatile behaviour advocates for its cool touch during summers and warmth during winters. Therefore you can wear them in hot and shivering weather as well.

Poly cotton is durable fabric which supports rough and tough usage throughout the years. These abrasion resistant fabricated tops and tunics are also very thick and heavy. As we can also understand, this fabric is picked out from polyester and cotton yarns, it provides the advantages of both materials. This fabric is more cost efficient. The dresses made of poly cotton do not shrink and wrinkle easily. With a variety of choice of colours, patterns, designs, work and lengths, poly cotton tops and tunics are excellent when clicked in