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Plain Sarees

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  1. Price: Rs 1,300 - Rs 2,500 Plain Sarees For Women
  2. Base Fabric: Georgette Plain Sarees For Women
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    [{"name":"IR5556_193_30102018-PRN35","id":"1157908","sku":"IR5556_193_30102018-PRN35","price":2132,"brand":"Sahaanaa Sarees","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":0},{"name":"IR5556_193_30102018-PRN36","id":"1157909","sku":"IR5556_193_30102018-PRN36","price":2132,"brand":"Sahaanaa Sarees","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":1},{"name":"IR5556_193_250918-SHASA2","id":"1154936","sku":"IR5556_193_250918-SHASA2","price":1864,"brand":"Sahaanaa Sarees","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":2},{"name":"IR5556_193_9102018-pranvi-0029","id":"1156484","sku":"IR5556_193_9102018-pranvi-0029","price":2132,"brand":"Sahaanaa Sarees","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":3},{"name":"IR5556_193_220218-SAHA1","id":"1071746","sku":"IR5556_193_220218-SAHA1","price":1440,"brand":"Sahaanaa Sarees","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":4},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC16","id":"1160780","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC16","price":1578,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":5},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC15","id":"1160779","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC15","price":1578,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":6},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC14","id":"1160778","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC14","price":1578,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":7},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC11","id":"1160777","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC11","price":1578,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":8},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC06","id":"1160772","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC06","price":1578,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":9},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC05","id":"1160771","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC05","price":1578,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":10},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC13","id":"1160767","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC13","price":1472,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":11},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC12","id":"1160766","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC12","price":1472,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":12},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC01","id":"1160764","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC01","price":1472,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":13},{"name":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC20","id":"1160757","sku":"IR6293_193_06122018-BTKC20","price":1365,"brand":"Bunkaar Textiles","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":14},{"name":"IR5556_193_90818_pranavi-0014","id":"1147908","sku":"IR5556_193_90818_pranavi-0014","price":1598,"brand":"Sahaanaa Sarees","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":15},{"name":"IR5556_193_90818_pranavi-0013","id":"1147907","sku":"IR5556_193_90818_pranavi-0013","price":1465,"brand":"Sahaanaa Sarees","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":16},{"name":"IR5874_193_100518_SP058","id":"1119163","sku":"IR5874_193_100518_SP058","price":1332,"brand":"Buymyethnic","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":17},{"name":"IR5874_193_100518_SP057","id":"1119162","sku":"IR5874_193_100518_SP057","price":1332,"brand":"Buymyethnic","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":18},{"name":"IR4993_4102017-RKB2480","id":"923511","sku":"IR4993_4102017-RKB2480","price":1422,"brand":"Fabluom","category":"Sarees","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":19}]
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    Buy Plain Sarees Online At Indiarush

    Ask a woman for a date and she will glitter her eyes on the stack of sarees. Whether it plain or designer, but it is a must said that ‘sarees are sarees’. Indian women's hearts and sarees have an intricate connection. Saree is a vehement combination of traditional, sassy, bold and elegance at the same time. Women especially in Eastern and Southern India culturally wear sarees. By ‘culturally’ means, they have a tradition to wear sarees in most of the vehement occasions such as weddings, and festivals. The exquisiteness of saree has taken a large space of heart of Indian women. In India, sarees are worn in every nook and corner of the country and amalgamated with various kinds of designs. Indiarush presents online plain sarees in a wide array of designs, styles and patterns to meet your taste according to your various moods, occasion, and ever changing moods. In order to meet varying requirements of women ethnic wear shoppers, Indiarush has displayed sorted filters for the ease of its customers.

    While draping plain sarees, women do not need to think much about the function, occasion, and party hails because this type of plain sarees do need much show off or extra ornamentation to make you all look chic. Whatever be the reason or season, these online plain sarees will remain a hot glamour intact inside. Indian ethnic wear online is surely the cynosure if Indian women. There are many striking features which these online georgette sarees for instance they are light tin weight, available in amazing prints and cuts. Discover perfect plain sarees adore their beauty throughout the season. These online plain sarees at will help you choose the best array of sarees at the unbeatable prices and exquisite offers.

    Variety of Fabrics In Online Plain Sarees

    As the name tag suggests, plain sarees online are available at your only fashion hub named with little or no showy work. These online sarees’ colour and fabric play a pivotal role in choosing a saree. Fabric ought to be soft to touch, light in weight and plain enough to wear at any casual occasion. And that is the freedom of selecting online plain sarees that you don’t need to give a second thought. Some of the best selling fabricated sarees are georgette, chiffon, cotton art silk, silk, net, satin, super net, jacquard, cotton silk, chanderi silk, Bhagalpuri silk, Banarasi silk and etc. While choosing any plain saree one should always keep in mind the type of its fabric. Fabric should always be light in weight, comfortable to wear, lustrous or smooth texture and must be skin friendly as well. The fabric of saree should also suit your body type and drape well around your curves well to showcase the best of you. For those sexy falls or pallu and sturdy pleats, different types of fabrics are responsible.

    If you are planning to buy online plain sarees for your cousin’s wedding, engagement party, special event or any most awaited occasion, the saree should be complemented with designer blouse. Explore our separate category for different types of blouse designs and patterns and grab the catchy among your peers. Though simple and classic, these plain sarees online are epitome of elegance of womanhood.

    Find Varied Saree Designs at Indiarush

    Works and designs are the main heroes which spruce up the look of any plain or designer saree. Now explore a huge collection of plain sarees which are decorated with vehement tailoring such as lace work, border work, patch work, machine work, sequins work, hand work and etc.

    These aforementioned traditional works are well adored by the young women and ladies of the countries and loved throughout the globe. Bag the wide assortment of women's ethnic wear at Indiarush and experience lush online shopping of plain sarees at discounted prices and deals on deals.

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    How Satisfied are you with IndiaRush?