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[{"name":"IR2318_090617_AB-93-Swati-white-print","id":"826670","sku":"IR2318_090617_AB-93-Swati-white-print","price":1887,"brand":"Astha Bridal","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":0},{"name":"IR1307_18102017-MOHJ413033","id":"936192","sku":"IR1307_18102017-MOHJ413033","price":2131,"brand":"Hayaa The Fashion","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":1},{"name":"IR2044_091017-IKA311","id":"925453","sku":"IR2044_091017-IKA311","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":2},{"name":"IR2044_091017-IKA303","id":"925449","sku":"IR2044_091017-IKA303","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":3},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9002","id":"925461","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9002","price":10031,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":4},{"name":"IR2044_091017-IKA302","id":"925448","sku":"IR2044_091017-IKA302","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":5},{"name":"IR1307_18102017-MOHJ413032","id":"936191","sku":"IR1307_18102017-MOHJ413032","price":2131,"brand":"Hayaa The Fashion","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":6},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9019","id":"925468","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9019","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":7},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9018","id":"925467","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9018","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":8},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9017","id":"925466","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9017","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":9},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9016","id":"925465","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9016","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":10},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9012","id":"925464","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9012","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":11},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9009","id":"925463","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9009","price":11684,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":12},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9003","id":"925462","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9003","price":12378,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":13},{"name":"IR2044_091017-R9001","id":"925460","sku":"IR2044_091017-R9001","price":13950,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":14},{"name":"IR2044_091017-ML6808","id":"925459","sku":"IR2044_091017-ML6808","price":11684,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":15},{"name":"IR2044_091017-ML6801","id":"925458","sku":"IR2044_091017-ML6801","price":11684,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":16},{"name":"IR2044_091017-ML6708","id":"925457","sku":"IR2044_091017-ML6708","price":12378,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":17},{"name":"IR2044_091017-ML6704","id":"925456","sku":"IR2044_091017-ML6704","price":10031,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":18},{"name":"IR2044_091017-ML6701","id":"925455","sku":"IR2044_091017-ML6701","price":10763,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":19},{"name":"IR2044_091017-HA6015","id":"925454","sku":"IR2044_091017-HA6015","price":13950,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":20},{"name":"IR2044_091017-IKA310","id":"925452","sku":"IR2044_091017-IKA310","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":21},{"name":"IR2044_091017-IKA308","id":"925451","sku":"IR2044_091017-IKA308","price":7919,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":22},{"name":"IR2044_091017-RK2013","id":"925447","sku":"IR2044_091017-RK2013","price":13088,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":23},{"name":"IR2044_091017-RK2005","id":"925446","sku":"IR2044_091017-RK2005","price":10486,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":24},{"name":"IR2044_091017-RK2003","id":"925445","sku":"IR2044_091017-RK2003","price":10486,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":25},{"name":"IR2044_091017-RK2002","id":"925444","sku":"IR2044_091017-RK2002","price":10486,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":26},{"name":"IR2044_091017-SOM409","id":"925443","sku":"IR2044_091017-SOM409","price":7201,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":27},{"name":"IR2044_091017-SOM408","id":"925442","sku":"IR2044_091017-SOM408","price":6017,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":28},{"name":"IR2044_091017-SOM406","id":"925440","sku":"IR2044_091017-SOM406","price":7158,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":29},{"name":"IR2044_091017-SOM405","id":"925439","sku":"IR2044_091017-SOM405","price":6722,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":30},{"name":"IR2044_091017-SOM404","id":"925438","sku":"IR2044_091017-SOM404","price":7265,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":31},{"name":"IR2044_091017-AH5206","id":"925434","sku":"IR2044_091017-AH5206","price":9861,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":32},{"name":"IR2044_091017-AH5204","id":"925433","sku":"IR2044_091017-AH5204","price":9493,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":33},{"name":"IR2044_091017-AH5203","id":"925432","sku":"IR2044_091017-AH5203","price":9052,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":34},{"name":"IR2044_091017-AH5202","id":"925431","sku":"IR2044_091017-AH5202","price":10007,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":35},{"name":"IR2044_091017-AH5201","id":"925430","sku":"IR2044_091017-AH5201","price":9714,"brand":"Vritikamesmer","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":36},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT4108","id":"925429","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT4108","price":5079,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":37},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT4106","id":"925428","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT4106","price":6974,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":38},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT4104","id":"925427","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT4104","price":5225,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":39},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT3608","id":"925426","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT3608","price":6974,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":40},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT3607","id":"925425","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT3607","price":8432,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":41},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT3606","id":"925424","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT3606","price":6537,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":42},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT3605","id":"925423","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT3605","price":7994,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":43},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT3604","id":"925422","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT3604","price":8140,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":44},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT3603","id":"925421","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT3603","price":7746,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":45},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT2408","id":"925420","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT2408","price":7236,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":46},{"name":"IR5114_91017-PAT2403","id":"925419","sku":"IR5114_91017-PAT2403","price":6508,"brand":"Patang Sarees","category":"Lehengas","variant":"No","quantity":1,"list":"Category Page","position":47}]

Know More About Exquisite Lehengas Online At IndiaRush

Lehengas or lehenga cholis is formed from the set of royal skirt with plush pleats, blouse or choli which can be embroidered, embellished or the way you like it most and long flown dupatta which you can take as a designer dupatta. Originated by the culture of Rajasthani women and their dressings, this dress format has also got popular among the urban mass. The modern culture has seen it as a royal traditional outfit to be worn in weddings specially. Thanks to globalisation and kudos to respected designers, the lehenga cholis are now available in different styles, cuts, designs and work patterns in market. Well, don’t you forget variety of shades!

We all know about the exceptional charm and vibes of Indian wedding. Wedding season comes with the spray of women ethnic wear and traditional style lehengas are the limelight of any Indian wedding. Be it bride or bridesmaid, lehenga is equally important for all of them. What matters the most while selecting any lehenga is its shade. The colour of your gorgeous lehenga can either make your day or break it. So, the right selection of hue matching the vibes of occasion is really important. That is why; we have come to your screen to offer you with the finest ensemble of online lehengas with various colours, patterns, designs and styles for all your occasional needs. Sneak into the collection and shine like a diva!!!

Worn as an upper garment, choli is basically a cropped top which allows ravishing peeping of navel. This cropped attire is best suitable for South-Asian hot summers. If you are kind of strict fashionista and cannot avoid upbeat rends then you may like cut-out or loop-hole backs and jacket style front blouse designs. These are some of the features of contemporary designs but you may choose as your creative mind likes.

Nowadays, online lehengas are crafted out of vivid materials or plush fabrics such as silk, chiffon, net and many more but silk is the most preferred variety by the designers. Ultimately, they call for royalty with elegance.

Royal doesn’t mean that you have to wear it during weddings occasions only! Dear, you can have them anytime you wish, just remember your audience can take your hotness and simplicity all at the same time. If we are talking for urbane ways, online lehengas are also a great party wear. Not necessarily weddings, they can be worn at any Indian Traditional occasions, parties & festive times. Make the most of your fabulous looks with online designer lehengas!!!

Let’s scroll down to know more about designer lehengas available only at IndiaRush

Designer Mermaid Style (Fish Cut) Lehengas

As its name itself suggests, these designer mermaid or fish cut lehengas are framed with great curves like a fish. It gives an illusion of plush flared at the bottom of the skirt and a little tight around the torso. It fall down all fitted till the knees and thence where all the flare starts like a fishtail. Come with heavy embroidered work and vehement patterns, these kinds will suit best to the women with slim waist or women wish to attain that. Mermaid style lehengas can be worn at any wedding ceremony, family function or best friend’s sangeet celebration.

These lehenga designs are highly popular and big craze in young girls and women due to their sassy and bold appeal. Bring the best out of you with such contemporary lehenga styles and walk like a diva!!!

Straight Cut Lehengas

Straight cut lehengas are one of the most usual types of lehengas, preferred by a large mass of ladies. This one is the most preferred category which fits well to all body types. The set is just like any other plain skirt which falls straight down from the waistline. Design the blouse to add a quirk in your look. A deep neck choli or Chinese collared royal blouse will be perfect for this look. This plain is selected to get the illusion of height. Straight lehengas are highly popular because you don’t need to have a specific body type to adorn this weave. They go perfectly with every body type and look phenomenal on every women slipping in this attire.

If you too want to fall in love with this staple, check out the segment of straight lehengas online at IndiaRush and enhance your shopping spree with us. This will be your best pick to match the vibes of the wedding season. Bring back the fashionable and sassy you!!!

Panelled lehengas

With horizontal panels, panelled lehengas boast vehement flare of the lehenga. Apt for the women with heavy weight, these lehengas will slimmer out the look and never bother your otherwise petite appeal. These online wedding lehengas cholis are best to hide extra plump of the body. Pair them with platform or block heels to look just perfect. Additionally, these lehenga designs are highly attractive and beautiful to adorn. You can pair such lehenga designs with traditional Indian style jewellery for charming ethnic look. Make the most of your Indian features with ‘desi’ style of lehengas and strut like a diva!!!

Circular lehengas

Tailored as one of the traditional style and oldest form of lehengas, circular lehengas has a broad bottom flare and forms a complete circle at the hemline (or end). This type of lehengas are little bit voluminous and showcases numerous pleats and heavy border works. Women with heavy bust and slimmer waistline or hips can pick out this type. Don’t make it too flashy. Its own pattern and style will perfectly chic up your look. Buy this type of lehenga for party and grab the heart beats of everyone by pairing your ethnic dress with traditional jhumkis and choker necklace.

Circular lehengas are highly popular in fat Indian style weddings due to their ethereal and classic appeal. These traditional lehenga designs can do wonders for your overall persona and make heads turn around.

A-Line Lehengas

Yes, lehengas of this category actually looks like capital A-alphabet. The slim cut is crafted from the waistline and goes broad till the hemline with border. Women blessed with inverted triangle shape can boast their frame with A-line lehengas. Fabrics such as velvet, georgette and chiffon are excellent for designing such structured bridal lehengas online.

A line lehengas are perfect pick for lean bodies to engulf you with that fuller feminine appeal. These lehenga designs can make you look like million dollars and enough to grab eyeballs.

Half Saree Lehengas

Deeply took inspiration from traditional South Indian saree style which actually had invoked the style form of half and half saree, half saree lehengas are the one which go well without hassle. People are hugely picking it as wedding lehengas due to its simplicity yet royal vision.

Discover some latest trends and styles of the new range of designer lehengas only at your very These true ethnic wears are intricately designed to spruce up the natural beauty of womanhood. Tailored to fall in love, IndiaRush has the stunning collection in its ethnic category. Snatch out the finest piece which will suit your appeal the best and flaunt your ravishing beauty among your peers. Do mind your body type and complexion as well while choosing lehengas for yourself. Online shopping has much more fun when you start your venture at Hurry up and get the best deals, offers, discounts and coupons at IndiaRush before it gets out of stock.

Buy Trendiest Designer Lehengas Online for Every Occasion!

A lehenga is the precious of all ornaments that a bride and the bride’s maids fall in need the most, for dazzling and steaming up the Indian weddings. The richness of ethnicity and culture that this traditional attire exhibits is just incredible! It is more than a delight to see the sheer radiation of simplicity, sensuousness and beauty at its best, when a woman chooses to slip into a lehenga for various parties and functions that keep befalling.

With continuous reforms taking place in the digital world, modern day women are able to cherish the presence of latest online designer lehengas these days! All you need today is the power of your smart gadget to buy designer bridal lehengas or light lehengas for casual occasions from various online stores. Lehengas are now the top choices amongst fashion loved ladies and search with keen eye for designer pieces. And one such fashion store is IndiaRush that has varieties and more fun to offer you!

IndiaRush is your absolute destination for ethnic shopping. The finest collection of traditional and ethnic wears for women are just one step ahead from you. We are focused to build a brilliant shopping experience that one can never forget in her lifetime. There are lot of bright hues which are in great demand in women attires. Keeping all these desires of women in mind, IndiaRush brings you the most fashionable and trendy ensemble of designer lehengas. It’s your time to pull off this ravishing ensemble!!!

Women know how to make their gorgeous personality phenomenal by sneaking into latest fashionable trends and making them work for their personal style. Make your shopping fun and fantastic this time!!! Buy designer lehengas at its best with whopping prices and ranges that you will never get satisfied with one only.

Choices that you can Make While Shopping with IndiaRush

IndiaRush stocks the best of chic and trendy lehengas of the season, to meet the demands of stylish women all around! You can surf through the widespread range of Bollywood designer and jacket style lehengas available in fabrics like silk, brasso, satin, chiffon, georgette, net, chanderi silk, moss, lyrca and many more. We guarantee that you will take the best of zari, thread, silk, sequin, border, patch, machine, lace, stone and hand work lehengas home that perfectly meets the requirement of the event you have to attend. Best of fashion knowledge and tasteful products is the sole driving force that has made IndiaRush to achieve valuable customers over the years of operation!

Charm & Fad Of Lehengas In India

Lehengas are women’s most loved attire for wedding occasions. Everyone knows how much women love to flaunt in ethnic wear. And countries like India where festivals are given great importance, ethnic wear have their own charm and worth. In ethnic clothes, lehengas are hugely favoured by Indian women. Moreover, it is highly appreciated by foreign countries also. And we have always seen how much our artistic designers use designer lehengas in their stunning fashion shows. Don’t you just love those designer lehengas? Every woman does. Cheers to our great creative minds in fashion world who have transformed this attire in a completely trendy way and privileged us with different styles, cuts, designs and work patterns of lehenga choli.

At IndiaRush, our prime focus is to meet the desires of Indian women. Whether you are a homemaker or a business woman, you can explore our collection and find products matching your desires. Online shopping has changed the whole scenario of shopping world. Comparing online shopping with offline market won’t sound ethical. So without wasting time, make the most of your online shopping with us and get ready to bring happiness home!!!

Place your Order at IndiaRush

Be it quality or price of the online lehenga that you have chosen to buy, IndiaRush offers you everything best! It strives to deliver excellence to all its customers and an amazing online shopping experience! So, what are you waiting for? Come and find the type of lehenga for women that you really wish to wear here, at the most affordable price!

As the leader of ethnic wear, IndiaRush keeps major focus on what is ongoing in fashion world and most importantly the mindset of Indian women. Online lehengas are simply best in their way and optimal pick for girls at their best friend’s wedding. In this phenomenal category, you can easily spot your dream outfit for a special day of your life. Bring out the fashionable you and pitch up your fashion sense to a great extent with us. You desire; we deliver!!!

Unfold Ethnic Fashion with Best Online Store

We all know how Indian fashion has caused sensation among western mass and become the most fascinating style of every generation. From ethereal traditional sarees to ravishing designer lehengas, we have got everything covered to meet the fashion needs and desires of every individual and deliver them what they truly deserve. The best thing about IndiaRush is the availability of pocket-friendly range which involves latest fashionable and stylish women wears of the season to make all your wishes come true. What are you still waiting for??? Come & connect with us to discover the latest fashion trends and hacks in the most unimaginable rates and start shopping to become the style icon of the season. All these online women dresses are featured to match the theme of every occasion and season to complete your sassy wardrobe and style statement. From plain to printed, traditional to trendy, subtle to designer, traditional to trendy, there is an ensemble of exquisite lehengas for women which can do wonders to the personality of the wearer and bring her into the spotlight of every gala. It’s time to quench your shopping thirst with the best possible online store.

If not now, then you might miss the golden chance to come in the league of sassy fashion experts and be the star of every evening. Hurry up before the amazing sale ends.

Considered as the most lavish and royal traditional wear of women clothing, lehenga choli is the most ideal pick for fat Indian weddings and other regal celebrations. The three piece attire naturally clings to the body of the wearer and exhibits the perfect body dimensions from every angle. Also, you can wear dupatta as per your personal taste and style and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. The range of online lehengas at IndiaRush are designed by some of the most reputed and genuine brands of the market which are specifically known for their unique designs and phenomenal craft. Once you will get in touch with us and explore the range of stylish lehengas, you can’t stop yourself from making a purchase and wouldn’t regret it ever in life. Go for it, gorgeous!!!

Big Range & Bigger Discount

From traditional to contemporary design, you will get everything here with great price and amazing discount. Available in huge array in terms of fabric, colour, work, print, design and style, we bet you to give your dream lehenga in best market rate and within shortest possible span. Get ready to take a tour to our exclusive repertoire of online women lehengas and discover your individual style and fashion statement to dazzle like a chic. Plus, you can avail awesome deals and offers on almost every product. Nothing can match the elegance and enthralling capacity of a designer lehenga. So without wasting any more time, shop with our store and make us your ultimate shopping addiction.

IndiaRush strives to make shopping handy and sassy while taking care of your valuable budget. Let’s shop together.