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How does Store Credit‘ or Cash back program work?

Read below to avail maximum benefit from Credit Cash Back Program :­-

1) On every successful order placed, only 10% of the total order amount will be credited in your account. (1 Credit = Re 1)


2) Credit points will be rewarded 14 days after the successful delivery of the order placed. In case of multiple orders, points will be rewarded 14 days after the successful home delivery of the last product.


3) Credit points will be valid for 6 month from the allotment date.


4) In case of refund / return of the product, you no longer will be able to make use of the credits. If multiple orders have been placed, refund / return on even a single product will result in loss of all the credits earned.


5) 10% of total order amount will not be applicable if credits from previous order were used. To check the credits available in your account click here!

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