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Who Says ‘Red’ Is The Only Colour Of Love – Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's day strongly advocates for Red colour and why not when the colour can showcase love better than any other colour. What if I say, that this is a myth? Explore more here...

by : Paromita. On 10/02/17. 0 Comments.

We are quite of an egghead when it comes to love relationships. Yes, we also include grandma, your dear grandpa, parents, pets, even pretty things into that list but we also take that part of your heart into consideration which beats for that special person – for which you can say love to ‘red’!

Of course Valentine’s Day is associated with red and shower of love but to be stereotypic is kind of a wrong practice. The world is full of colours and happy spirit, so why do we need to or have to celebrate this special day of heart with specifically one colour? Let scroll down to get a quick overview of the day and its parallel relationship with red and how you can opt for other hues and dresses while heading out for a date with your partner.

A Quick n Short History

During 11th century, Saint Valentine of Rome had started a tradition of performing weddings of soldiers which was forbidden at that time. Since then, the date has been celebrated as the date of love (at least dedicated to love). And as a part of celebration of love, it is has and had to be ‘red’ as the special colour of the day. By 18th century, people started sharing and gifting cards, sweets, chocolates which were named as Valentine and the same tradition is now followed with much gush.

1. Significance Of Red Colour

Red is considered the colour of passion and love and this time we have scientific proof as well. A group of psychologists from the University of Rochester found that women wearing red look alluring and desirable to their partners. The colour reflects a woman’s confidence, spontaneity, and determination and enhances her natural beauty as well. The above mentioned factors propagate the wheel of love as well and thus red is taken as an essential term in the pursuit of love.

2. Out-Of-The-Box Colours For V-Day

Don’t you think that it’s too common and so un-different wearing red while every other belle around you and your beau is wearing the same damn colour? It is really depressing. What if he mistaken the other girl with you? (Don’t worry; it’s a joke!)

Apart from this joke, there are some serious reasons as well for opting for some other colour than red such as;
1. Just think; How would you feel if the every next girl has worn the same colour and dress code as you have worn?
2. The day is not about the colour but the emotion which is not groped with any mandatory rule and regulation.
3. A day with everywhere same colour can really give you Red-Fever.
4. Obviously you must have planning to look different in the crowd and especially in front of all other belles of the town.

So, here are some really captivating colours and dresses that you can opt for this Valentine’s Day and can present a stand apart statement to all.

Lavish Lavender

If you wish to go deeply with the study of this colour then you need to know that it has the deep of red and calm of blue. The hue is very much admired by creative and eccentric kind of people and there were ages when this colour was mostly carried out by royal members only. So become the royal queen of your day by adorn your beauty with this sassy colour – Lavender.

Why Would You Wear: This same colour is known for courage and confidence and thus puts up a great way to showcase your real persona on this day.

Steal Sonam Kapoor’s chikan-kaari designer salwar suit set for the date and capture his stares. Go with smoky eye makeup and perfect with contours.

Hot Fuchsia

How about a fuchsia peplum off shoulder dress or a dainty frock for the time? Well, let’s not jump to the beauty tips and let’s take a quick look what is the significance of this colour shade.
Fuchsia is the most stimulating shade of pink and has generally received strong stimulations than the other shades of pink.

Why Would You Wear: So, the main motto behind this is to be strong in front of your better half because revealing the true side of yours will make your relationship grow stronger.

Team up your gaga dress with silver heaven’s heels and avoid dragging too much makeup.

Cool Mauve

Though little calm and serene but the colour injects energising effect, and symbolises loyalty, faith and hope. Don’t we need every bit of them in our life?
This colour has a great impact of lavender colour also and thus has similar effects too.

Why Would You Wear: Reflect your serene and confident persona to the person next to you. Moreover, Valentine’s Day comes in the month of February, when spring is just buckling up its shoes to knock the door. And cool mauve colour will make a blast to signify the nature’s mood as well.

Catch out sheer saree gown or long slit maxi gown at the date night.

Sexy Burgundy

Burgundy is associated with the most passionate colours – red and purple. And narcissism is the main factor of the women who admire themselves a lot. Burgundy comes under the category of darker colours, which tend to show the opulent and defined choice of the wearer. And you know what – ‘Bold is beautiful.

Why Would You Wear: It is the most sexiest colour to opt for this day and it comes just after ‘red’. This colour showcases the confident and independent girl inside you in the most charming way.
Head on to the stage wearing a long burgundy mermaid gown or tube top style dress. Team up this coloured dress with smoky eye makeup and high pony tail.

Royal Sapphire

Sapphire is basically associated with the gemstone which is also the most powerful gemstone in the world of astrology. The colour has the power to represent you separately in the messy crowd and thus you have 100% right to opt for this hue.

Why Would You Wear: The colour denotes the happy spaces of our life. Saphire gem or the colour both showcases joy, peace, beauty, intuition, prosperity, and fulfilment of dreams of one’s life. Make sure you pose like a divine beauty wearing sapphire coloured dress.

A pretty tunic with catchy accessories or a short quirky sapphire ethnic dress with sot curly hair will look gorgeous on you.

Bright Yellow

It is the lightest and calming hue of the complete spectrum and the most noticeable colour as well. So be the brightest, charming and obviously the noticeable girl of the day with chic and bright yellow attire.

Why Would You Wear: Yellow is known for its uplifting formula and also offers hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. What’s the colour of fire? (Please ignore orange and blue) ;)

How about a yellow plain churidar suit set with colourful dupatta? If you wish to go with western then surprise him with a quirky patterned yellow dress and strut off on the road with colourful pom pom sandals.

Dazzling Golden

Gold is the colour of royales and women with ethereal choices. This colour is made to dazzle you in any way and anywhere. The sheen of the dress symbolise your charming personality and your utter confidence.

Why Would You Wear: To showcase your curiosity about your partner and being exclusive in the dense crowd.

C’mon, a little bit of behaving like you’re discriminating someone is okay here! Go with golden saree gown like Sonam Kapoor or become the fashion twitteratti with this sheer golden tulle dress.

Melon Orange

Melon orange is the most subtle colour in the list and you ought not to miss it when the day is so much about the lovey-dovey emotion and mood is flying high over the seven seas.

Why Would You Wear: The colour denotes the optimistic and merry spirit living inside you. Wear any melony dress and see the magic after that. It will rejuvenate your spirit and bring you fresh ideas to dazzle the moment.

Wear this melony melange maxi dress with high pony or clean high bun with nude makeup and nude pumps and dramatic pendant. If you wish to add more drama then what about a bold striped dress with geeky spectacles loose or messy pony?

Coral n Peach

Knock knock, spring is coming!
To magnetise more stares and lovely admirations from not only your beau but from the strong personalities as well from the corners, this colour will be apt.

Why Would You Wear: The colour denotes your ability and high spirit at all times but you know how to stay calm on various situations as well. The colour symbolises your shy love and highlights pretty feminine nature.

Adore this shade with a beautiful coral or pastel saree and contrasting blouse. And if you wish to be a shy-bold girl then opt for a web neck frock dress from the couture.

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