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Which Bollywood Actress Is Going To Appear On Game Of Thrones?

Watch out Game of Thrones from the eyes of top Bollywood actresses. Scroll on to see their designer dresses for the sets ;)

by : Paromita. On 07/06/16. 0 Comments.

Game of Thrones has always something new for its admirers. I cannot call them fans in actual because it is just not about the actor or actresses but the whole plotting, exquisite dresses, ornamentation, humorous dialogues, and little pinch of fantasy (remember those ferocious or sometime cute dragons!). Being in Season 6, viewers were at first astonished when it was spread that Daenerys Targaryen has to die in Season 6’s episodes. But still we are counting...

Surprises and astonishments are the mere factors of GOT but here I have something more relishing for your dramatic mind. Hope your curiosity has pitched up enough after seeing the front image!?

Instead of wasting 24 hours, I came up with interesting Indian versions of Game of Thrones. Have you ever thought: ‘What if Game of Thrones was written on Bollywood actresses?’ Here is the answer, guys! Get set to your adventurous tour...

1. Daenerys Targaryen = Shraddha Kapoor

Dany was portrayed meek, timid and with little self-esteem in her younger days. After gaining full maturity, Daenerys Targaryen emerged as one of the most powerful character in Game of Thrones. Don’t you think, Shraddha Kapoor is the perfect belle to portray a woman’s strength, ability, confidence and of course beauty!?

With calm posture and awesome Indian ethnic wear, Shraddha will look like a definite Mother of dragons in Game of Thrones.

2. Melisandre = Lisa Haydon

Do I need to tell you Melisandre’s beauty and honour? Described as a beautiful woman, she possesses some magical hands as well. Her prophetic vision is the most magnificent factor of her character. Her engulfing red eye and love for red colour is something which typically adorable.

And thus comes Lisa Haydon, like an embellished Greek goddess...Her blue coloured designer saree makes her appearance more fabulous. Isn’t it?

3. Sansa Stark = Alia Bhatt

Born in Royal family, Sansa Stark is characterised as the elder daughter of Stark Family. Pride up with golden spoon in mouth, she was sort of a timid, and slightly petulant girl in the Kingdom. But when the time comes, she roared with most of her guts. Sounds something like our dear Alia Bhatt???

So, I posed her cute looks beside Princess Sansa Stark with Indian ethnic long kaftan. Her Indian ethnic wear with traditional tiara and heavy kadas look magnificent.
Are you ready for the coronation?

4. Cersei Lannister = Kareena Kapoor

Cersei Lannister is portrayed magnificently beautiful in the series. As the elder successor of Lord Tywin Lannister, Cersei is notably politically ambitious, thus manipulative and has wilful guts. Her blonde hair and slender figures makes her all the more ravishing and attractive.

From the bunch of our beautiful Bollywood actresses with unique features and characters, Kareena Kapoor Khan won the title of Cersei here. And in this vehement blue and golden embroidered suit set, this Bollywood diva looks just perfect to place herself in Game of Thrones.

5. Margaery Tyrell = Deepika Padukone

Margaery Tyrell belongs to one of the most powerful family in Westeros. Her highlighted features are extremely cunning when topic is bursting on politics, intelligent and shrewd at all occasions. This young woman is extremely beautiful and proud acknowledges herself of the fact.

Let’s see, who has gained the steps in Bollywood Industry! Oops! It’s our gorgeous bae Deepika Padukone. After one after other hits, she beautifully places herself in the position of Margaery. And her sassy blue ethnic lehenga totally complements her witty features.

6. Shae = Katrina Kaif

Shae has a beauty which claims golden crown. Her beauty acts a like a magnet to Tyrion and he instantly fell in love with her. This dark eyed beauty will be well portrayed by Katrina Kaif. Though originally drawn as short girl, our tall girl - Katrina will play this role most mysteriously.

Game of Thrones lovers or fellows will definitely love to see them in hot red Indian ethnic gown. Smokieeez!!!

7. Ygritte = Priyanka Chopra

You got to see her if you want to understand ‘Kissed by fire’!
Ygitte is a wild girl in this fantasy political drama and has topped our list due to her basic wild instincts. We love to see her ‘inside raging woman’ and is then well symbolised by her red hair. She is absolutely fierce and wilful.

Who will fulfil this character more, other than by Bollywood wild cat - Priyanka Chopra? Her shimmering golden salwar suit can be her role apparel. We don’t mind if she ignores her dupatta for a fine mode!

8. Catelyn Stark = Sushmita Sen

As characterised in the novel and the series, Catelyn Stark is a proud, strong, kind, and generous female character. She also has a powerful hold on politics and possesses considerable insight into what makes Westeros run. Her governing principles are what really magnetising. And due to these qualities, we posed former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen as perfect Catelyn’s Indian avatar. Her hot red Bollywood designer saree is an awesome replacement of western gown frills. Just feel that unbeatable personality XOXO.

This is done GOT lovers!!! Let’s hope GOT’s producer watch this and till then I am crossing my fingers for the best trail ;)

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