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Ways To Get The Street Style Fashion For Women

Here are some finely picked DIY Shirt Styles for Fashionistas.

by : Paromita. On 25/04/16. 0 Comments.

Trust me, a simple button-down isn’t simple or boring at all! It all lies into your creative neurons; the way of your lifestyle, the way you done, the way you want to portray yourself, is the true agenda of any trend. Yes, they are handy and your brother’s or father’s wardrobe may be full of these ‘shirt’ stuffs. Why don’t you steal some catchy looks out of them? (Try your boyfriend’s; he simply can’t say ‘NO’)

Scroll down to discover some less-try trendy ways of wearing a classic shirt...


Backward Show!

Give your peers a look – “Bitches I’m sexier than you have had thought!” This latest on the go trend is perfect for your road trip venture. No one will judge you, because no one knows you! Just wear it the same way but with a little twist. Turn it over so that the placket side falls on your back and then unbutton some space!
#fashiontips: Go with bare neck and accessories. Just a metallic watch will be enough.


One Shoulder Down

Do it like that one shown in the picture or DIY some cool twists and turns. Pick that useless sleeve and tuck it inside the shirt and then jeans, so that it can never show up.
#fashiontips: Get a pair of ripped hot-pants or high-waisted denims. Remember to take a slim fitted shirt.


Simply Half Tuck!

Well, whenever you need to show your boss that how careless or like ‘talk to my fist’ you are, snatch out this look. Button up all of them except the last three or two and then tuck in the other half. Ready to go!
#fashiontips: Choose only straight fit classic shirts.


Open & Knotted

One of the sexiest look is this! Slightly open from the top and naughtily knotted at the end of the shirt is perfect for laid-back moods. Just button it up and leave some buttons at the bottom and then make a rough knot with them.
#fashiontips: Don’t make the look too cheesy. Put on regular jeans or formal trousers with them!


Untucked With BF Jeans

Love your body!
Sometimes it feels really breezy when you leave them untucked. This style is best adorned in monsoon season and spring weather. Even the bottoms should be also in carefree manner. For this style, steal your boyfriend’s jeans or take out those of your old-fatty days (if you were!).
#fashiontips: Fold your jeans from the bottom ends and wear brogue shoes.


Mould It Off Shoulder

Now it’s a tough yet attractive DIY!
Open few buttons from the upper side and take the sleeves to the backside. Take the sleeves all from back to the front and tie a knot there. Make sure it a tight one!
#fashiontips: Choose longer shirts and do not forget to tuck in.


Under Despo Dresses

It looks perfectly cool when you choose them for those dresses which make you feel under confident, like off shoulder dresses or thin strapped frocks. You can mix and match your old buddy shirt with bustier dress or loose sweater as well.
#fashiontips: Go minimal with accessories!

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