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Unforgettable Badass Dialogues Of School Teachers In India

Let's cherish the moments of our childhood days & some of those unfading badass dialogues from our fave teachers. (We miss you!)

by : Paromita. On 01/09/16. 0 Comments.

We’re grown-ups because of them! We can behave formal (sometimes;) just because of those long time ‘murga’ sessions and those growling eyes! And do you still remember those untimed Parent-Teacher’s meetings which almost make our heart skip a beat! Bunking without notices, eating snacks all day long in the class rooms, creating doodles at the last page of every book, tinkling your buddy when he/she was questioned...This never ending list and popping memories are the proof of our golden childhood. Besides having 10/10, getting 1/10 was really wonderful!

We still miss our lovely childhood days and dear school so much and the reason behind this is those dialogues from our fave teachers and Hitler sirs. Let’s recall some of their best dialogues and celebrate this Teacher’s Day in a way more special.

Roll on down-lane of memory;

Is This A Class Or A Fish Market!

Oops! Thank god, I was not the only one in that fish market :P

Most dumb section!!!

Now this is really not fair! Be it English, Maths, Social Science, Science, Hindi or Computer, every teacher used to say this! Why?

Atleast I was good at Zero period (prayer)...

Call Your Father & Mother Tomorrow

This dialogue used to be the ‘Brahmastra’ of every teacher and sir. Do they love our parents so much? I didn’t know that and then the next thing happened was cut off in my pocket money or underground without T.V. & friends :/

How Can You Forget To Do Your Homework? Why Don’t You Forget To Take Your Meals As Well?

Ask my mother! She will answer you about my meals and periods.

Why Are You Laughing? Tell Us The Joke Now!

What if the joke is about a phrase on you! I’ afraid!

Where Is Your Voice? Haven’t You Taken Your Breakfast?

I had had my breakfast and craving for it again! Mostly people or students like us were and are kind of foodie and never think of wasting their energy on same-lame talking. (Mind to face the consequences, dear!)

Do You Wish To Sell Tomatoes In Your Adulthood?

Whatever were my marks or grade and one day if she caught me in something smelly, she used to foretell my fate.

Anyways, I just love tomatoes now!

Do You Think I’m A Joker Or A Fool!?

And when she says that, don’t look into her/his eyes!

‘The Whole Thing You Can Do Is Potty & Sussu!’

Oh God! These words in front of my crush really broke my heart!

At the end of the day, we miss our teachers for all the annoying acts we did and how they handled it coolly (sigh). Remember your farewell day and how down pouring was happening from your eyes!? It happens.

Alas, Happy Teacher’s Day to all... :)

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