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Types Of Sleeves & Neck Designs According To the Women’s Body Shape

It’s very important to dig out the factors from yourself which make you not only look confident but feel it so. Have you noticed why some stylish ethnic wears or western apparel look vogue on your lill sister but not on you? Of course, you have had! The time has come to change the trend with different types neck designs and sleeves patterns which are well presented with supportive body shape images.

by : Paromita. On 23/02/17. 0 Comments.

It seems really amazing when one designer posh kurti looks great on a girl at next door and when the same worn by you, something irks you away. Does it happen to you? Yes or no, but I am pretty sure that most of the girls are quite acquainted with this type of things.

You got to try some tricks girls, before heading out on the galas and when you wish to top the list of divas. It is very important to know well about your own body shape, figure-line, complexion, and most attractive features (that can be further used as weapon). Whether you want it or not but your dressing sense affects a lot on your appeal. There are basically five types of figure-lines – pear figure, inverted triangle, straight, hourglass, and plus size. So, be confident and check out type of dresses, neck designs, sleeves’ styles and pump it off according to your body shape. Stop wishing to steal someone else’s body shape and hop out from the Kardashian zone to pitch up your own charisma to fit better inside your own cocoon. Here we will discuss about different types ethnic neck design, and sleeves style.

Pear Figure

Women having large hips and comparatively smaller bust measurements fall into this category. This type of body shape is also known as triangle shape. The well defined curves of the body are on and around the hips.

Neck Designs

A) To make sure you’re busts are looking fuller, carry your dresses with padded blouses and pre-pad stitched dresses.
B) High neckline and boat neck will make your shoulder look broader and complete.
C) Queen Anne neckline also look great.

Sleeve Types
A) Designer up-style sleeves are quite popular to provide a much broader shoulder illusion.
B) You can opt for bell sleeves, quarter or full sleeves and try to go with bright coloured tops and deep shaded or dull shaded bottom wears.

Diamond Figure

Do you have a broad hip line and comparatively narrow bust shape? If yes, then you are gladly welcomes to this category.
Your hips are aligned with the width of your shoulder. And yes, do not forget to show off your sassy legs in front of the viewers as they are the most attractive assets of yours.

Neck Designs

A) A great pick out not only just for your figure but to carve out best of the beauty from you – layered blouses and tops.
B) If you wish to go simple and in a laid back style, choose round neck and U neck lines.
C) Wear embellished tops or blouses with lavish embroidery and work patterns.

Sleeve Types

A bralette or crop top style is your type girl, so adorn your prettiness with such types of designs and styles.
A) Spaghetti straps will make your complete figure look slender and so does this affect your hip section as well.
B) Wear loose sleeves types to make your upper body look wider or at least proportionately balanced than your lower body.

Straight Figure

The most basic and directed from the teenager’ file; straight body shape is the most common type of figure type seen in almost every type of woman as well. This type of body shape has similar measurement, from top to waist to bottom. The body is generally tends to look rectangular and people you see at Paris Fashion Week as supermodels fall in this category.

Neck Designs

A) If you wish to make it look it a little more curvier then go with embellished necklines which will instantly broaden the shoulder side.
B) Peter-pan collars or any type of regular spread collar will adorn this type of body.
C) You can always add on brooches on the shoulder while draping a saree or can wear worked collar bands.

Sleeve Types

A) As you don’t have heavy busts neither 36+ butts, you’re all ready to go for a shot with off shoulder sleeves. They will look elegant besides pompous!
B) Flared up sleeves such as puff sleeves, Bardot sleeves, Bishop sleeves are made for you girls!!!

Hourglass Figure

Say Yippee to the creator of you! If you have a well defined bust line, proper measured hip line, waistline and thighs and arms, then baby you’re possessed with the ultimate figure – hourglass figure line. The best thing in this type of shape is having a proportionate body shape. You have the most perfect figure; cheer up and go with any of the dresses in the couture.

Neck Designs

Accentuate what you have best; so show off a lot of your waist-around section. But here are some tips what type of neck design you can pick:
A) Deep V-necks, extra spread round necks and off shoulder tops or blouses will look amazing on your body
B) Light pendant will accentuate your complete appeal.

Sleeve Types

A) Try out tight sleeves full sleeves, cut out sleeves and net fabricated sleeves to show off your beauty here.
B) Go sleeveless to highlight your waist and shoulder area.

Inverted Triangle Figure

Fuming hot!
This body shape reminds me of Naomi Campbell! Women with broad shoulders, narrow hips structure, and slender legs are said to have inverted triangle figure-line. The upper body is comparatively wider than the lower one.

Neck Designs

A) Ruffles or the same around the neck work like wonders
B) V-necks check patterns on the neckline accentuate the heavy look
C) Key-hole necks are quite famous in this category.
D) Avoid collared picks!

Sleeve Types

A) The main motto to opt for perfect sleeves in this category is to make your upper body look proportionate to the lower body.
B) Cape sleeves are the best one to try out, girl!
C) Avoid horizontal stripes on the sleeves or shoulders which otherwise will make you look broader.

Oval Figure

Women with oval body shape have larger busts if compared with thighs, waist line and hips. The midsection part is much broader and the hips are generally narrower. And they generally tend to keep on gaining weight around the belly portion. The legs are slender and showcase the best toned part of your body.

Neck Designs

A) Wear sweet heart necklines which are best to illusion of curves.
B) Pom Pom embellished blouses will distract the highlighted potion.
C) Try to wear belt around your waist line and lighter shades while choosing bottom wears.

Sleeve Types

So, this is the time when you can brag a lot of your legs and flaunt on being called lassy legs!!!
A) Vertical striped is the best choice to create a perfect maze in front of the eyes of your peers.
B) Wear shirt dresses with butterfly sleeves; it hides your figure-type completely.

Top Hourglass Figure

Quite similar but showcase a large difference, top hourglass bodies have perfect buttocks and little more round shoulders. And the best part is your waist line, so better to flaunt it girl! You also have well proportionate legs and lower body area.

Neck Designs

A) Angarkha design or style is basically given to suits and kurtis but you can adopt this style to make your favourite top. This type of necklines cover up your bust area and make your appeal look more beautiful.
B) And if you wish to catch out something apart from the main line, then Queen Anne collar, cape collar should be in your cart.

Sleeve Types

A) Butterfly sleeves and bell sleeves and kimono sleeves all into somewhat same category. They are loose, pretty, baggy and make your slender arms look fuller and more beautiful.
B) Why don’t you try out cut out sleeves? These extra cuts create an illusion of slender and toned arms and shoulders.

Plus Sizes

Thank heavens!!! Because you are the cutest of all! And now ready to shun those voices who always hush you by saying ‘please don’t wear bodycon dresses they will make your skin ooze up from the layers’, ‘sleeveless is not your genre, girl!’, ‘avoid opting sheer fabrics’ and blah blah and some more BLAH!
Well, here some quick neck and sleeves designs’ tricks if you want to show them the real diva mantra on their face;

Neck Designs

A) Crew neck will give you win-win situation.
B) Single side fall sleeves look even better to boldly face and embrace the beauty you have.
C) Wear key-hole designer blouses and tops to create beauty scintillations.

Sleeve Types

Be it half or full or sleeveless, you will mark your way with your charming smile. So, never hesitate by picking out any one of them. Vertical stripes over sleeves will work like wonder for you.

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