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Types of Palazzo Pants To Style With Different Ways

That may not be just a simple ethnic palazzo but this specie may have an unique name. Discover many more types of ethnic palazzos and other styles to complement them here. Let's see; how many of them you didn't know before!!!

by : Isabel. On 03/10/16. 0 Comments.

In a world of fashionista men and women, nothing in clothing and accessories is new or old. Everything is taken now as trendy and we can’t ignore/compare old-gold clothing or ethnic wear styles as they were once the inspiration to what we adore now. Amongst all cool and designer salwars or pants or jeans or even formal trousers, palazzos have gained such a hike of adoration. Women try these hipster palazzo pants in different ways and why not when these designer palazzos are available in style styles and types!

Yes, these pants or salwars got full inspiration from bootleg jeans or flared trousers or bell bottom pants from early 60’s. But this transformation is a heart throb of every other fashion forward woman. This sartorial wonder is now available in different types and style and for the same reason dressing style with palazzos is a fun-experiencing part. If you know the secrets and wondrous types of palazzos then you would definitely love to mix and match various styles of tops and tunics.

Catch up 8 types of palazzo pants and eye catching styles to team up with them.

Regular Palazzo Pants

This one is the most regular type of palazzo style with regular flare and comes with pastel colour in general. With straight and limited or no pleats, palazzo pants are filled with utter comfort and freedom of movement. Basically palazzo pants can be called women's trousers which are then cut with a loose, extremely wide or flared leg sleeves from the waist. In its initial days, palazzos come with elastic waistbands just like its better counterpart, leggings.

You can complement this flared world of pants with something more firm top like straight cut kurtis or bodycon mini dress. Don’t make your palazzo look overboard and try to keep your over-all attire minimal.

Layered Palazzos

It’s just like your flared dhoti is attached from within and forming a pant style structure giving forth the idea of layered palazzos. This type of ethnic wear is actually better to be called as fusion. Layered palazzos can have one or few more layers. These palazzo pants may have a drawstring or elastic at the waistband to fit your waist accordingly. This type of palazzos ends up nearly at the ankle line and doesn’t have a lengthy structure like others.

High collared shirts or blouse will be apt for layered palazzos. This type of tops are more serious, can be called semi-formal/casual and hence damn attractive :)

Trouser Style Palazzos

As its name suggests, trouser style palazzos have a firmer structure like trousers but still showcase little flare. They do not showcase any drawstring or elastic at the waist but have buttons instead to fit themselves on your waist. This type of palazzo pants may or may not have belt loops. No worries because belts are not at all necessary here.

You can spruce up your trouser palazzo look with short printed tunic and leather watch on your left hand wrist. See, it’s that simple and feels so good. You can finish off your look with palazzos by wearing layered necklace and making high messy bun.

Culottes Are Better

Culottes are just known as the little brother of palazzos with same flare and comfort look. Perfect for summer blows, monsoon breeze and spring coolness, culottes generally available in sturdy fabrics such as cotton, khadi, crepe, and many more like them. They are famous with button closure and little less known in elastics.

You can wear these culottes with colour block short kurtis and spaghetti kurtis and finish off your look with heeled brogue shoes. Wear metallic watch and little of jewellery if you like.

Pleated Palazzos

Of course, besides sarees pleated palazzos are the most beautiful thing which showcases pleats in the most beautiful manner. This type of ethnic palazzo has the widest flare or ghera which sometimes look alike traditional skirt. They are mostly elasticised which further supports pleats.

Complement these pleated palazzos with A-line kurtis and shirt kurtis. Finish off your look by wearing metallic or designer watch and long chain necklace. Bring out the elegance from inside you with just a stroke of eyeliner and high pony hair.

Side Slit Palazzos

Side slit palazzos are the new sensation of this fashion world and bold figures look wonderful in these. Slits are the wonderful mystery here as they can be present at front side or on the sides. Depending on your comfort-ability, the lengths of these slits vary. Showcasing little or no pleats, side slit palazzos are the most beautiful ethnic wear which is now demanding as well. There can be single or many slits on the palazzos and the most preferred fabric in this type of palazzos is lycra, chiffon, georgette and other free flowing fabrics.

Complement your look with long kurtis with long side slits. Do not forget take your designer or premium watch to showcase your nose for luxury.

Wrap Palazzos

Have you heard about wrap skirts? Yeah, wrap palazzo pants got serious inspiration from its Pa, wrap skirts! They do look like pants with leg sleeves and all but your two legs serve as separate body for wrapping and wrap palazzos wrap them like a pro. They generally have a drawstring to tie them along on the waist line but buttons also come as new sort of design on them.

Spruce up your Indie look with wrap palazzos and asymmetric kurtis or Hi-lo T shirts tucked into them. Complete your dressing by wearing metallic watch on the right wrist and walk straight by pointing your neck high and wearing stone stud pendant.

Dhoti Palazzos

Mystery is not yet decoded! Reach the next level of fashion enthusiast with these dhoti palazzos and thank Miss Sangeeta Bijlani for giving us a new ‘palazzo goal’  Just like dhotis, these ethnic palazzos have U shaped pleats going upward and unlike dhotis, these palazzos have free and open bottom sleeves. Have a look...

One can wear these ethnic wear palazzos with shirt style kurtis, jacket kurtis, tulip kurtis and draped kurtis. Complete your ravishing Indo-western avatar by putting on studded heel sandals and chic clutch.

Now shop like an expert and dress like a celebrity this time as many more fashion hacks are on their way from the potli of Indiarush.

Stay tuned Girls...XOXO

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