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Types Of Anarkali Suit Designs & Patterns Women Love To Wear In Every Season

Name any beauty who doesn't own a single of this! Anarkali suits are the killer ethnic dresses loved by every woman. Get different designs, patterns, fabrics of various Anarkali suits here and take a special stage on this festive occasion of Diwali.

by : Paromita. On 18/10/16. 0 Comments.

Since the age of the legendary Mughal dancer Anarkali (the only time we can remember), her represented type of suits have won the hearts of royal as well as people who are very close to their roots. Regardless its heavy form, designer Anarkali suits are very endeared to every woman. Basically it is a type of ethnic wear which comes directly from the traditional basket of Pakistani fashions and contemporary crafts. Thanks to fashion wears atleast, they know no boundaries!

Anarkali salwar suits showcase a rich combination of cultural weaves and contemporary designs and this may be the reason behind its wide demand among women of every age group. Second best thing is its structure which can be adorned by women of every body shape and fit. The flattering layers and colour shades are always there to kiss the feminine beauty and opens a broad platform to choose for every occasion. This is not all which bewitches a lady to adhere with Indian suits but the vivacity is also there at online shopping places which caters a perfect fashion meal to them.

Be it a wedding, festival, family gathering, dinner night, cocktail party, casual meet up or a social gathering, different types of Anarkalis, their styles, designs, fabrics and colours are their to make up your moment captivating. So, here we have come with 19 latest Anarkali suit styles which you must stack in your ethnic wardrobe for different purposes, looks and occasions.
Keep on rolling Diva...

Jacket Anarkali

You take it very obvious from its name but then this is not the end dear! Jacket Anarkali suits have genrally short, medium or long jackets, attached and seperate both. But sometimes their styling is the main thing which may curious your inner fashionista.

Embroidered borders or velvet slitted jackets, denim shrugs, short dori style Jaipuri jackets are some of the most loved numbers in this category. And that you deefinitely don’t want to miss out. Right? Women with heavy busts can add this style to their arena and can flaunt their best with chandelier earrings and platform heels.

Cape Style Anarkali

Thanks to Sonam Kapoor and her quirky yet Bebolicious styles which got fire after her cape styles in sarees and gowns.
This Diwali, try cape style Anarkalis and take the side of subtleness by choosing peach, baby golden or turquoise colours. Let’s say no to crackers and bring pataka coloured Anarkali salwar suits. Crafted in gerogette, nylon or silk fabrics, these suits have net style capes to accentuate the sheer beauty of women. Club them with pearl jewellery and embellished pumps to glare at your best.

Layered Anarkali Suits

Welcome the designer era of Anarkalis with this another beautiful ethnic wear category. Layered Anarkali suits come under the ravishing love demand of every women. And Nargis Fakhri is a woman whose style in wearing these Bollywood salwar suits gave many fashionistas new goals.

This type of suits online showcases numerous layers and creases to elevate its bounce effect. These layers are also responsible for the frock style slant position throughout your swirls. Pack it for your best events and wear them with polki earrings.

Floor Length Anarkalis

Of course, as the name suggests, these Anarkali suits have longer blouse designs and have broader blouse patterns and they end till floor reaches. Floor length Anarkalis are the fave of every party reachers and festive wanderers. The long torso and bottom length give full space to grab awesome work patterns and crafts such as long embroidery, prints, thread work or patch work and etc.
One can wear this type of Anarkalis with only hanging earrings and this time ditch necklace. Take side wise dupatta to show the glam fall.

Tail Cut Anarkali Suits

Tail cut Anarkalis have longer tail style at the back which means higher the base frills are higher at the front as compared to the back. The placement of these frills give it a look of fish tail. A great advance when adorned by a petite woman, this type of Anarkali suits are best worn with pearl necklace set. Avoid mang tikkas as they can make you look shorter. To enhance the beauty of suit’s structure, wear them with stilettos.

Pakistani Anarkali Suits

Whether it is special Biryani, Pakistani Anarkali or regal shayaris, Pakistani flavours never talk lesser than royalty. Admit it or not?
Pakistani Anarkali suits deal with gorgeous embellishments and of course chikan work with stone embellishments. Embroidery is their famous traditional work which make their fashion pieces totally outstanding even on the world ramps. Deal the affair cautiously with side maang tikka and chand balis.

Bridal Anarkali Suits

In India, weddings and related ceremonies are ought to be lavish affairs. And in these things, our brides never find retreat a solution when they can whole heartedly splurge into royal bridal collections of Anarkali suits. Buy online wedding Anarkali suits and wear them with much gusto and traditional jewellery pieces.
It is a once ina life time thing, so do not think twice to invest into something memorable.

Party Wear Anarkali Suits

Let this one be little more dazzled to sparkle the precious moments of Diwali festival. Be it any festival or party based on ethnic theme, party wear Anarkali suits fit best rich craftsmanship and royal wotk pattern till the bottom.

Wear it with matching suede kitten heels (depending on the length of the kurti) and finish off your divine look with just polki earrings.

Bollywood Anarkali Suits

Who doesn’t want to adore Bollywood styles and blushes? We all love them and want to seize them for our various occasions and festive modes. Be it Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Aishwarya Rai or any other Bollywood actresses, we love their confidence in carrying away their aura and royal attitude. Festive occasions like Diwali, KarvaChauth, Navratri or Durga Puja, Bollywood style anarkali suits ensemble perfect preching to buy them online straight way. One can wear them with choker necklaces and go with nude make up and contours.

Plain Anarkali Suits

Don’t under-estimate the power of simplicity!
Dig out the fashionista from inside you and do it with genuine simplicity. To show off your natural beauty at best, go with plain Anarkali suits. Wear them according toyour moods and play with jewels and accessories this time. Special meet ups, evening lawn paries or birthday bashes are perfect occasions to own this type of Anarkali suits for women. They are light in weight and comfortable to wear.

Designer Anarkali Suits

Do you need to re-think when there is a title of designer Anarkali suits? Obviusly not! These Anarkalis are just self-simplified with heavy designs, border works, voguish fittings and experimented new colours. Intricate attention is paid to the intense work on the top notch quality fabric because these are the soul of any kind of ethnic wear. Not only it accomodates the best part of your party looks but can even simple designer suits can make you look stand apart from the crowd.
Get them done with contemporary maang tikas and droplet earrings.

Traditional Anarkali Suits

Traditional anarkali suits are really long and showcase a great deal with heavy traditional work patterns and quality fabric. Not only do they please your eyes but also do the justice to your skin as well. With rich colour palette where you can indulge your drooling eyes above, this type of ethnic dresses are best to worn during festive occasions.
Strut out of the door by wearing traditional Anarkali suits with heavy jhumkas and that’s it.

Contemporary Anarkali Suits

Anarkali is a type of ethnic number which showcase a great flare like a long frock at the bottom area. It may have consists pleats and require long piece of fabric. Nowadays, designers have come with their new ideas and designs like this one. Contemporary Anarkali suits online have quirky designs, frills, high low patterns and have layers also. It can have anything that haven’t yet knocked your mind.
So, be ready to be surprised with this one. And yes, you can always go jewellery-less with them.

Anarkali Gowns

Anarkali gowns are the next level preach of ethnic Anarkali suits and we can see that well here. You do not have to showcase your dupatta talent here but just need to pull on your inner confidence to pose like a pro. They are rich in colour, designs and work patterns. But little subtle than the traditional ones. The single tone colour and style generally captivate our interest in them. Wear them with platform heels and do not forget to carry your embellished clutch. You can ditch your precious jewel at the closet...

Velvet Anarkali Suits

We all know that velvet is a luxe deal of women of high class choices. And when two royales get combined, the result can be bombastic. Velvet Anarkali suits are generally heavy in comparison to any regular suits due to the fabric and further work pattern just adds on to its weight. So wear it cautiously on high collar functions and events. Club this King class choice with suede platform heels and style statement jewellery.

Cotton Anarkali Suits

Cottons are the best friend to any tender skin. And Anarkali suits woven in cotton are just heaven and beauty redefined in a new way. This Diwali, be safe and comfortable throughout the day by opting for cosy cotton Anarkalis. They come with light embroidery work, block prints, ikat designs and more light patterns. So they are liught in weight as well as peaceful to the eyes.

Georgette Anarkali Suits

Get fancy this festive season with hot and hotter georgette Anarkali suits. They are light in weight and showcase fine embellishments as well. Due to the fabric, these suits are great when it comes to swirl around. Wear them with dangler earrings and chic necklace and pumps to flaunt your beauty at best.

Silk Anarkali Suits

It’s time to show off some gratitude to the natural beauty. Invest in luxurious silk Anarkali suits this festive time and upgrade your fashion sense. They behave great to skin and obviously the sheen is the part of royalty. This carnival time, get to know magic closely by accolading a rich silk Anarkali suit to yourself. After all self-gifting is not that bad!!!
Wear them with polki danglers and kundan necklace.

Net Anarkali Suits

Grab best net Anarkali suits and snatch out the sheer glance. The exquisite thread work, embroidery, chikan work are the best things they can offer. We are sure that in any case you won’t miss any of their compliments. Net Anarkali suits usually have a an additional layer inside which make you look extra stylish. Wear them glitterati jewellery and accessories.

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