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Try These Lehenga Styles This Wedding Season

Every wedding is important and women just love to brag their style choices. And what else can be better than designer lehenga or sarees!? Now, stand apart the crowd and grab some really creative lehengas for your D-day.

by : Mylifenstyle. On 25/11/16. 0 Comments.

Wedding season is gearing up; people have already started to purchase the wedding ornaments and dresses. There are lots of availability of various dresses for men as well as women. There are various options available for girls, women and brides. Women always want to dress up something different and fashion always gets changed from time to time. Nowadays, there are various lehengas available in the online shopping markets which are great to flaunt and adorn your own style statement. After all, who wants to wear same-lame styled lehengas every time you visit a function? Girls or women who wear lehenga always manages to get a compliment from others because the attire is made to make her looks simply ravishing! If you are also looking for that lehenga that will get you oodles of stares then try these lehenga styles this wedding season. is one of a website that conveys the best fashion and beauty blog.

There are various types of lehengas that are still hidden from our notice! Did you know that? Women are still busy in catching old stars while the new bold arenas are out of the reach. Let’s adorn each and every type of lehengas this time and don’t get a heart-ache if you discover something totally out of the world. Because it can happen dear!!!

1. Fusion Lehenga:

It is one of the best options which contemporary women never miss to catch one. They are great for parties and reception and other traditional events where you intensely crave for something that can bring a modern twist. Fusion is nothing but a combination of traditional and contemporary dress, which will help the girl to look completely different. Both the part of lehenga are different, if one part of a dress is traditional then other will be contemporary. Do not forget to try some awesome colour combinations such as scuba blue, light pink with net, almond and many more.

Chose fusion for any function
• When you opt for fusion, you are getting more than that traditional and western style can offer
• You will be the center of attraction (if you opt for a correct colour and combination)
• Brides can also wear fusion in any of their pre-wedding functions

2. Crystal Work Lehenga:

This is one of the lehenga which is now in trend. The best thing in this type of lehenga is the crystal work or mirror work (which is an attractive part of the lehenga). It will give a fabulous and more stylish appearance, if the fabric of lehenga is silk.

What’s so special:
• Crystal or mirror are normally used in lehangas but currently it is in demand
• Crystal work in lehenga will automatically set you dazzle up. You need nothing extra dear!

3. Layered Lehenga:

Layered Lehenga is new in trend and women are crazy for this new kind of lehengas. This style is commonly used by the brides who love to adore their old-traditional forms. It showcases many layers over layers and sometimes also features ruffle look. Brides are mostly using this type of lehenga as it gives them a complete different look.

Different look with layered lehengas:
• Try layered lehenga for unique look
• Chose proper colour combination for the designer layered lehenga
• It is also important to opt for a current trending designs, fabrics and work

4. Jacket lehenga:

If you are thinking something different for this wedding season then you can go ahead blindly with jacket lehenga style. The designer jacket is of ankle length which is suitable with sarees as well as with lehenga. Most importantly, it is a perfect dress for winter brides because it keeps them away from the chilly weather and they can enjoy their marriage.

Specialties of Jacket lehenga
• It looks different from everyone
• You can wear jacket with stylish sarees or designer lehengas
• Lots of varieties in jacket are available in terms of work and texture
• Jackets available with work of heavy beadwork, border work, intricate embroidery, beautiful embellishments and much more
• You can opt for silk or velvet fabric for jacket

5. Anarkali Lehenga:

Do you want to impress everyone with your dressing style? Do you want to look stunning amongst fair stars? If yes, then choose the best designer lehenga of 2016 i.e. Anarkali lehenga. If you want to make a sweeping style statement then go with a stylish wedding wear - floor length Anarkali lehenga. If you are a bride and looking for some dress for your pre-wedding functions then chose Anarkali lehenga to stun everyone with your fabulous fashion sense.

Tips to be remembered before choosing Anarkali lehenga for pre-wedding function:
• It is very important to chose a correct fabric for Anarkali lehenga (after all that voguish flare and swirl is everything)
• Opt for a fabric that is made of fluid-like drape like chiffon, georgette, etc.
• Keep the trendiest colour of the season in your mind

6. Lehenga with trendy long sleeves choli:

Do you want to look different from others? How can you show your stylish dressing sense to everyone? Bit confusing!?

Look stunning and attractive in your wedding function as well as in pre-weeding functions with something different that is hard for someone to give it a try. Either you can try something with your lehenga or choli or create magic with sensuous work patterns. Try long sleeves in your choli or gown, it will give you a stylish look as well as protect you from the chilled weather.

Why long sleeves?
• Long sleeves in gown or choli will give you a different and stylish appearance
• It protects your hand from the fractals (good option for winter wedding)
• You can use silk, net, etc. for sleeves
• Long sleeves/quarter sleeves/butterfly sleeves/bishop sleeves are now trending. Do your research work better for an outstanding appeal. After all, it is a one time fashion fad!

Each and every girl has woven something exquisite in dreams about her wedding dress and jewellery. Isn’t it? If you are confused about your dreamed lehenga then no need to worry. Check all the above lehenga patterns and you can select any of them. On the other hand, you can also check out the makeup and beauty blog India on for a wide spectrum of fashionable look. Colour combination is very important before purchasing a lehenga. It is not just about red or gold or pink. Just remember – The difference in your appeal can only create spasm at the gala. Are you ready for it?

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