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Trendy Prints In Summer Fashion For Women

When someone out there is sipping their freezing cold coffee, you are here searching out for a perfect dress to join in the party. Summer is not only about the style of dress you are going wear but it plays a lot around the type of fabric you have chosen for your dress, colours and of course the type of print. Let’s sport some best Spring-Summer prints for 2017 to create a comfortable mood for ourselves!

by : Paromita. On 08/03/17. 0 Comments.

So what’s coming around? Tossing around 12 months in our hands, we got summer card this time. And to welcome this with the most warm gesture, we brought you a list of trending prints that will bright up your summer moods.
But why are we talking about prints?

Because print to fashion is like sugar to the cake and we can’t imagine best of style quotients without that. Though summer is a season when people tend to try more sorbet or light hues to negotiate the attraction of sun waves, pretty prints are the sassy additions to bring all that pizzazz around.

The radical transformations in the fashion world have been tremendous and still an ongoing process. Out of which, we have churned out the top most trending spring-summer 2017 prints that are currently can be seen in every women fashion nazis’ ethnic wardrobe. These are not mere interpretations but based on the likings of many real-time customers who have fallen in love with charming hues and designs. And we would love to spoil you with so many choices. XOXO
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Strange but an obvious thing is that this type of prints is quite famous all around the world of fashionistas. Isn’t it? Leave the ‘strange’ thing apart because it is totally connecting you to the feminine spirit. Bring out the sensuality from our personality by swearing to charming floral prints in summers and showcase the best of yourself in them.

Style Facts:
• Be it saree or lehenga, salwar suits or classic kurtis; just let them be in the most easy breezy fabric to get the best flawless effect
• Sheer fabrics are most preferred in this kind of print
• Highlighter, foundation and nude lipstick is just enough to bloom out in floral dresses


Abstract means everything and anything that indirectly means a lot to our senses. From multi-polygonal designs to un-named structures all come under this category and doesn’t need anything else to explain the meaning of the forms. They look easy to spread on the fabrics yet a difficult one to design. These mysterious prints look great during summer and thus a must-have for all fashionistas.

Style Facts:
• Great to combine with smoky makeup and little dark highlights
• Silk fabric is great to showcase this kind of print
• The best thing with abstract print is that you can go on the way you like because abstract is related to your imagination only
• Avoid too much quirky or heavy bases because it’s summer

Boho Chic

The boho-chic style is adopted by those fashionistas who adore the natural appearances of hippies or Bohemians. So these are the basic influencers behind these pretty faces!?

Well, this style touched its pinnacle at late 2005 when the mass spotted actress Sienna Miller, model Kate Moss in England and Mary-Kate Olsen in the United States. So, adore your figure line best with these pretty summer prints and designs and show off the world your stand apart choice.

Style Facts:
• Try out quirky or style statement jewellery such as polygonal earrings, feather earrings, quirky pendants, chokers and sleek trinkets
• An amalgamation of neon and subtle colour is on trend; you can try them as well (choose a pastel bottom wear and a neon top with Bohemian print)

Quirky Prints

Well, they don’t need any kind of definition and they can be worn without understanding the meaning of the colour splashes and designs. It’s just like they popped up into your mind and you get them done over the fabric. This type of summer prints is quite famous because they are presenting a whole lot of imagination and steal ample attention of yours.

Style Facts:
Designer sarees or lehengas with quirky prints are quite on. You can follow Angelina Jolie’s designer wedding dress with lots of doodles, painted by her children or Alia Bhatt’s doodle dress or Gauri Khan’s Calligraphic saree
• Wear them with Bohemian jewellery and leather footwear (to swipe off the confusion)

Rainbow Stripes

Colours and splashes play an important role during the summer season and the main reason behind this is their huge attention demanding attitude. You forget all the heat at outside and mesmerise with the fact your dress is looking tremendously beautiful. ‘Rainbow stripes’ pattern consists all the necessary 7 colours and their hues.

Style Facts:
• Choose light in weight fabric because dark or bright colours may heat up your body temperature so there must be a light base to neutralise the affair
• Get a single coloured pair of heels to highlight single thing at a time

Gingham Prints

Gingham, Prince of Wales and plaids are three somewhat related prints and showcase chequered related designs. In competition but always go hand in hand to every woman’s wardrobe. Not only in western dresses but you can explore these pretty patterns on ethnic wears as well. They are the classic epitome of beauty and run high on the nerves of fashion capitals.

Style Facts:
• Do you know that Gingham prints are the major theme at Prada in blazers and skirts?
• Well they go well with both vibrant and muted shades
• Sarees in Gingham prints are ages old and look classy when complemented with terracotta jewellery

Plain Chequered

The chequered pattern is the favourite of all corporate women and they never expect a week without this type of patterns. Known to be as the best print for summer, checks are great in footwear, sarees, kurtis, tunics and Indo-western dresses as well. It is not at all necessary to adorn only white and black coloured checks; though you can also go on with contrasting coloured checks.

Style Facts:
• It will become really monotonous if the shade is regularly same on the drape, bottom wear, top, footwear and etc. Try to experiment with shades; if you are wearing a chequered saree or kurti, try to catch up with a solid or embroidered blouse and bottom wear respectively

Fresh Fruits & Cuisines

What else do you wish during furious summer days? Is it juicy melon or lemon or mangoes or strawberries for the day? Let them combine and make a delicious dress this time with fruits and cuisines printed dress.

Style Facts:
• These peppy coloured dresses are great to worn with catchy footwear
• Try scrumptious colours such as tomato red, juicy orange, sunny yellow and etc.

Large Polka Dots

Polka dots; aren’t they fave of youth as well as ladies around? Well, this type of prints had become the rage of the mass during the nineteenth century. These dots are evenly sized and maintain a specific amount of distance as well. Great for the creative women in the world, these dots come in vivacious designs, shades and styles, so you will never run out of ideas nor fashion with them.

Style Facts:
• The complementary accessories and jewellery should be subtle and muted to highlight the craze of polka dots
• Tie high bun and get done with smoky kohl eyes

Kalamkari Print

This is one of the age-old prints which have gain spotted its glamour on the fashion stage in the 21st century. ‘Kalamkari’ took its name from two words, ‘kalam’ meaning pen and ‘kari’ meaning kaarigari or designing. And the meaning behind this type of design is decoded as the design is crafted manually by the expert artists. The art has gained its fame and immense popularity suddenly and quite recently. The print showcases the art of age-old pattern of drawing, formations of sculptures, animals, Hindu gods, and etc.

Style Facts:
• Wear them with terracotta jewellery and monotone footwear
• Avoid over layering of makeup cakes
• A designer blouse or leggings (if wearing kurti) will add cherry to your appeal

JigSaw Prints

To capture the chaos of the universe and man world, designers have ideated this formula to craft jigsaw prints. They are loaded with such a kind of punch which somewhat relative to geometric shapes and structures. These prints come under the guise of arrow-like prints, zigzags, squares and etc. They can be made with abstract patchworks, laces or by dyeing as well.

Style Facts:
• If it is a saree; go with solid coloured footwear, with kurtis; a subtle solid salwar or leggings or denim will be apt
• Keep your makeup subtle with kohl eyes and foundation because the print is enough to dazzle your complete appeal

Retro Prints

You are wrong if you think that retro prints are dull and all muted. But this is not the case! Whereas someone rooted women are still out with the predilections for retro sarees, salwars and vintage dresses. Remember those bell bottoms, big sunglasses and fedoras? They will be a big hit for summer-spring 2017. Catch out tube top style blouses, grungy peplum skirts and shirt dresses and dirty hues’ sarees to adopt the fun of retro 2017.

Style Facts:
• Let it be fun with traditional and antique jewellery from your grandma’s jewel box
• Jute or leather made slip-ons will be perfect
• Oxidised bangles will ring the heart like Beethoven itself

Watercolour Prints

The spirit of summer starts from March with lots of squashing of colours and playful mind (Holi). How can we put the fact aside when we know the lovely facts of these colours? Here we are introducing watercolour prints, which will include the incredible delights of colourful fashion. The print technique used in here is abstract which follow lots of splashing of colours like we do on our canvases.

Style Facts:
• Catch out fusion ethnic dress prints in the same style to head out at casual, or semi formal events
• Wear catchy stud earrings with fabric choker necklaces or belts
• Bright, pastel, and coral colours are mostly preferred
• Avoid smoky makeup or something too deep or dark

Optical Illusion Prints

You know very well the after effects of optical illusions! They tend to create bombastic illusions just before your eyes and it feels like you have skipped something that could have been noted. They are the serious works of artisans who love to throw people into some psychological dilemmas. Do you love to accept this kind of imbalances? Well, then they are the perfect pieces for you to carry in summer days.

Style facts:
• Complement them with contrasting coloured heels or sandals
• Avoid geometric earrings and accessories; go with the simple ones
• Inject more mystery in your appeal with white kohl on the waterline of your eyes and black eye liner

Free Birds

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This is what you are and what you seek to be. Let your inner imagination and yearning fly as a free bird and showcase this by wearing flying bird printed sarees, kurtis, dresses, lehengas and salwar suits. You don’t need to put yourself in limits here and can go beyond with printed footwear as well. When the hot topic is so hot then you need to decide the type of fabric first. For summers, cotton, chiffon, blended silk and etc. will be apt and on them, this type of print will showcase their best of beauty.

Style Facts:
• Kohl eyes and a suitable solid bindi will instigate the diva inside you
• Peep toe heels or sandals will complement your chic beauty
• The stud earrings will do the affair perfectly but if you want to go a little bit, then try mid length and flared jhumkas.

Pom Pom Sarees

I think they bring the playful essence of summers. First and the foremost thing that I like about them is that they are too easy to craft at home and if you have a plain traditional saree in your mother’s ethnic wardrobe, you can try on them now. Not only sarees but tunics, dresses, dupattas are the pretty victims of these pom poms.

Style Facts:
• Try multicoloured pom poms on a solid dull or light coloured saree
• Pair them with simple brown gladiators, dull sandals or footwear to highlight the glare of them

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