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Transform your Casual Top into a Funky Tee

Cut and Knot your Tee to make it funky

by : Akansha. On 21/01/16. 0 Comments.




This is a cool and easy trick that can change your look from a Girl Next Door to a cool Fashionista. 


Ready to rock and roll in your transformed look? Simply make a straight cut in your casual knitted T shirt on either of the sides. Keep the length of the cut as long as you want the knot to be. Once you have sliced your Tshirt on the side, it will create two loose ends of fabric. Now tie both the ends into a knot.

To look more funky wear a spagetti top/ racer back or a tube top underneath this knotted Tee in a contrast color. Experiment by using this technique on left, right or even centre of your Tee.




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