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Top Latest Lehenga Designs And Patterns For Teenager Girls

Teenager is a stage when overdoing is too much and subtleness can create boredom. So there must be some quirk in designing which can make their mood go zoooom! So, check out a perfect array of different types of designer lehengas for teenage girls with particular style tips for each one of them. An enigmatic treat for fashion-lust souls!

by : Paromita. On 22/03/17. 0 Comments.

Lehengas are like hot craze for young girls and women and be it any occasion, these always win heart at the very first sight. But if you are finding a right dress for a teenager girl, it could be really toilsome and there might be least chances to delight her senses. According to their age and curves, it is very important to suit them everything as upbeat trend while staying sophisticated. Teenagers are the most vulnerable customers because they experience sudden mood shift for which if they like something now, there might be chances of not liking the same in other time. Looks, fashion and quick quirks are something which always flatter them. The lehengas for teenage girls should not be too flashy nor have over do traditional works but in a way which make her 100 reasons to wear and stand alone at the next party. And yes, hues play a quintessential role in deciding. They must be rare like none of friends have worn that or which have magnetised her glance at first.

The volume of the lehenga, its colour, light embellishment, sophisticated patterns and/or something quirk should be there to suit every body’s type. After wearing them, a petite girl should strut on confidently, a XXL girl can be comfortable and feel wow in those fits and etc. There must be concerns while buying online lehengas for teenagers but here are some types of latest lehenga designs which mustn’t miss by any teenager.
Here we go...

Lehenga Sarees

When your mother pressurises to wear saree and your heart sings songs for lehenga, designers invented lehenga saree which proves that both can be worn at the same time. This piece is the same lehenga with a long yard pallu which you can carry as saree style. This lehenga saree style for teenager girl looks incredible and more amazingly, it is easy to wear as well. One just needs to wear the blouse or choli and traditional skirt like a lehenga and can drape the dupatta like the pallu of saree. It will surely transform the look like a magic. You can also create contrast magic with alike lehenga choli and differently hued chunni or dupatta.

Style File: Wear this piece with a lavish big ring on left hand and strut off on the road complementing golden embellished heels.

Frolic Embellishments

There is no hard and fast rule to attach embellishment only there where it is said. Stylish girls can also ask their boutique craftsmen to create a lehenga with multi layered embellishments. Experiment with different types of fabrics and materials to suit the look like a diva. Border piping or border mirror work or lavish lace work at the border of blouse and skirt will look awesome. As shown here, you can also choose same fabric in two colours and can combine them to form this type of multi-layered lehenga. Choosing 4-5 different patterns will also make your lehenga count oodles of compliments. So, plan it now!

Style File: Wear 2-3 golden kadas on each and wear chandelier earrings.

A Perfect Fusion – Pants & Skirt

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” - Harry Winston
Steal the style glam from Aditi Rao Hydari and ask your designer to make this pant and skirt combo lehenga pair. Avoid heavy embellished work or deep embroideries and choose light weavings, thread patterns and brocade designs in this type of designer lehengas for teenagers. Why? These aspects will make them easy to carry, look effortlessly gorgeous at every moment of the day and maintaining the piece won’t hit hard. In this style, a pair of pants will be attached with skirt through the common waist band. The best advantage is; it is really easy to ramp walk in such kinds of pairs.

Style File: Choose one shade darker hue for the choli which will complement your complete look as well.

Hue Matters

Duh, it matters! Haven’t you heard it – “Women dream in colours”?
Wear your heart on sleeves by opting for new shades every time you select a lehenga for the perfect occasion. Women tend to differentiate between colours more than men and this is a rational fact among all. So, don’t try to trick her with colours. Seasons also matter a lot while selecting a particular shade but spring is a season when you can embrace a lot of hues without any second thought.

Style File: Don’t break the beauty mirage by overdoing it with jewellery or flashy accessories and keep it simple.

Total Contrast

If you believe in the magic of contrast then dear, this is your genre. Be it a patch work or changed blouse colour theme, contrast is made for every season and happy moods.

Shirt Lehenga

A smart treat when you’re out of crop tops or have worn that same short choli or blouse style many times. Rejuvenate your fashion spirits by tucking shirts inside the lehengas. Matching is not necessary and you can go free when choosing the colour of the shirt. Try to choose a darker hue if you are a perfectionist in this fashion world or can either go completely opposite, if you quirk is your main mantra.

Style File: Complment this bossy traditional wear with a layered necklace and lavish stud earrings.

High Waist Cape Lehenga

You must have worn ponchos in your childhood days. These are the pretty picks especially when you need to visit your old relatives. This generation is smart in its ways and has inspired itself by presenting cape designs in every type of traditional women wears such as salwar suits, blouses, cholis, sarees and etc. If you are tall, go for a medium or long cape adhere and if you are petite, go for extra short capes. Capes are a big no-no on plump figures.

Style File: Try out dazzling or contrasting cape colours.

Trail Back Lehenga

Inspire your lehenga mood with a new ravishing trick. Ask your tailor to attach a long trail of net yard at the back nape of the choli or blouse. Now feel the Disney princess look in an instant by wearing this pretty style while attending a counting moment. Don’t make the trail heavy otherwise it will hamper with your looks and comfort.

Style File: Pick georgette, net, or light in weight fabric for the trail and use the same fabric and design on the skirt.

With Casual Crop Tops

Here is the DIY of the blog.
Do you have an old and wear out Banarasi saree? (Ask your mother)
Re-fashion the same old tired Banarasi saree into a classic Banarasi silk lehenga. Make sure you have added contrasted piping at the end of the skirt. Keep your attention on the waist band to fit it like a magic. You can also use can-cans to make sure you can flaunt your swirl like those pretty Disney princesses. Now pull on a simple or striped or chequered or traditional seem crop top from your western wardrobe to match it up with the DIY lehenga.

Style File: Dear, you can always club your plain crop tops with skirts to make a combo of contemporary lehenga.

Pocket Lehenga

Say cheers to designers like Sanjay Garg and Manish Malhotra who have curated pocket lehenga designs for the teenagers who hesitate to carry extra belongings. And don’t we feel confident and cosy when we put our palms inside the pockets of our jacket? Yes, there resides the pleasure. Be it your cousin’s wedding or BFFs birthday bash, this type of lehenga will perfectly become the hot topic of your gang at the time. These types of lehengas are the perfect pitch to minute contemporary works.

Style File: Try to pitch up the glare on the waist band area because everyone’s focus will be on there. You can use chic mirror works or latkans.

Denim Craze

You rock every minute when you strut on the road wearing denims. Be it jeans, Capri, shirt dress, shirt, top and even lehenga, you always dazzle it right. Yes, you heard right – a lehenga in denim mastery. Denim is a very close BFF of every woman regardless any age. You don’t need time and space to embrace yourself in them because they make you feel confident and rugged; even if it is a denim lehenga.

Style File: Strut on the stage by wearing a metallic rose gold watch, style statement stud earrings and deep chocolate brogues. Keep the blouse simple with pom poms or attractive cutting if the skirt is made of lehenga.

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