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Top 10 Western Dresses to Wear on your Bachelorette Party

How about discussing your bachelorette night??? Let's give you some BFF tips for dressing on this special event and make you the rockstar of the eve. Bachelorette party is indeed special and you are not allowed to stay calm on this one. To groove like crazy, you have to dress like one. Here are some fabulous western dresses which are great options for this girls' night and can really make you the most kickass bride of the season -

by : Manisha. On 12/03/18. 0 Comments.

What are you opting for your bachelorette night??? Since the bachelorette party has become a trend in Indian culture too, it’s important to pick the right fashion and attire for this special event. After all, it’s your last night of singlehood. Don’t you want to make the most of this day and give your best shot in terms of dressing and style??? If the day is out and you are already excited for your special event, get ready to check out the sassiest and most fashionable bachelorette party western dresses mentioned here and pick what according to you is apt for your individual style statement. What say??? Aren’t you excited enough to look your best in front of your girls’ gang???

In real sense, bachelor or bachelorette party is all about dressing like rockstar, drinking like insane and partying like never before. The latter ones are easy to achieve as these are the basic goals to organize this event but the former is what you need to work on to reminisce your bachelorette forever. After all, when all pretty girls get together at one place, it becomes really hard to bring attention to yourself and let everyone get hooked to your way only. Well, you can manage to do that if you work precisely on your special outfit for special day and slip into it like a true fashion pro. Talking about clothes, bachelorette party demands for a sassy western dress as all other functions are going to be about traditional staples only. So, make sure that you keep it sexy, sassy and stylish in every way and upgrade your fashion quotient like never before. The collection shown here is way fashionable, trendy and stylish to keep up with the current fashion world and style game. Pick what appeals to you and make it your ultimate bachelorette outfit to look like million dollars and grab eyeballs. All this will save your time from hovering into market from store to store and can save your special day too. Let’s dig in...

Blouson Dress

The name suggests the resemblance of a dress. Blouson dress is generally attached with a belt or string dividing the attire into two parts. Due to which, the upper body or torso looks like a blouse with loose, baggy like structure while the lower segment is aligned to the shape of the body. The dress is ideal choice for women blessed with hourglass figure and triangular shape. It looks extremely classy and royal when paired rightly and can be a perfect option for bachelorette party.

The bachelorette party dresses must be comfortable enough to let you live the night to the best and groove like a crazy. That’s what a blouson dress is all about. Team it up with diamond neck piece and put your best foot forward.

Tunic Dress

If the venue for your bachelorette gala is a soothing beach or sandy setting, nothing can serve you like a chic tunic dress. A dress is casual, cool and captivating. In case you don’t want to invest heavy in your bachelorette night and wish to keep your look sorted, then slip into a stunning tunic dress and make people groove to your beats. The short dress has everything a girl wants on her last night of singlehood and it is super comfortable.

The loose structure and comfy appeal of this dress makes it ultra chic and breathtaking. Team it up with layered style necklace and sassy pair of boots to call it a statement.

Bandage Dress

Nothing can beat the sass and style of a gorgeous bandage dress. A western dress has a bandage like structure wrapped around the whole bodice which look ultra stylish and fashionable. Also, the dress offers brilliant charm and fascinating appeal. If you are blessed with perfect curvy body and toned shape, bandage dress can do wonders to you and is the best choice to come under the spotlight of the event. The dress is available in various attractive patterns and colourful combinations which can really ace up your party look and make the night super special for you.

Even such clothes are great deal as bachelorette outfits for bridesmaids to keep up the symmetry and make it supremely classy.

Shirt Dress

If your special event is a pretty summer affair or spring maybe, then shirt dress can offer you the best bachelorette look of the season. And the best part is that there is no need of sticking by any accessory or additional bling with this outfit, keep it sorted and sassy the way it is. If the outfit is embellished with extra cut-out or slit, then you are really on the right path.

The natural fit and evergreen appeal of a shirt dress can never go wrong or disappoint any woman. Do not forget to put focus on the right pair of heels as this is where you can gain extra points. Gladiator heels or traditional oxfords are really good options with such western dresses.

Off Shoulder Dress

How can we ditch season’s most stylish women wear???
An off-shoulder dress is what a modern woman needs to express her bold and cute side simultaneously. The outfit is vehemently popular in young generation and fashion lovers. If you can’t stand by anything on your bachelorette night, slip into a ravishing off-shoulder dress and make your way towards the gala. The dress is upper cute, beautiful and eye-catching.

A bright choker necklace can really help in enhancing the overall look and making you the best bride-to-be of the season. Such fancy bachelorette party dresses actually relate to the contemporary era women and can easily blend with their lifestyle.

Backless Dress

How about revealing some flawless skin!? I am sure you won’t mind that today.
A backless dress is all time best choice for a bachelorette evening and it has got everything a woman can wish to dress on this day. Well, how far you go in terms of bare back totally depends on individual choice and comfort. A piece of advice is that – if you are blessed with heavy busts, do not worry about the length of the open back and keep it ultra bold. After all, the night is not going to come again in your life. Add a pair of high heels to flare your overall personality and style statement and make heads turn around.

Tulle Dress

Is the fairy in town??? Tulle fabric is known for incredible flare, fuller appeal and is extremely light in weight. This can be a perfect dress for a special bachelorette night and let you breathe to the best. Tulle dress is for those beautiful divas who always wanted to turn their wedding into a perfect fairytale. Do not forget to accentuate your look with a pretty tiara and become the star of the lovely night. Pick colours like marsala, mint, hot pink, golden or other trendy hues to give your best shot in tulle dress and make heads turn around. This is your night, girl!

Baby Doll Dress

How about talking bold to another level on this special eve???

The party is all girls’ night so you are totally allowed to dress the way you want and feel comfortable. Slip into a slinky baby doll outfit in rich colour and add some awe-striking accessories to flare the overall ensemble and make your peers envy of your flawless look. Well, it’s your special day so it’s your responsibility to look like a diva and give your best shot in dressing.

Team it up with sky-high fancy gladiators or thigh-high boots and get ready to hold a gaze at any moment. Let’s raise a toast to your bachelorette night, girl.

Asymmetric Dress

It’s always best to keep it subtle yet stylish while opting for something like an asymmetric dress. The outfit has caused sensation in the current fashion world and is hugely admired by young fashionistas and divas. Pick bright, radiant colour like cherry red or berry blue and enhance your bridal glow in the best possible way. An outfit shown in the picture is the best example of what I am trying to portray.

With an asymmetric dress, it’s best to put faith in ravishing pair of danglers and strut like a diva. Do not forget to work on your heels to get the desired appeal and grab eyeballs.

Empire Waist Dress

Are you worried about your extra fat or small tummy which might highlight in your special bachelorette dress??? Don’t worry, here comes the rescue to your body issues. An empire waist dress is specially designed by fashion designers to form a taller, aligned illusion of any woman. The attire fits right from every angle and gives a perfect, desired body shape to the wearer.

This can also be a right option for a bachelorette night. Make sure to pick the right length and colour to suit your individual style and get ready to make the best of the special evening.

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