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Top 10 Fashion Tips For Women To Look Fashionable

Bored of wearing same lame patterns again and again? Or afraid of taking a step ahead in a daring outfit? Don’t worry; we have bought you some fantastic ideas that are doable as well to prep up your fashion statements. Scroll down to get 10 fashion looks and learn how you can form a twist to make them look evergreen without much effort at all.

by : Paromita. On 23/08/17. 0 Comments.

When the ring hits hard at the clock saying it’s 00:00 and 1 January, the resolution list starts exploding – will do Pilates every morning, spend less on clothes, yet have a colourful combo of collections of apparels for every occasion, spend time with oneself and blah-blah-blah. And as a hard known fact – ‘they are hard to keep yet easy to spill’. Take some time to relish the final pay off and till then work hard to achieve what you know will be good for you. A sudden change can be a tougher one but one can at least start with smaller inputs. And thus we have outlined ten doable steps that you can follow to make your favourite or long forgotten apparels ever green.

Inspired with your craving to wear new and fashionable every day, here is some intrinsic knowledge of latest women’s fashion for them who are willing to step out of the box.
Check out these easily adoptable fashion tips for women to look high toned every time.

Play The Contrast Game Like A Boss

Be it Carolina Issa or any random fashionista we spot in quirk colour palette fashion women dress, we just keep it in our mind to try it in the next coming Sunday. (All experiments are done on Sundays; they are called free-days)

Here the symphony of the inner jacket and trousers are exactly the same where the second image shows the subtle twist. The model’s long shrug and the top have somewhat similar kind of design palette with colourful splits. And this is what you can do when asked to follow the contrast cum matching rule.

Major Tips:

1. Highlight the drama by tying your hair at the top.
2. Wear minimal makeup to look as natural as you are.
3. Keep accessories low to project your classic choice.

Colour Combinations For Magic Spell

You need to know how to play with shades, hues and patterns. In this category, I must take the privilege to appreciate the versatility of ‘colour block’ patterns. The same yet so different colours are put together to create that magical spasm around. You can also create the aura by simply investing your mind in understanding the language of colours.
For instance, you can choose lavender hue in pants with plum shirt or tunic to look mysterious. This is one of the easiest chance to take the lime light.

Major Tips:

1. If the colour o the top and bottom wear is somewhere dark, then choose utterly light sandals or block heels.
2. Loose and baggy apparels will take most of the scene.

A Fancy Addition In Your Outfit

Yes, I know about the combination of pairing apparel and how mood affects the prints and colours of your clothes. But it is also important to spiff it with extras and to spruce up the mood.

For instance, you can wear sequins with the matte palette and formal trouser with polka dotted top or bodysuit. This type of combination opens up the chance to perceive more colours in the world. You can also put an additional number such as a funky jacket or denim shirt around the skirt and tie the sleeves like laces in the shoes.

Major Tips:

1. Ask yourself – ‘Am I Comfortable?’
2. Wear them like your second skin and don’t forget to carry a baggy bag so that if by chance the experiment gets failed, you can dump the additional pair in your bag.

Never Wear As They Are Meant To Be

Your shirt is made and intended to rest on your shoulders but if you do it otherwise, there is no one to bother you! Is there any Act or Bill on it in India!?

You can experiment with ample ways with shirts because they have sleeves and a little more baggy than tops. Here goes some quirky, noticeable yet doable suggestion that you can opt for:

Major Tips:

1. Pull off from one side of the shoulder of your shirt and then close the buttons till it is comfortable.
2. Off shoulder Formula – Create sensations by wearing your shirt a little down and tie the sleeves like laces in front of your bust line.

Loose + Baggy = Perfect At Times

Days like Friday and Saturdays when you struggle a lot to reach the office, need some dresses to console your spirit. This is when these baggy dresses were created. Check out a jumpsuit (except denim) which is one size larger than your actual one and pair it with a clean shirt. Complete your attire with fashionable sneakers. If you are tired of closed shoes, you can go with open shoes or slip ons to exude a laid back attitude.

Major Tips:

1. Get high pony or tight bun to get that effortless yet careless look.
2. Let the shirt hang loose as if you don’t care if it is odd.
3. Keep the colour simple, clean and matte (if possible).

Overly Covered Yet Stylish

It’s not as boring as imagined to be overly or fully dressed sometimes.
If you know the code to match the colour and pattern palettes then you can easily decode the nectar of fashion world. For instance; wear blue with orange to get the spark in no time. Bring some over sized coats or trench coats in your collection (may be because they are on sale) and pull them on the days when you are tired of holding breath under stress.

Major Tips:

1. Make sure the weight of the layers is not too much.
2. Pop colours will always refine the look of the outfit.

Give A Twist To The Classics

Pair your old darlings like they were freshly brought from the shop. Make your own style statement by lending a skirt and top from the corner of your wardrobe and finish off this look with a contrasting bralette over the top. Now match up the colour of the bralette with that of your heels or footwear. This is an example and you can try lots of them. Let’s discuss;

Major Tips:

1. If you have a spaghetti dress, jumpsuit or skinny blouse, you can wear them with an additional short jacket, bralette to bring them a new look.
2. Always mind the contrast game between the additional number and the bottom wear. Your top wear should be of different shade or hue with that of the additional number. Make a commitment to elevating the ones in your wardrobe.

Make Your Own Fashion Line

A fashion never stays ever green forever yet a little twist is needed to keep it alive. As we all know that fashion is a tool for communication, you need to speak for your attitude and the real you. Choose your own style statement or make one and let your peers give a chance to copy your poses.
For example, if sarees are worn with heels and sandals, you can give a head start by wearing them with brogue or sneakers.

Major Tips:

1. Add extra frills to your long dead yet fave dress. Choose a similar shade of tulle and sew it along the hemline.
2. Wear copper gladiators with loose or baggy pastel mid dress.
3. Sarees with brogues!!! Not a bad idea!

Adopt Looseness In Jeans – Again

Time to steal girls!
The best thing that I encounter in denim wears is that they have ample of options to pair and experiment with. It can go anyway as I like and as my mood swings. This time, get rid of your ultra feminine skinny jeans and replace them with Boyfriend or Mom jeans.

Psssttt...Stealing is an option as well you can try!
Don't toss away the ones which have been your favourite but don’t afraid to welcome the new pairs as well. Embrace new silhouette - relaxed-fit pairs with one size large shirt or top, for instance.

Major Tips:

1. Wear round sun shades to get the maximum bossy vibes.
2. A sleek pendant or locket will give your look an amazing twist.
3. Platform sneakers or espadrilles will do the best.

Be A Minimalistic – When Least Expected

Sartorial games of peekaboo or experimenting with some extra addition over the dress are some of the minute tricks that one should not dare to try at once in this fashion succumbed life. Even if you are in your pyjamas, make sure it has something quirky that can’t go unnoticed. Either the print or cut or colour or hemline pattern, just remember the twist has the power to make you positively famous in minutes.

Major Tips:

1. Make sure you are comfortable inside the adhere and the apparels go according to the mood and the occasion.

Women fashion trends change and this group loves to follow what their heart likes. So be the change and set the standard for women fashion 2017. Peeps, let us know about your suggestions and anything that you have tried to transform your look into a new. You all have our eyes.... ;)

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