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Tips To Take Care Of Designer Sarees

We stack our designer sarees for precious heart warming occasions but do we really spend a moment to think on their caring tips and do’s? Stop the chaos and follow these simple ways to take care of designer sarees and get an everlasting shine.

by : Isabel. On 09/07/16. 0 Comments.

Designer sarees are the cynosure of every party and occasion. May be the heaviness or too much working on these designer sarees make you little bit conscious to wear on during fun filling moments. Then you’re in love with your sarees girl!

But do you know taking care of these Indian ethnic sarees for women is so easy when you have a list of ‘what to do’. You just need a checklist, go through that and you’re done! But before making a purchase, just check out if that fave designer saree goes with your figure, complexion and not too much delicate. After your full satisfaction of your purchase, keep follow these quick and easy tips to take care of your designer sarees and they will get a healthy and prolong life they deserve ;)
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Importance of Designer Sarees

With awesome variety and whopping price ranges, designer sarees have become the favourite of every woman. Due to their intricate work patterns and amazing experimentation of colours and fabric is worth to splurge some money. But what if it doesn’t cost like stars? Yes, that’s the startling thing you will receive at

Not only in Bollywood, but Hollywood loved to drape this Indian ethnic cloth at special occasions. The reason is the vast variety of styles. From dhoti style sarees to cape style blouse, nowadays one can explore 100s of ways and styles to drape a saree.

Washing Tips

Each and every type of saree requires a gentle washing for long lasting beauty. Avoid these following things to avoid stubborn crinkling and tripping off embellished studs out of your saree:

1. Drip it in washing detergent (mild) solution.
2. Do not wring them so hard.
3. Let them dry in shades.
4. Avoid using too much clips while drying your cloth.

Position of Hanging Clothes

If you do not want to lose the attractive shape and form of women ethnic wear, avoid the following things;
1. They must be folded in layers.
2. Change the layers between few days.
3. Don’t mix them with other fabrics or clothes.
4. Don’t over-stuff the same place with dozens of designer sarees. The works and patterns may get affected.

Fabric of Saree

Designer sarees available in various fabrics and works and thus requires proper attention throughout. You need to know about the fabric of your precious Indian ethnic saree and then take steps accordingly.

Conditioning The Sarees

Conditioning is an important stuff to designer sarees as starching is to cotton sarees. Essential conditioners are available in the market as ‘fabric conditioner’ which needs to be used after washing clothes. Just dip your clothes into the solution of conditioner and after 10 minutes, take it out to dry.

Stay tuned with us for more important clothe tips and suggestions. Visit Indiarush to explore more Indian ethnic designer sarees.

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