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Tips to Look Good in Indian Ethnic Wear During Navratri

The time of Durga puja and Navratri always gifts us an essence of serenity and subtle fashion that we at once forget the knocking of Dandiya night. Well, this is not a subject to forget yet to rejoice with full boom and sense of fashion. Here, I have everything special in the way of fashion to remind you that this is the time to make a stand-out remark in the crowd. Be special, look extra special with this must know Navratri dressing and doing tips. Make sure to have fun with poise!

by : Paromita. On 07/09/17. 0 Comments.

Do you want to make this preceding pious moment of Navratri to be memorable? Do you have a Wao-dress list or maintain anything like that?

Sassy ladies and girls, there is no need for a pompous announcement for Navratri because every fashionista has been waiting for this time for a very long time. And as we are very close to it, we need to wrap up the fashion do’s in a quick and wise way!

The festival is known for its pompous and frolic attitude where people get reasons to gather up, and celebrate the moment for continuous 9-days in between the busy schedule of their life – needs to be ultra fashionable. Right!? The celebration would be a continuous play and definitely would be difficult to handle if not dressed well at the time. You need to look perfect (obviously for yourself!), you have to look updated on style and fashion and of course stay comfortable throughout the clamour. Do you have sorted any ideas or listed to-dos?

You do have it or not, we are here to update you with fine and successful fashion tips to look good in Indian ethnic wear during Navratri. This coming dandiya nights, welcome your inner verve with our classic Navratri dressing and makeup tips and don’t forget to brag off your attitude among the peers.
So, get set go (and read the points first, babes)...

Bright Colour – A Great Saviour

In India, festivals are not just meant for roistering and boasting of famous cuisines they made at home. The intensity is higher here with lush fashion drapes and catchy accessories and jewellery. Of course, with the privilege of 29 states, and much more cultural and dressing freedom, we love to be spoilt with bright colours and a mix of every culture. This is the land where Indo-western has been discovered and the discovery is not at all on the verge of end.

In this pompous festival of Hindus, a mass from various religions soused well with the festive sound and dress and believe to make it more colourful and loud. Do not dare to wear deep or dull colours and strictly avoid wearing black in solo. This is not a kind of superstition but it is a scientific fact that colourful and bright colours tune our mood into a cheerful mode and that is enough to handle such huge gathering.

Don’t Be So Strict On Ethnic Wears

Of course, this is the time, when you can wear those sexy ghagra cholis or lehenga, Gujrati leheriya and Bandhani sarees dipped in your preppy styling. But don’t be so over strict as having them as the only option! Though this is the time to flaunt your ethnic collection, you can go a little blunt with them as well; pick out plush Indo western collection or get some inspiration from Gaurang Shah or Masaba Gupta’s collection. Here are some quirky combos that you can try this season:

• Dhoti pants with denim shirt
• Cape shrug with crop top and ghagra with pretty sparkles and baubles
• A traditional ghagra choli with short denim jacket
• Sparkling ghagra with matte contemporary choli

Be Minimalistic - Light On MakeUp

We all know this part but still, try to avoid it. How can we take dandiya night at bay during this festive time? Gujjus will kill the doers, of course!

With lots of moves and rushing and dancing, it will become very difficult to manage to keep up the cakes you have applied. And of course, sweating is the unwanted evil here and will be ready throughout the time to destroy the makeover. Don’t let it do this. Here are some important tips:

• Opt for smudge free makeup
• Make sure they are water proof because sweating won’t have mercy on you at that time
• Pick out light shades instead of smokey

Flats Are Necessary

You know how it takes such an important place. You can trot like Michael Jackson while being on heaven heels or some fancy designer heels. Just tick the point – A big no to the heels!

After all the day is all about dancing and rushing from here and there. Enjoy the moment comfortable by slipping into the heels. Keep at haul to those painful aches at the heels of your leg and enjoy the culture to the fullest this day with a simple slip on pairs. What else can you do make a standout proposition:

• You can opt for otherwise 1-inch heels for a casual up-look
• Ghungroos or pom poms or any kind of additional ethnic enhancements will be great

Pin Up Where Necessary

This is the most important thing that you can face during dancing and at such rush hour – embarrassment of a wardrobe malfunction. To prevent it upto some extent is in your hands. Asking me how!!!

Purchase quality pins from the offline or online market which won’t mingle with the delicate yarn of your clothes and then, pin it up rightly. Whether you are wearing traditional or Indo-western apparel, make sure you have had pinned it up well. ‘No pain no gain’ and the same thing goes with the beauty part. You have to participate into new ideations and forecasting before strutting out otherwise things can go wrong in this type of situations.

Are You Comfortable?

Be it any international party o some kind of socialite event, the most important to look beautiful and make your appeal the best is to be comfortable in your own skin and decision. Are you comfortable in such weighty garments? Does clothing this ethnic wear make it a work of two persons?

Answer these two questions and then think. No occasion or event or anything worth taking the pain because, at the end of the day, it will be you sitting in front of the painful mirror. So, shun away those clothes in which you may become uncomfortable and take fashion on a full drive only when you are ready to take the ride.

Make A Choice On Heavy Looking Accessories

Do you know that there are hundreds of accessories and jewellery available in the market that looks heavy yet being so light and comfortable to wear? As we all know that Indian dresses demand heavy Indian traditional accessories which are worth more than thousand of bucks. Does this huge sum is worth for that one time look?

Be careful, if you are opting for those heavy accessories and jewellery. You don’t want to go so heavy with accessories that you’re barely able to move. Wear the amount which you can clink easily.

Hair-Do List

Don’t you even think of open hair style; it will definitely create a tumult above you. And that hovering will not in any way make you feel comfortable. Try other recipes instead;

• Go for a high and neat bun
• A fish tail or French braid will definitely cast the magic
• Avoid messy hair styles because it will anyhow become messy!

Take Special Care Of Fabric

This is the most prime thing that everyone should notice. After all, it is going to be a long brouhaha and to make you feel cosy throughout, the fabric and quality of it is very important. Don’t keep the string lose at this moment. Make sure the fabric also represents the Indian culture; for instance, by choosing khadi, cotton, silk or mixed fabrics. A comfortable fabric will let your skin breathe easily.

No To Precious Jewellery

You won’t be having time to give dedicated hours or even minutes to your precious jewellery. I’m sure you won’t be even thinking of losing your diamond necklace or ravishing gold charms or pearl chains on this occasion. Don’t turn the occasion to something harsh and make this festive time a time filled with less fuss and lot of happiness and fashion & beauty. Let’s play this time with semi or no precious jewellery and take a dig of oxidised or antique jewellery.

Do share with us your frenzy fashion moments with us and make sure that you turn heads every time you dress up for an outing.

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