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Tips To Choose Fancy Sarees For Office Parties

It’s a pain to select party sarees or fancy sarees for office events and discs. You need to look sassy, gorgeous while being focussed on your composed image in the scenario. Dear girls, here is a brief discussion on how to select fancy sarees while visiting high collar parties and events. Catch out the spice of life with this blog today. And don’t forget to add your comments on the same...

by : Paromita. On 19/07/17. 0 Comments.

Are you a party animal? Do you feel that the types of clothes always ditch you at the time of parties?
Here comes your perfect BFF to choose fancy sarees for office parties.
Be it an office party or that special event for which you have lost your weight like a studious beginner, sarees have always rocked the stage of every fashion enthusiast.
Why this is so when India has a lot to offer?

Well, as understood and seen the fact, saree is one of the most traditional dresses worn by Indian women. On the same basis, many have seen the evolution of them by various means and one of the means that is more famous nowadays is Fashion Shows. Well, when we are talking on the topic of sarees, how can we not include the Tinsel Town – Bollywood? Saree worn by many B-town celebs such as Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Shetty, even new gen stars such as Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor have experienced the super magic of these drapes. Give them some space and just look at the Foreign and Hollywood Divas, who slay the saree look just like an Indian star.

It’s time to discuss the Indian pride more often and especially when you can wear it like a celeb. Obviously, parties are the best time to flaunt your choices and curves and designs. So, don’t let this option go from your hand. Design or ask for stylish blouses for your sarees and catch instant attention from your peers. Here are some tips that you need to follow while buying party sarees from online shopping portals because at that time you ought to know your body shape, face cut, Bollywood inspirations and esteemed designers to fall for.

Where many parties have specific dress codes, in other cases, you need to decide your dress code on your own. So in the latter case, you have the freedom to enjoy your appeal at the best. Know your style quotient and choose the best fancy saree for the most awaited part of the month!


Sarees are undoubtedly the stunners for every fashionista because it is the best pick where you can flaunt your curves and once in a blue moon Desi avatar. And what could be best than wearing sarees in office occasions? You would under the lime light and after the day, you will feel obliged for your curves (sarees offer you that peek-a-boo statement).

I know there are women who still feel very uncomfortable wearing sarees because allegedly, you can’t make your legs rise up or run like PT Usha but need to manage like a sober and sweet lady. Oh please! Do I look like sweet and sober!?

Well here are some tips according to your body shape while choosing sarees because you obviously, you won’t want to dumb down any opportunity to make a dash impression amongst the peers in a party.

Triangle Shape

You’re lucky that you have wider hips than your bust line and you are a saree wearer. A saree defines well of a body when the wearer has heavy bottoms than the top line. To balance the upper line, you can ask your tailor to weave cotton or starchy fabricated blouses. You can also add laces or embroidered works on the shoulder to make your posture look well proportionate.

Inverted Triangle Shape

When you have a heavy bust line and narrow bottom line, you should choose starchy sarees with print or hand-works such as embroidery, heavy pallu work, captivating border work and etc. Choose your very own style quotient by wearing a sheer blouse and neon coloured fancy saree during the party time.

Rectangular Shape

Women who have similar size and width configuration from top to the bottom are called to have a rectangular body shape. Change the drape and draw the limelight upon you. If you are lean and have this kind of figure-line then you must select starchy and heavy sarees such as Banarasi silk sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees or Kosa silk sarees. If you have a plump body shape with similar measurements then change the drape style to showcase what you have the best. Opt for Maharashtrian style or Bengali style.

Hourglass Shape

You’re already blessed, Darling!
If you have a very lean body shape then you need to pick our fancy saree blouse designs and patterns. Moreover, they will make you look more balanced and apt. For wide figure lines, georgette or pure silk sarees will do wonders because they know how to cling on your body like your second skin.

Plump Body

You are born to flaunt saree fashion like no one else can. Pick out the best saree with small prints and serene casting of embroideries, embellishments, light patch work or any other kind of hand-works. Your blouse should go below the abdomen neither rest just below the bust line but just on the abdomen line. ‘Bright’ is your genre with random prints and patches.

Inspired From Bollywood Drapes

They have designers on their back, they have figures, faces and of course the treasure. Excluding the first option, you also have everything to wear a classic designer saree. Well nowadays, these Bollywood designer sarees are available in the online markets such as IndiaRush where you can find a complete range of affordable Bollywood sarees.

Imitating a celebrity is an old age passion but getting it, in reality, is like living the dreams. The days are now gone when finding the same kind of dress were to be like a Sisyphus job. They are now readily available in the market and you can also find them with the exact kind of drape as well. For instance, if you wish to buy Sonam Kapoor’s double draped saree from the array, you do not need to visit any posh or designer house. You can simply order it on IndiaRush with the exact fit and colour with a pocket-friendly price tag. These sarees are in huge demand nowadays, especially women in the younger bracket because they somehow grab the confidence to wear something new in an experimental mood.
(Women with many candles on the cake yet with a teenager's heart are also welcome in the same bracket!)

Brands – Always Tickle The Luxe Inside Us

Choice of elites and dream of every fashion enthusiasts, designer works should be picked according to your personality and tone of the party. Designer sarees are the biggest rage among the millennial because they have outstanding and quirkiest of designs and patterns that we all wish to savour.

Why do we choose branded sarees from the highly esteemed designers?
• Trust of quality
• Understands the in-trend things
• Popular among Indian mass and available in brick and mortar and online stores as well.
• Enjoy their trademark

So here are some outstanding picks from the gallery of designers, if you ‘fancy’ is the word to dig upon:

Satya Paul

One of the finest designers in the fashion industry, Satya Paul has more 40 franchise showrooms across India and 250 retailer points.
You can hunt these pretties in his showrooms and is no rocket science to find out. Check out their online selection as well in all leading websites like Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, IndiaRush etc.


Get an exquisite collection of silk prime sarees at Nalli stores. This is one of the oldest South Indian brands for sarees in India; it was launched in 1928 in Chennai. Scroll your eyes throughout the franchise stores of Nalli for its exclusive silk and Kanchipuram sarees that include both serene formal and catchy party type wears.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Every bride’s dream is to wear Sabyasachi’s created bridal wear and when he comes to the ideation of fancy sarees. No one can beat his creations in any case in this genre too. He has pioneered the use of Indian textiles in a modern context and presented the indigenous form of Bandhani, gota work, block printing, hand dyeing and other modern silhouettes. If you are asking his favourite, then you will feel, glad to know about the vivacity of Banarsi silks that his creations ooze.

Shyamal and Bhumika

Shyamal & Bhumika are the Gujarat based designers who have projected their renowned works through Kareena Kapoor, Hema Malini, Sonakshi Sinha, Sunidhi Chauhan and lots more. Their passion for craft and heritage and dying arts strongly reflect their inner desi passion.

David Abraham and Rakesh Thakore

Sustainability is the major agenda of this copartnership. The most creative part of their story is that they also recycle materials to form such beautiful drapes. These Indian origin designers focus mainly on handloom textiles to change the way of thinking of the western mass. In nutshell, the fusion of these drapes is really spellbinding to give the women of today’s a contemporary and edgy appeal.

Gaurang Shah

Gaurang Shah is a self-taught designer who has reinvented the beauty of Jamdani weaver community in a contemporary way. The main inspiration he got it from his father’s saree emporium store where he saw and understood the choice and picks of fashion straining women. The modern designs of his hand woven sarees are really exceptional and comfortable as well to wear all day in office as well as high collar office parties.

Now pick out your choice from the gallery and flaunt your high-class selection amongst your peers, friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Do you have any other specifics in choosing fancy sarees? Do tell us in the comment section. Goodbye peeps!

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