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Tips To Buy Salwar Suits To Ace The Fashion Stage Of 2017

Undoubtedly, shopping is the sweetest devil that exists in every fairy lady’s mind and heart. Ain’t it? But for this, you need to have polished shopping skills, especially for your loving ethnic wears. Today, we will talk about the most-worn dress type, salwar suits and that how can we make their buying perfect and special for us. Let’s do it girls...

by : Paromita. On 09/01/17. 0 Comments.

Welcome New Year with much gusto and zeal and hug the latest fashion in a new way. Well, that’s the way to hug trend with style. In India, where one can observe various seasons at its extreme, types of fabric and garments proffers the comfort that we actually need. When we are talking about women’s wear in India, we can’t deny the fact that here women wear salwar kameez more than any other dress. A traditional salwar suit is extremely versatile combining both style and comfort and are widely worn by women of all ages. Predominantly, the dress has taken its inspiration from Punjab and Pakistan. Though born in a certain space in South Asia, the popularity has grown its reach to the south, east and west as well.

But confusion arises when we lose our patience if we need to get tight fitting salwars, pants, drawstring salwar will be good with tunic style shirt or traditional suit! Both loose and tight will suit you if you wear them with your own innovative style quotient and little advice from the fashion experts. Not only salwar or kameez but types of dupatta also play a great role in your appeal. Know more about the transformations and the latest salwar kameez designs which will fit your persona like a magic.
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Why Ethnic Is Special?

Have you ever thought that why do any type of ethnic wear always attracts you at any occasion? Whatever be the reason; be it a wedding or casual get together of friends or any evening lawn side party, especially salwar suits always take our attention at the very first hour.

It is possible that their complex weaving style, designing, styles and cuts and the mix of magnificent hues have made their image splendid in your brain box. But there are thousands of more reasons behind this. The fabric, their comfort quotient, affordable availability, royal signature styles and that rich & posh feeling are true that everyone desires. Ain’t it?

You can wear them with a pair of rocking boots as well as with chic ballerinas. It’s a piece of traditional art which also conveys that this isn’t it! The suitability feature varies a great from one point to other. Let’s discuss their critical components to buy perfect salwar suits for women.

That Suits Your Features

There is a point when we find hard to refuse any different design or colour or cutting, especially in ethnic wears for women because we tend to think that ‘we may look positively different in this new look’. But there are days when our cards go wrong! Things happen and when this type of confusion happens with your dressing, avoid being extravagant and just try to complement them well with your features. Take out few separate assortments to sort out and see which one fits better to your skin colour and face features. Your body shape and figure-line matter here too. Let’s learn more about this...


1. Fabric Is The Mother Of Comfort

Be it any clothes for anyone, comfort region comes on priority. For salwar suits, there are ample numbers of fabrics available in online shopping and offline markets but it depends on the current season and your body type, which make your complete attire suitable for the event. Some checkpoints for a perfect fabric are:

• If you are plump then opt for medium density fabric – such as crepe, cotton, etc. Khadi or velvet kinds of fabrics are a strict No-No!
• If you are excessive skinny then the exact opposite feature of point one will suit you. Velvet and heavy hand work designs will make your body look fuller.
• Just check on the fabric’s tensile strength and durability.
• During winter, opt for layered kurtis, jacket kurtis and heavy long Anarkalis. Make sure the fabric isn’t itchy and must be skin friendly.
• During summer, opt for cotton, chiffon, georgette and similar kind of layers.

2. Concentrate On Design & Figure-Line

Your body always decides which type of suit or dress will look good on you. And here are some matches of designs and types of salwar kameez that will suit your persona:

• If you have a narrow bust-line than your bottoms then should avoid pleated or ‘ghera-wala’ salwars like Patiala salwar and Afghani suits.
• If you’ve a voluptuous figure, then avoid too much use of embroidery, thread work, frills or large patterns and works.
• Quarter sleeves or full sleeves will look apt on heavy shoulders.
• Sleek floral embroidery, light hue print look ethereal on heavy body and extreme skinny bodies. To look slim and intact, try dark shades such as black and Marsala.
• For lean and skinny girls, Anarkali suits, Patiala salwars and A-line cuts look good.
• If you’re tall, kurtis dresses, high low tunics, shirt kurtis will look fashionable.

3. Hemlines & Colours & Cuts

The type of cuts on suits decides a lot of your facial features. For instance, deep neckline with smaller busts and high collar on heavy busts will look flat on the screen. You need to know about your best feature and some lows to show it in the best ever way. Here are some pretty tips:

• Women with heavy busts and petite: Try handsome V-neck suits which are not so deep and not so upper. Avoid catchy designs at the plackets or collars.
• Women with heavy busts and tall: Bag out collared suits or kameez with heavy flared salwars. You can also opt for ghagra or lehenga suits.
• Sharp facial features: Try pastel and coral colours to highlight your facial advantages.
• Women with dusky complexion: No, it doesn’t mean that you can never wear deep shades. Try to choose delicious shades such as Marsala, lavender, magenta, violet and similar hues.
• Women who are too much fair: All shades are yours but most of the time, you should avoid too many light hues such as white!

4. Meet Up With The Cost

The cost of the suit should match up to its work patterns, fabrics and style ideations. If it is as layman which you can observe on every next girl, then it is not worth paying for. Always go for the quirk or out of the line. The following trend is for those occasions when one doesn’t risk their choice to go wrong. If it is for casual wear, social wear (without any specific cause), then you can always go for the quirk quotient which you have or will hardly observe on anyone.

5. Know Their Versatility

These ethnic wears are really versatile and can be worn by mix and matching. For instance, if you have churidar from other set and kameez or tunic or shirt from other, you can always mix the apparel style with one another. Some killing ideas:

• Try churidar with long shirts or thigh length dresses.
• Pleated Afghani pants can always be teamed up with crop tops, tight kameez or tunics.
• Wear your any regular printed skirt with long kurtis or suits.

6. Dupatta Must Ace The Look

Try different types of dupattas’ draping to ace the show’s sensitivity ;) Your take on your dupatta will simply yet drastically can change the makeover of yours. Whether you prefer more arm candy, single shoulder fall, side head cover, double layered drape or anything, a single twist on carrying your dupatta will change the whole scenario.

So start up your fashion sniff with some of these best tips and do not forget to show off a lot by tagging us on Instagram.

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