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Take a Pledge: Master the Art of Power dressing

Promise yourself on this day to avoid those small silly mistakes while dressing up everyday with our power style guide

by : Akansha. On 11/02/16. 0 Comments.


Key element in power dressing is knowing what looks good on you.

Imporatnt points to take note of:


1) Camouflage your Weak areas

Cover your weak areas, that you are not confident about or makes you concious. For eg: The best way to hide a stomach bulge is by wearing a Bubble Top.


2) Power play of your best assets

Highlight your best features with outfits and accessories that outshine it well like a Racer back cut is best to highlight your toned arms and shoulders.


3) Break the montony

Versatile dressing is a key element. Make sure to create different looks everyday, try being the sweet girl on monday, girl next door on tue, urban chic on wed, fashion muse on thu, style diva on friday.


4) Rule of Balancing

Ensure a perfect mix of colors, accessories and look stylish everyday. It is very important to make sure the outfits and accessories do not clash with one another and end up looking weird.

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