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Sweater to a Skirt in minutes

Convert your old sweater into a cute short skirt

by : Akansha. On 11/01/16. 0 Comments.

Transform your old sweater into a cute short skirt in a few minutes. All you need for this is your old sweater, a chalk and a pair of scissors.

Start by laying your sweater flat on the ground or a table. Mark a straight line using the chalk right under the neckline, according to the length of skirt you want. Now with the help of scissors chop off your sweater along the marked line in a straight line. Thats it! you have a pretty short skirt in your coset that you didn't know exists.

You can pair this skirt with a cool swetshirt or a high neck plain tee with a statement neckpiece and your ankle length boots. You may alternatively also, try wearing a white shirt tucked in the skirt but cover the rough waistline of your skirt with a thick waist belt, complete this look with your ankle boots and a long overcoat.


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