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Summer Mix n Matches to Stay Cool

Catch up some cool summer outfits and accessories with trendy tips.

by : Paromita. On 30/03/16. 0 Comments.

Don't mess up your way throughout the week! Although you are a creative buff yet you have least of a list to do in unparalleled manner!?

So girl, be the apple of everyone's eyes by simply crossing, mixing n matching of apparels, accessories and footwears, like shown here.
Try to select oxidised, subtle and light in weight earrings and pendants. Remember, you need to carry this beauteous load whole day long!
In the case of bags or handbags, snatch out omni-usable bags. Though quirky printed ones can go well on Fridays or Saturdays (feeling sorry if your Weekends are Working :/).

Just keep in mind: Black, brown and dusty orange are perfect for both casual and official looks. Rest is up to you belladona! Pitch it up in your own style.

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