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Step By Step Guide To Wear Pant Style Saree For Complete Makeover

A quick & easy guide to drape pant style saree this season to flaunt your traditional avatar blended with latest trends. Don't be the lump of the mob by slipping into same old way. Get ready to be the chicest of all by knowing certain simple steps to wear pant style saree!!!

by : Manisha. On 24/12/16. 0 Comments.

The relationship of Indian women with saree is unexplainable and forever enchanting. Every girl wears this attire at least once in her lifetime. Be it college farewell, best friend’s wedding, family function or if none of these, then definitely on any of her own wedding functions. Am I right??? The best part is that women love to get draped in this beautiful Indian weave. That totally classic ethnic avatar makes them elated with sheer elegance and charm. But what if you can add a pinch of style and glamour to your fave ensemble???

Needless to say every girl or woman crave to look flawless and classy while donning their most adorable piece of Indian weaves. Let’s just spice up the conventional look of Indian saree a little by knowing the simple guide followed by few quick steps to wear pant style saree. Show your creative side and get ready to experiment the new, trendy saree look to call it a statement.

Know how to drape a saree in pant style with the easiest steps to check out & make it work for your personal style!!!

Do Not Forget To Wear –

Yes, you just can’t forget these bottom frames to put on before starting your pant saree drape. These are the essentials to get that classic drape you wished to adorn. Make sure to carry them before you pick your saree. Let’s just say – small things make the prime idea look better & finer. So, follow these tricks & treats to be the fashion symbol for admirers and onlookers. Make a note, girl!!!

Let’s Get Started–

STEP 1 – Take a saree of slightly shorter length as compared to the regular one of any fabric (preferably chiffon or georgette for contemporary look). Hold the non-pallu end of the saree and make pleats of around 5-6 if wider length and secure it with safety pin.

STEP 2 – After pinning the pleats neatly, tuck it at the front centre of the waist under the tights. Make sure to maintain the neatness and clear visibility of pleats.

STEP 3 – Wrap the remaining saree around your waist for one complete revolution and then bring it to the front. Toss the pallu end over the left shoulder now. Wait, you are half done with your ‘how to wear pant saree’.

Youtube Glamrs

STEP 4 – Now take the pallu end and start making 5 to 6 pleats of moderate length. Secure the pleats with your blouse or crop top by maintaining the graphic display of the pleats carefully.

STEP 5 – Allow the saree to fall loose on the right side of the waist to form a deep U-shape as displayed in the images. This will give you a fashionable arrival in the form of ravishing pant style saree at any event.

Well, here you are done with the preppy and quirky fashion look to flaunt this season. Considered as one of the quickest, easiest and most sassy saree draping style, pant saree pattern has raged a storm among the fashion lovers due to its exceptionally bold and striking appeal. Now, no need to go with the old conventional look, drape yourself with the modern trends of fashion world. Kudos!

Be the fashion icon of the season by slipping into pant draped sarees & flaunt your stunning desi look!!!

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