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Spray freshness of ideas on your Rose day Bouquet!

Make your Rose Day bouquet more lively and special with the combinations that will add additional charm to it!

by : Garima. On 07/02/16. 0 Comments.

It surely has been years now, that you have been celebrating Rose Day in the same routine manner of giving only roses to your girlfriend and then she saying a thank you in return! It's high time that you change this old school idea and primp up your ways of gifting her roses with the following beautiful combinations that will make her hug you at once:-
Rose and Tulip Bouquet
Mix up roses with the exquisite blend of tulips in your Rose Day bouquet and see the blush of happiness on her face like never before!
Rose and Lily Bouquet
A combination of roses and lilies will work amazingly well in sweeping your girl off her feet when she sees it!
Rose and Peony Bouquet
Peonies and roses bring out a very pretty combination altogether! Try uniting these in a bouquet this time and notice her different reaction.
Rose and Iris Bouquet
Double the charm of your rose bouquet with the additon of mesmerizing irisies to it! Your girlfriend will surely fall for it on her knees!
Rose and Orchid Bouquet
Orchids and roses are the best flowers that can be put together to make a girl have an ear to ear smile! So, go and woo her with this sweet surprise!
Rose and Chocolate Bouquet
Last, but the most impressive of all the combination says that you shall go on mixing roses with yummy chocolates that she can munch later on!

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