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Helpful shopping tips to make you look Put-Together

by : Akansha. On 02/01/16. 0 Comments.




We all are our own Fashion Stylists and love to shop for ourselves, after all- we know what looks the best on us. But sometimes, a little advice is all we need to transform our look completely. 

We are covering some basic pointers that you can consider next time you are out for Shopping and will sure make you look from Shabby to Chic.


A) Instead of a Plain Tank top, go for a top with a little additional detail to it like a sweet bow, texture lace or just a basic stitch line to enhance the style quotient.


B) Whether Straight, legged, skinny, flared, or bootcut, always buy a jeans that fits you well and looks flattering. An ill-fitted jeans is a big put off in your look. So be careful with your Denim-Shopping next time.


C) Not a fan of High Heels? No big deal, you can still look as graceful and poised. Simply replace your flip-flops or snobby flats with Ballerinas with some detail or a pair of bold platforms. 


D) Lastly, finish up your look with some accessory. Just an add-on or a finishing touch is very important to transform your look. Adorn a pair of statement earrings or a classy neckpiece to look Chic and uptown.

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