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Salwar Suits According to Body Shape

Love salwar suits, but do you know which group you belong to??? Lean or plump, girl you have got a range of designer salwar suits to go absolute with your individual body type. First, let's find out various alluring shapes of women body & then sneak into different types of salwar suits belonging to each group. Ready?!

by : Manisha. On 17/03/17. 0 Comments.

Did you ever give a glimpse to your body structure while purchasing any attire??? I don’t think so. Because we get so involved in looking for latest designs and trends and forget the fact that we should actually pick what is best for our individual body shape. Yes, every woman has a specific body line which might is the outcome of genes or the result of your health diet. But the unbinding fact is that every woman is gorgeous in her individual torso. So, one should always be proud of what they have and possess. But if you want to make a statement with your dressing style and fashion sense, get ready to make notes about what goes best with your fabulous body and beautiful curves. Since the Indian fashion has stunned the world with its incredible appeal and exceptional elegance, why not we worn on extremely attractive salwar suits?! After all, these ravishing traditional staples are the limelight of every Indian festival and wedding celebration. The three piece outfit perfectly accentuates to women’s body and look brilliant on every age beauty. Not just for salwar suit but don’t you want to unfold amazing traits of your beautiful body???

Trust me; once you will pick any casual outfit according to your body type, you will forget designer dresses and staples. Let’s discuss about various silhouettes of women’s body and which types of salwar suits are best for each formation. I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss it at any cost. Drag yourself in!!!

Apple Shaped Divas

Just like an apple, the upper segment of this group is heavier as compared to the lower part. Heavy busts, wider shoulders, plump waistline and narrow hips is what apple shaped body is. Considering the slightly heavier belly portion, your main aim is to withdraw focus form there and put on your beautifully toned legs. What is best for you is –
• Loose fitted Anarkali is what you need to hide your unshaped belly and hip area. Also, it will streamline your gorgeous upper body in the best possible way
• Secondly, A-line or printed salwar suits can save the day for you as they will conceal the narrow bottom area and put you in the perfect shape

Say ‘No’ to – Body kissing salwar suits is big No, no for you as they will stick to your belly which you definitely don’t want.

Hourglass Chic

Do I need to mention about this group??? Blessed with perfectly similar upper and lower body with beautifully defined waistline comes in the category of hourglass. Just like an hourglass, you know!!!
• Since you are bound to flaunt your flawless figure, go for body hugging long Anarkali suits with churidar salwar underneath
• Make sure to choose variable neck designs to add glamour and grace to your complete personality

Say ‘No’ to – Don’t hurt your beautiful body by opting loose baggy suits and kaftan style suits as they will hide the curves you have got.

Pear Shaped Damsel

If you are a chic with smaller busts and heavy hips, then you are warmly welcome in the category of pear shaped body. The shape very commonly seen in Indian women and own a range of clothes to go perfect with their body type.
• Punjabi Patiala suits are your best choice as they are short and tight which will add volume to your small upper body
• You can also try heavy embroidered or embellished salwar suits that can give you incredible fuller and feminine appeal

Say ‘No’ to – Avoid tight bottoms as they will tuck to your broader hips and will look undesired.

Rectangle Shaped Belle

It’s like no curves! Rectangle body shape is mostly seen in teenager girls who are in their early 20’s. You can define it like – small upper and lower portion, no defined waistline and broad shoulder. Go do some planks girls and build curves!!!
• The best way to give shape to your body is add volume to the complete torso. Flared or heavy embroidery salwar suits are your wardrobe essential
• Try sharara salwar suits to add thickness to your lean and slender body

Say ‘No’ to – Straight suits or loose fitted salwar suits as they will make you look like a skeleton. You don’t want that, right?!

Inverted Triangle Body

Just opposite to what pear has got!!! Broad shoulders, heavy busts and small hips conclude inverted triangle body. A slightly defined waistline is a part of their formation. Let’s know what can bring you in the list of fashionistas –
• Angrakha salwar suits can do wonders to your personality as they will perfectly stick to your busts and flaunt your curves in the best possible way
• Jacket style suits can also help you in withdrawing focus from your extra broad shoulders

Say ‘No’ to – Deep neck or high collared salwar suits as they will add more volume to your already heavier segments of the body.

Circular Shaped Cutie

Such a cutie you girls are!
Women with circular body shape can do lot of things to spiff up their adorable personality. Almost similar and heavy lower and upper body with plump waistline describes circular body shape!!!
• Kaftan printed or other colourful salwar suits is the right choice for you as these vibrant staples will soothe your curve lines
• Pick tight bottoms and deep shades to ace up your beautiful curvaceous body and opt for minimal makeup and no ornaments to look simply stunning

Say ‘No’ to – Straight salwar suits and tight fittings as they will not go with your body type.

Spoon Shaped Lass

Just like spoon, you lower half is heavier and fuller as compared to the upper body. Broad hips and fleshy belly is your trademark and what you need is to work on your upper segment to get the desired look.
• You perfect type is Jacket salwar suits to add volume to your bust area and bring you the desired outlook
• Also, you can try sherwani suits with heavy embellishments to make you look fuller and perfect around the upper body

Say ‘No’ to – Don’t opt for Anarkali and straight salwar suits as they will make you look more lean and slender.

Diamond Body

What you have got here is beautiful toned legs which you just can’t miss to flaunt. You girls also have smaller bust area and stout lower body. Diamond shaped body is beautiful in its own way and can try range of outfits to embrace its individual type.
• Flared salwar suits and Frock style suits are your ultimate choice as they will add volume to the required area and flaunt what is meant to be
• Churidar salwar and short kurti is the perfect pairing for you and can make you look like million bucks

Say ‘No’ to – Long Anarkali suits as they are going to hide the most beautiful section of your body – your legs.

Top Hourglass

Almost similar to hourglass, but as the name says ‘Top hourglass’, it has got something special. You sassy girls have got perfect buttocks and more round shoulders as compare to hourglass. Great waist line and lower body are your main attractions. Don’t forget to flaunt them!!!
• High slit salwar suits is what you need to drag attention to your gorgeous defined waist line
• Pair fitted bottoms and variable neck design kurtis to add glamour and grace to your complete personality

Say ‘No’ to – Baggy and flared salwar suits. They are just not made for divas like you. Trust me!!!

Skinny Beauties

I can understand how hard it is for you to flaunt your curves as the body is quite similar from top to bottom. But just put tension at bay & find out what can make you look fuller and incredibly feminine.
• What is important for you is to focus of fabric of salwar suit. Cotton, khadi, silk – these materials can help you in adding volume to your torso and complete persona
• Pick printed and heavy embroidered salwar suits as they will add volume to your small curves

Say ‘No’ to – Loose fitted long salwar suits as they will not tuck to your body and affect your style statement adversely.

It’s time to tell your body that you simply love it and going to flaunt it with the right pick of salwar suits. Rule the world, you stunner!!!

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