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Renew your plain scarf with Polka Dots

A very basic technique that can give your boring old scarf a cool retro look

by : Akansha. On 30/12/15. 0 Comments.

Get a brand new Polka Scarf in 4 easy steps:




Lay your old scarf flat and reach out for a circular/ round structured metal or plastic of the same size as you want polka dots on your scarf.



Get a fabric paint in a color of your choice. You can also go for multicolored polka dots and for this you would need 3-4 colors of fabric paint. 



Dip the circular structure in the color and start painting your scarf with Polka dots. Keep the spacing between the dots at even intervals so that it looks neat. 



Let it dry out completely for at least 3 hours. Wohoo- your brand new Polka dot scarf is ready!

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