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Quirky Useless Products To Pep Up The Decorum

Throwoff your kalakar attitude with waste products to ornament room interiors.

by : Paromita. On 29/03/16. 0 Comments.

Wine Bottles & Greenery

So you are a class lover n wine shopper!? What if you decor your love with such a creativity that no one can stop staring at those pieces!?

Put on glass paint over your lovely wine bottles (DIY designs) and plant some tender herbs, bushes or flowers. Place them near window panes or bed-sides.

White Shirt & Signatures

Showcase the signatures and memories of the persons on your white Tee (preferably) and hug those never forgetting memories anytime you want.

Cushion – My New Photo Frame

Just tickle your aesthetic senses and glue some of your best shots and pictures on your used shabby cushion. Make it real and happening!
Tie it over the head wall of your bed.

Lamp & Scarf

Take a translucent plastic ball. Cut it bilaterally and put a bright rice bulb inside it. Cover them completely with your old cotton stole or scarf. Then, hang it over your dining table.
Switch it on to spread the mystic effect!

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