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Quick looks from a basic black trouser

Mix and match the outfit trends for an everyday transformed office look

by : Akansha. On 22/02/16. 0 Comments.



Dressing up for office is often boring and monotonous. Did you know you could mix and match the top wear with unique accessories to create so many different looks using just one pair of basic trousers. If the answer is no, here is our super stylish guide to the rescue. 

  • Try a Casual Striped Tshirt lying in your closet with a pair of shiny ballerinas and throw a solid color cape on it for a casual look. Get a handy scarf in the similar shades to add to peppiness.


  • How about a formal look in "All Black" with a touch of bright. Top on with a firey red blazer.


  • A little ruffle is good somedays. It will pep up your look and flaunts a fabulous glamorous style. 


  • When going monochrome with black and white, chunk up with statement neckpieces and stud earrings to jazz it up.

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