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Precise Guide For A Curvy Girl

What if you have a checklist to look slimmer? Explore it now!

by : Paromita. On 26/04/16. 0 Comments.

Obviously no one can welcome those grumpy curves but they are really stubborn man! So what if I have them and I do love latest fashion trends as well!? There is no time to say ‘Period’ at all! Girl, if you are forced to believe that admiring sassy dresses is actually not your choice then here are some precisely given steps to show them what you can.
Let them face; Bones are for dogs and curves are for real men!

Black Is Sexy

Yeah we all know that black is for fat-less look. But do you know that black can actually help you to overcome your otherwise petite look due to wider curves? Well yes! The colour enhances your sassy curves by making it looking perfect in its own way. Opt for the calf length LBDs, to stop getting attention on your plump legs. This number makes your appearance precise and elegant.
#fashiontips: Catch out only silver, platinum or oxidised jewellery.

Work For Vertical Stripes

Say no-no to horizontal ones and go quick for vertical stripes. Fashion industry is hell more craving for monochrome stripes but dear you will look totally fantabulous in other colours too. Those poppy colours with vertical stripes just stretch up your look which will consequently give an illusion of height.
#fashiontips: Pick your chunky jewellery all @ once but don’t overshow!

You Have It Then Flaunt It

“If you want to hide something, give them a piece to stare at!”
Girl, you have sassy curves which hardly anyone has. Wear deep round neck T shirts with boyfriend jeans and tie a knot of your cool black jacket around your waist.
#fashiontips: Finish it off with Guess metallic watch.

Mix N Match Accessories

You love them and they will love you back. Accessories are the real BFF of a curvaceous girl. Don with long pendants, sleek layered chains or single stranded chokers. Don’t make it too lavish or pompous.
#fashiontips: Remember dark hues are for sexy looks and wear bright to grab green views.

High Bun

Make it high as something stretches you up! High buns are great when you need a taller appealing. Moreover they are quick to finish off with. In this iron melting summer season, high buns are the hell saviours. Go and try it first!
#fashiontips: Let it be simple and walk without loaded accessories.

Avoid Steep Heels

On a very serious note; high heels are biologically unsafe for any type of women. And when gravity pulls you more, you should simply avoid it. Otherwise it may result, slip-disc, menstruation problems, conceiving issues and many more. On the other side, you can snatch out platform sandals. They pitch up your height and comfortable enough to rule rough streets as well.
#fashiontips: Check for their soft & cushioned soles.

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