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Office sarees: must have for every woman

Working lady can never find a happy medium with her dressing. Being her own fashionista, she has to work on her everyday attire. To make things creamy for you, I have sneaked into the trendiest styles of sarees which go perfect with your office vibes. Time for wardrobe refreshing!!!

by : Manisha. On 27/10/16. 0 Comments.

It’s time to make your dull & boring work hours enthralling with your spellbinding looks. And if you are a serious fashionista, then it’s mandatory for you to know about the most suitable and trendy styles of sarees for your formal appearance. Are you ready to peep into office style???

Classy dressing is really important for career oriented women. Since the women’s love for ethnic wear has increased immensely in past few years, our beautiful Indian saree has become the most popular trend in formal wear. These beautiful and elegant pieces of weave can make you look like million dollars and enough to grab eyeballs. The important factor which needs to be considered while choosing office attires is colour. Make this thing clear in your head that bright hues are not for office hours, shades needs to be precisely pleasing to eyes. Mostly shades of grey, brown and pastel colours are preferred by corporate women. These colours bring simplicity and grace in the overall personality of women. Sari itself is a very elegant and charming piece of women clothing. This three piece attire can do wonders to the personality of any woman. Make sure that the prints and work of saree shouldn’t be loud or disturbing.

Come & have a look on the most popular styles of sarees for your workplace-

Khadi Sarees – Too Much Grace

I personally support this style to the utmost level because from being symbol of India’s freedom, it has become a new fashion statement. Khadi, also known as khaddar is a hand woven cloth from India which was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi to support Indian materials rather than opting foreign goods. Khadi sarees are perfect choice for women working in the corporate sector due to their high elegance and subtleness. Their raw colours, rough texture and modest designs are simply stunning and ideal for your work hours.
Be ready to call fashion pro in your corporate world!!!

Formal Cotton Sarees

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Well, every woman knows that cotton is known for its richness and subtle appearance. Cotton sarees are the absolute choice of royal class. These classy sarees are beautiful and attractive in their own unique way. Working women love these staple for their office look. They clearly know how they have been a great help in boosting up their self confidence and bringing maturity to their personality. Cotton sarees are light weight, skin friendly and not-to-forget highly affordable women attires. They need to be perfectly starched to retain its crisp texture and fine quality.
Bring on your cotton love back in days!!!

Silk Sarees For Glam

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I know silk sarees are generally made for wedding occasions and traditional chaos. But who says that you cannot make them apt for your workplace. Well, you can. Silk is not just a glossy fabric; it possess lot more alluring qualities. The refined and classy appeal of silk sarees is unmatched with any other type. You cannot go with the dull and monotonous look on every day of your office; it’s important to stun your colleagues with your refreshing personality. So to get that, you can add the touch of rich silk sarees to boost up your overall identity.

Woven Linen Sarees For Classy Look

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Office is okay but what about the journey you have to go through while making for your office day. Don’t want to look tired and dull after reaching office? Well, linen sarees can do that. They are known for their high absorbing capacity and soft & silky texture. These sarees are more preferred than cotton due to its cool and fresh character. Earlier, linen sarees were not that familiar but kudos to artistic Indian designers who have discovered this comfortable and charming fabric.

Make this cool and soft fabric a part of your office wear collection! You will be admired for your selection.

Tussar Sarees – Kantha Embroidery

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Tussar is one of the highly favoured varieties of silk. These sarees are extremely rich and luminous in terms of texture. Every woman is aware of the widely popular properties of silk fabric but tussar silk can be worn in warm and humid weather also. They are highly porous and possess cooling effect and breathability. Kantha embroidery over tussar silk is well-liked and traditional art work done on this fabric. These elegant and charming designs are perfect choice for significant corporate gatherings and meetings.

Feel the cooling and refreshing vibes of tussar silk this summer!

Crepe Silk Sarees

One of the widely appreciated and popular varieties of silk sarees!
Crepe fabric is known for its light weight, silky texture and easily manageable quality. This type of fabric goes perfect with regular office days. Working women are already very stuffed with burden of work, both at home and office, so they don’t want to feel any more weight on their body. Crepe Silk sarees is your absolute pick to be light and feel light. Their alluring patterns, beautiful designs and smooth texture can fit aptly in your office wear closet. Go and grab them ladies!

Dupion Silk Sarees

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If you have to buy silk saree specifically for your office purpose, then this type of silk is the absolute pick. Such stunning staples are wardrobe essentials for every fashion loving woman. Dupion silk has extremely crisp texture and very light in weight. Generally, silk sarees have a beautiful sheen and exhibit highly glossy texture but dupion silk is not like that. This type of silk is woven by fine strap threads and uneven entangled weft thread. Working women can make this staple a part of their beautiful wardrobe and strut like a diva in public!
It’s high time to drape the old, shabby style; refresh your closet with these trendy sarees!

Tussar Bagru Print Sarees

Highly popular and appreciated style of tussar sarees! These sarees with bagru print are perfect choice for working women. Their simple designs and raw colours can make you the most desirable lady of your workplace. Who doesn’t want that? We all know how important it is to look your best at your workplace. It not only boosts your inner confidence but can put you in the list of most commendable employees of your organization. After all, your dressing sense tells about your overall attitude towards work and life.
Stun everyone with your ravishing looks!!!

Georgette Sarees

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Is there any woman who doesn’t know about georgette sarees???
This fabric is best known for its light weight and dull finish designed from highly twisted yarns. Mostly georgette sarees are known for an outstanding look and considered as party wear. But because this fabric never feels like you have anything irritating, it goes perfect with your office ensemble. Georgette sarees are the fashion steals for the modern women and who do not want to bother their comfort zone just because they want good looks.

Just don’t let your office hours go in vain. Make most of your beautiful looks with finest & popular formal style sarees for your workplace. It’s time to let people fall for your gorgeous looks and admire you for your fashion sense!!!

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