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Nostalgic Tribal Prints Known for Redefining Indian Fashion

Tribal prints are no rocket science but these are the pieces of old art forms which have revived in the current fashion world and are making a mark in the modern lifestyle. We wear them, we love them but we don't know them. So next time, when you fall for any tribal print, you better know its name to announce about your interest in old-world fashion. Here are 10 tribal prints which are trending and are simply enough to slay the world. Let's unfold all this fuss about tribal trend -

by : Manisha. On 28/12/17. 0 Comments.

Vibrant colours & intricate patterns – tribal prints have taken over the fashion industry in the most ineffable way. Talk about clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, home decor or anything, you would see footprints of these old-world fancies in almost everything. How they did it?! Needless to say but the big share of credit goes to incredible designers who got eyes and passion for these incredible art-work and craft. They managed to redefine these radiant colour combinations and fun-filled patterns to make enough space and stand out in modern world. Let’s cheer for these beautiful minds and hearts as well.

Indian fashion never got detached from its roots and always stayed in the hearts of the people of the country. Though we are highly influenced and affected by western world and its lifestyle, but the soft corner for vintage fashion always remained intact to its place. That’s how tribal prints marked its evidently visible presence in the current fashion world and loved by everyone. All this fuss about these radiant patterns is because of their cool, funky style and captivating appeal. Also, they are completely season and occasion-friendly making them the most preferred choice of fashion lovers. Not all these prints are fun-filled and cool, some of these exhibit cultural values and traditional aspects thus they can also be named as ‘ethnic prints’. Let’s discuss this old-world fashion prevailing in the modern-world fashion and discover about the unknown facts associated with these ethereal shapes. If you are an art lover and unfolding mystical art facts is your thing, catch with me here to make your wish come true.

PS– Woman who craves to make a statement at every hour should make peace with tribal prints fashion to get her wish.

Ikat – Symmetrical Asymmetry

A repetitive up and down like pattern which looks blurry and hazy in appearance is what describes an ikat print. It is one of the most popular and trending tribal prints of the current time and has gained huge fascination among western mass. The weaving technique and tying-dyeing method of ikat print is not an easy one thus it still remains unknown to majority of people.

The process involves unique ways for dyeing yarns before weaving them into a fabric. Ikat print is known for its haziness appearance. It takes massive efforts and skill of craftsperson to achieve this print in line and right formation. Less blurry it is, more the time and effort goes in the making of it. Gujarat is widely popular for the manufacturing of ikat print.

Aztec – Traditional Trend

Aztec print got its name from the tribal group of people from central Mexico in the early 15th and 16th centuries. These people were greatly fond of art and music and used to wear interesting accessories and jewellery to separate them from masses. From their living style and dressing, the print came into picture and become one of the most renowned tribal prints of all time. The breakthrough of this pattern in Indian women fashion was observed in 2013 when there was nothing that remained untouched from its effect.

From clothes to accessories, sweaters to shrugs, dresses to ponchos, everything got painted in the vibrancy of Aztec tribal print.

Block Print – Skilful Art

Two types of block printing are there – wooden block and hand block printing.
Both results in great art-work and exceptionally beautiful patterns but hand block printing is rather a slow process and requires precise amount of skill and efforts of artisans. The process is done by printing different patterns on fabrics by using incised wooden blocks. It is one of the oldest and simplest methods of printing designs and patterns on clothes.

Block prints, both manual and wooden has significant presence in trendy women fashion. Moreover, such tribal patterns are used in every kind of silhouette such as kurtis, palazzo pants, sarees, salwar suits and others.

Ajrakh – Vintage Best

Ajrakh print is a part of block printing where printing process takes place by means of stamps. This old-world print is highly popular in Pakistan and is commonly found in their regional staples. In India, Gujarat and Rajasthan are the most famous states known for the manufacturing of such vintage designs and patterns. Some of the common hues involved in making of ajrakh print are blue, black, violet and green. It uses natural dyes, with indigo being the base dye.

Earlier it was mostly found in carpets and woollen shawls, but the pattern has now got its place in women clothing too.

Batik – Raw & Rustic

Indians are well familiar with the term as the existence of batik print is the earliest, for almost 2000 years around. The art form was first found in Middle East and some parts of Asia but it received its real worth in Indonesia. The process involves wax resist for the formation of intricate designs and patterns over the fabric. The most commonly seen designs in batik print are floral motifs, leaf patterns dipped in earthy palette, sometimes with a pinch of radiant hues.

Some of the best tribal print dresses of the current generation involve batik print which are completely occasion friendly and look perfect on every age woman.

Bagru – Evergreen

Talking about tribal prints, I cannot dare to miss out one of the most elegant and oldest crafts of Indian culture. Bagru print got its existence in Rajasthan and is known to be one of the best Indian prints of all time. This natural technique of creating wash-resistant prints is the outcome of highly skilled craftsmanship. Bagru printed clothes are majorly found in women traditional dresses such as sarees, salwar suits, ethnic lehengas, kurtis and many more.

Tribal prints are truly loved by every generation and these exquisite artworks are celebrated all over the world with sheer zeal and love.

Mithila – Cultural Beauty

Do you follow Sonam Kapoor’s style??? If yes, then you must know her immense love and passion for chic prints and artistic designs. Well, her choice of sarees makes us believe that. Mithila is a tribal art form which has come back in recent while due to its symbolic painting designs and detailed artwork. The art form is generally practiced in the Mithila region of Indian and Nepal. It makes use of natural dyes and pigments and is performed by using fingers, brushes, matchsticks, twigs etc.

These magnificent paintings and other geometrical shapes are commonly found in Indian sarees and other traditional garments. It is definitely one of the key features of latest Indian fashion.

Madhubani – Story Teller

In lucid language, it’s a story telling art in the most beautiful and captivating way. Madhubani tribal print is also a discovery of Indian culture and has got mighty encouragement from all over the world. The craft uses various radiant hues and detailed patterns which are sketched over the fabric to add richness and elegance to the garment. One can find animal patterns, geometrical designs, floral motifs, and snippets from ancient mythological tales and other incredible scenarios in this tribal art.

Madhubani is one of the most acclaimed and accepted art forms of Indian culture in true sense.



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