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Nostalgic Indian Handloom Prints That Make Us Feel Proud

If Indian fashion is your call, you would love to know about the alluring prints of our culture rich country. Didn't you??? It's time to catch up with amazing designs, charming prints and stunning traditional artwork of most celebrated Indian states. Trust me, you can write a book about Indian fashion after coming across this. Unroll the enigma!!!

by : Manisha. On 22/02/17. 0 Comments.

I am sure that you have no idea about it apart from your own state!!! Isn’t it??? Let’s take a beautiful ride over all the amazing Indian states and catch up with their glorious regional prints to become the true fashion expert. If you are an Indian fashion lover, you just can’t say ‘No’. The alluring and flawless prints woven over beautiful Indian handlooms can cast spell on anyone with their enthralling capacity and magical ethnicity. Associated with the Indian culture and traditions, these Indian state wise prints are the epitome of our vintage heritage. You have always seen them being a part of various fashion shows and walks but never got in touch with them. It’s never late than never. This is the best time to become the fashion genius of your clan by knowing about the various types of ethnic prints and adorning them to spruce up your ‘desi’ avatar.

Here is your fashion treat to make the most of your gorgeous personality–

Jammu & Kashmir – Kashida Embroidery

India’s most beautiful and divine state can’t stay behind when it’s about flaunting the beauty and dressing style. One of the oldest and extremely known for its beautiful artistic work, kashida embroidery from Kashmir is simply magnificent. The bright colours, soft and shiny texture, rich embroidery are some of the key attributes of these stunning prints. It’s time you reinvent your wardrobe and style statement with stunning kashida printed attire and grab eyeballs.
Bundle up, you beautiful!!!

Punjab – Phulkari

This is definitely one of those prints which you must have heard of and might be having in your closet.
As you can make an image by the name, it’s completely about beautiful flower work. The intricate detailing over the fabric and attractive flower motifs are the most ideal pick to flaunt your traditional style and strut like a diva. These prints are simply matchless and the most exclusive form of Indian embroidery. Be it festivals or wedding gala, make phulkari printed dressed your absolute choice to become the sassiest queen of town. What say???

Rajasthan – Saanganer & Bagru

Both Saanganeri and Bagru prints are highly eco-friendly and come from the state of Rajasthan. The best thing about Rajasthan prints is that they use hand blocks. These amazing crafts encourage people with exceptional weaving talents who still use traditional vegetable dyes in their hand block printing. The only difference between both ethnic prints is that Saanganeri prints are done on bright, shiny base fabric and make use of floral motifs whereas Bagru prints are crafted on pastel like base material such as beige, black, brown and others. Bagru prints are majorly consisting of motifs with ancient art and geometrical inlays.
What’s your pick for the season???

Gujarat – Patola & Bandhani

Exclusively found in the state popularly known as ‘queen of silks’, Patola prints are the pride of Gujarat. Known for its intricate embroidery work and eye-catching motifs of traditional women and birds, the art is distinctively crafted in the place called Patan of Gujarat. The best thing about Patola prints is that the colour and work of these traditional wears never gets faded even after extreme wear & tear. Everyone knows about Bandhani prints from the two sisters, Gujarat and Rajasthan. The combination of various bright colours and formation of various aligned patterns is the most seen type of these beautiful Indian prints.
Visit these states & explore the vivacious ethnicity woven here every day!!!

Maharashtra – Paithani Prints

If you will go in the history, you will get amazed by the art & craft of these one of the richest Indian sarees. Woven on the finest form of silk, these prints are highly captivating and magnificent. The motifs taken from Buddhist paintings like lotus flower, ancient birds, and peacock design over the pallu are some of the fascinating features of these royal sarees. Since the base fabric is lush silk, Paithani printed sarees is the limelight of Marathi culture and festival celebrations.
Isn’t the Indian culture full of surprises and impressive stuff???

Karnataka – Kasuti Prints

Well, the state has its own vivid culture and traditions which certainly is seen in their unique dressing style. One of the traditional forms of folk embroidery of Karnataka, kasuti prints are extremely beautiful and striking. Be it sarees, salwar suits, kurtis or designer lehengas, these ethereal prints can do wonders to wearer’s personality and are perfect to bring the best out of your classic Indian style. The bright shades and beautiful border work is the high point in kasuti printed garments.
Fill yourself with the enthralling intensity of Indian state wise prints!!!

Tamil Nadu – Toda Prints

The local name of these classic prints of Tamil Nadu is ‘pukhoor’.
The best thing about these printed clothes is that they are weaved in such a way that both sides of the fabric are wearable. Distinctively done by the women of the state, this art work is performed with utmost finishing and creativity. Since the prints are considered to be a ‘tribute to nature’, the commonly found motifs are animals, celestial bodies like sun and moon, rabbit ears and others. The residents of the state make use of these beautifully printed clothes during cultural occasions and wedding celebrations. Toda prints are all about their distinct culture and rituals!!!

Andhra Pradesh – Kalamkari Prints

You must have heard of the name. Didn’t you???
Kalamkari prints are highly popular and known for their artistic designs and vivacious patterns. The name ‘kalamkari’ has been taken from the Persian language and talks about ‘drawing with a pen’. The beautiful hand painting of these prints can never let you down and are the best to match the charm and galore of Indian festivals and other celebrations. Kalamkari printed sarees, kurtis and other ethnic dresses are extremely gorgeous and eye catching to make heads turn around at any occasion.

West Bengal – Batik & Tant

Highly popular and craze in fashion world, batik and tant printed sarees are the true pride of West Bengal. Batik printing is kind of a block printing which is also popularly known as ‘cloth with dots’. Earlier, it was only used by the tribal people to embellish their traditional garments but these prints have caused sensation in the fashion industry with its unique charm and elegance. Similarly, tant sarees are highly popular not online in Kolkata but in the rest of the country also. The beautiful blend of vibrant colours and prints inspired from rural images is what you can see in stunning tant sarees. Grab them now!!!

Odisha – Bomkai & Ikat

The great art work and exceptionally talented artisans results in magnificent bomkai prints. Speaking about the culture, nature and tribal art of Odisha, bomkai printed sarees and other Indian wears are extremely captivating and beautiful. I don’t think that ikat prints need much of description as the beautiful ikat printed saree is the evident to talk about the charm and fascinating appeal of this type of ethnic prints. The bewitching multicolour pattern which may be repeated multiple times to get the desired result is the speciality of these prints. And the key feature of ikat prints is the blurriness in patterns which is obtained with much difficulty and though very expensive.

Bihar – Madhubani Prints

I think images are enough to talk about the incredible artwork.
Hailing from the state of Bihar, madhubani prints are extremely known for their culture and ancient history inspired paintings. The appealing images and intricate detailing over the fabrics are some of the highlights of these alluring ethnic prints. From sarees to dresses, you can find a whole range of these ethereal prints online to meet your desires of ethnic fashion. Make it forever endearing, girls!!!

Chhattisgarh – Kosa Prints

If you are a fan of subtle and charismatic artwork, kosa prints are what you need to make a fashion statement this year. If in doubt, you can check out the ravishing saree and classy blouse in front of you. Kosa is one of the known types of tussar silk. Available in number of prints such as hand block, intricate embroidery work or magnificent paintings, kosa sarees can enhance your traditional style to an unimaginable level and bring you under the spotlight of any gala. Make sure to drape the weave properly to get the desired look.

Uttar Pradesh – Zardozi & Chikan Embroidery

The glory of Lucknow ‘chikan work’ doesn’t need much of words to describe its richness and royal appeal. The stunning traditional embroidery of Uttar Pradesh is known for its exceptional grace and elegance which is the best to elate the soul and body of wearer. The rich colours and incredibly smooth texture are the key points of these phenomenal prints. Zardozi, the name is itself to talk about the royalty and richness of this weave. The heavy detailed motifs crafted with utmost care and finishing is a part of this artwork. Be the queen of your heart by donning like a fashion pro!!!

Eastern India – Hembari Prints

Completely different from the rest of the country and simply wonderful artwork!!!
If you have ever seen the traditional attire of eastern states of India, you must have observed the incredible symmetry in their clothes and designs. Hembari prints are basically the folk embroidery work of Sikkim. The combinations of various radiant shades and symmetric patterns and motifs like leaves, flower and other attractive designs have always been there in the culture of eastern India. Why not we wrap ourselves with the lovely dressing style of this part of the country??? Think about it!!!

You ever focused or not but prints on any fabric express the real essence and enthralling capacity of the garment. And Indian prints are just exemplary!!!

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