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Must have Stylish shoes for women In 2017

The uses of 8 different types of shoes have been elaborated to benefit the women and making these their first buying choice.

by : Garima. On 28/01/16. 0 Comments.

Having a closet top to bottom full of shoes and only shoes is every other girl's dream! Only few are able to live this dream, while others can simply go through the following list of shoes and must pledge upon possessing at least one pair of each:-
1. Ballerinas
The bliss of being in utterly comfortable shoes can be easily felt inside your beautiful pair of ballerinas. Walk and glide effortlessly in them without any pain!
2. Thong Sandals
For adding the tinge of delicacy to your elegant lady look slip into thong sandals and arrive in style!
3. Sneakers
Just like your sports shoes, you can easily run here and there in these and give yourself a sporty look at the same time. Sneakers are best paired with a pair of jeans!
4. Loafers
Loafers fall under the category of semi-formal shoes that you could very confidently carry to your work place without a second thought.
5. Wedges
Chisel up your diva look with wedge heels that give you the desired height and are comparitively easier to walk in becasue of their flat shoe sole!
6. Pumps
Pump up the heat around you in a pair of hot pumps, which is required to be present in your dear closet for meeting various party needs!
7. Stilettos
Missing on the possession of stilettos is a big loss to you girls! Edge out in fashion with trendy stilettos in your ready reach.
8. Long Boots
Protect your darling legs in winters from the biting cold with long boots at their ready rescue. These will keep your legs warm and covered.

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