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Must have fashionable tops to wear with jeans

Do you think that you have enough of all tops? This blog can prove you wrong! Have these 11 types of #western tops and feel sorted from daily basis humdrum while choosing the dress for any occasion.

by : Paromita. On 17/09/16. 0 Comments.

Did you just say: I have them all!?
At the very moment when better half calls for a surprise meet up or that lover boy demands for a chic date Now-Now, getting ready for college is a heavy task to handle and when bored up mirror also calls for something new, we definitely need everything which is new!

Do you relate yourself here? Say yes or no, but indeed you must have these 11 latest stylish tops. We can’t roam everywhere wearing LBDs or maxi gowns or formal trouser shirts. Whereas tops are an exemplified treat for all fashionistas as these can be worn at any occasion and event.

Do you think that all kinds of tops serve the same purpose? Then actually you are underestimating the numbers of types of tops which are available at markets. Explore the store of and you will find a pot full of vivacious western tops. Separated with their unique designs, colour combinations, marvellous craftsmanship and using particular fabrics are some of the things which make them stand out in the crowd. And girl, you must have them all for a Wow show every day, when you step out of the door. Scroll down for the real movie...

Ruffle Tops

Ruffle tops are fave of every type of woman, be it office going, home maker, college going, etc. Their cute layers and folds make them extra sassy and elegant which go well with every type of attire or bottom wear. Those flowy ruffles are generally stitched throughout the bust line or neckline. You can wear them with figure defining bottom wears such as pencil skirts, high waist jeans, mini-skirts or just tuck in your top with flowing georgette skirt. The top is itself a beauty piece, so you don’t have to take it mandatory to wear chunky jewellery.

Crop Tops

What do you know about crop tops? They are short and........short?
Well, there is a lot more on crop tops! Don’t you think that your saree blouse is also just like a crop top or that boxy top which lies just above the navel part looks like that also? Well yes, they are absolutely. Crop tops have many variations and can be worn with different style statements. Wear them with high waist jeans if you feel shy of some showing, otherwise low waist jeans or skirts are the trendiest matchups. You can always try new prints and extra pop-up styles because anything new is welcome at this section.

Tank Tops

You go to gym then you must need this. Your body is naturally toned then must buy this. And if you have a plump figure, you can always seek support from tank tops. During summer, bright colours will perfectly make your western dress WoW! If you’re little bit shy with these tops then you can pair them with unbuttoned denim shirts. Enhance your fun-filled look by clubbing it with denim shorts and long skirts.

Opt for a baggy tank top during summer and monsoon. They promote freedom of movement and user’s comfort as well.

Sass Up - Bustiers

Bustier tops are the sexiest piece among the category of tops and blouses. They provide full support and shape to your busts and thus figureline. Looks a little more like short corsets, these western tops are available online with various prints and work patterns. Bustiers offer a nominal push to your bust, ultimately making you look damn hot!

(Caution) - Make sure that you are not allergic to tight wears.

Halter Tops

There are times when we just miss out things even if we have them safely in our wardrobe. And sometimes we mistake to put on same daily wear while visiting an important event! It happens!

A perfect resort from these dilemmas is halter top. This online western top gives new definition to your look and offers a privilege to wear it anytime, with anything. They are great to show off your toned shoulders and neckline. So, are you ready?

Peplum Tops

Nights and dates and so much humdrum around! To bear such continuous strain, one needs proper attire oozed with confidence and comfort. Opt for peplum tops when you are confused to wear what on special dates, events and functions. Generally peplums are little ruffled and little swaying at the belly side. They are great to pump up your hourglass figure and must try if you are a lover of red colour. Carry denim ripped jeans with stud bangle and metallic watch with this top.

Peasant Tops

When we think of peasant, we think of their cosy and comfy style throughout the day. Due to their laborious job schedule, they wear this type off dress from where peasant top is derived. Hey girl, try this look when you want to taste leisure moment at anywhere. The dori or thread from the collar running down loosely is an addition to the chic look.

Kaftan Style Tops

Whether it is summer or winter or thrilling autumn, you ought to fight the deal to get kaftan tops right now! They are pretty loose and God know how, they make you look so girly and elegant all at the same time. Just like any other kaftan, these tops have loose sleeves and even a baggy bodice. So no worries, if you are little plump or too skinny. It covers up all!

Wear them with pop coloured leggings or rugged jeans. Avoid pairing skirts with them as they make your over all look too fluffy.

Babydoll Tops

Now, these are the pretty nuggets of every woman’s wardrobe. As the name suggests, Babydoll top looks just like its name. It’s a pretty women wear which are a perfect when you wish to borrow some bold yet cute look for the day. And listen, size doesn’t matter here! For a cool look, you can wear it with high waist shorts and chic ballerinas.

Off Shoulder Tops

Off shoulders are for all hotties outside there! They go down a little bit from your shoulder or you can make the level little deeper. Club them with your best denims or skirts to please your reflection.

Chambray Bardot Top

This type of western top features light blue chambray material for that ultra denim look and style. Chambray top also showcases a beautiful neckline and fluted mid length sleeves. You can wear it with leggings or any of the tight bottom-wears. Complement with less jewellery!

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