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Mumtaz Style Saree - Steps To Wear Exemplary Drape To Be The Fashion Icon

Be iconic & charismatic in 'Mumtaz Style Saree'. Take a ride to know how to wear this retro saree drape in just quick steps. It's time to live the bygone era to the best & be the fashion symbol of the year!!!

by : Manisha. On 29/12/16. 0 Comments.

Do you still hum the song ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche’ when you are sitting idle at home and in a happy mood??? If yes, then you definitely can relate the vivacious intensity and charm of Mumtaz saree style in this song. Due to huge popularity and craze among women, it later turned out to be the iconic style of wearing a saree. And from that era to 2016, the allure and craze of this saree style has not faded a bit and even burgeoned more among fashion lovers. Be it Bollywood divas, models, fashionistas or anyone who is in deep love with vintage era, each of them has definitely adorned this drape once in their lifetime. Now, it’s your time to get draped in iconic fashion!!!

Don’t know how to get it done right??? We are here to lend you a hand. Find out these simple steps to know how to wear Mumtaz saree like a pro. These easy guidelines followed in the same format can put you under the spotlight of any occasion. Don up!!!

Get Yourself –

Preferably chiffon saree with broad border; heavy border sarees with shimmer or sequins work go best.
Quirky short blouse or you can go with bright hued crop top.
In-skirt and a pair of heels which should be donned before starting a drape to get the perfect length of the saree!

Go With The Steps Aligned In The Same Format –

STEP 1 – Pick your saree and tuck the non-pallu end inside the in-skirt. Wrap saree around your waist for one complete revolution and bring it to the front.

STEP 2 – Make exact 2 pleats firmly and tuck it in the in-skirt while maintaining the neatness of the saree.

STEP 3 – Now is the time to start your Mumtaz drape. Bring the leftover saree to the back and then to the front. Tuck it about 4 to 5 inches above the bottom drape of the saree.

Youtube Nisha Davdra

STEP 4 – Repeat the above step but just make sure that this time you tuck it above 4 to 5 inch from the previous drape of the saree. You can make one more round if the length of your saree allows you.

STEP 5 – Bring your pallu from back to front and toss it to the shoulder. Make pallu pleats of around 6-7 of narrow width to get the graphic display of the saree.

STEP 6 – Secure these pleats with a safety pin to the blouse. There you go girl in the ravishing Mumtaz draped saree!!!

Follow the steps as mentioned to wear Mumtaz style saree. Show the world your sassy fashion sense by bringing the elegance and glare of old time back in the most incredible way. The best time to wear a saree in this style is friend’s reunion, theme party or when you are being a host to retro night. Being a strict fashionista, it’s your chore (in a good way) to give your best shot and look stunning. Get ready to flaunt your iconic retro look by slipping into vintage Mumtaz style drape!!!

Tips & Tricks –

This is the best way of wearing a saree for a slimmer look.
Make sure to keep the length of the pallu just above the hip level for better look.
Make the pallu pleats as slender as possible to get the exact classic look of Mumtaz.
Every time you wrap the saree around your waist, make sure to keep the distance in equal proportions.
The border work saree will work best here.

Get ready to feel the glam and glare of iconic time by adorning into forever applauding Mumtaz style saree!!!

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