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Modern Ways To Wear A Traditional Long Skirt

There is absolutely nothing best than a quirky and creative head in fashion! This time, let's invest some of our mod hours in thinking what can go live best with traditional skirts. And, here I have 12 best ways to wear a simple, classic or a designer long skirt with various types of stylish tops, tunics and footwear. Accessories have taken a special footage too!

by : Paromita. On 20/04/17. 0 Comments.

It’s a feminine crave that we love to have swirls and frills around us. Isn’t it?
Do you remember those frilled frocks and skirts, our mother used to make us wear during our childhood? Yes, most of our childhood times were spent in these things and at that time we didn’t know too much about fashion but we loved it and enjoyed the colourful shows.

Ok, now name me just one staple in your wardrobe that you loved in your childhood and love it more now. I heard ‘skirts’. Maxi skirt showcases the pretty affair between the woman’s beauty and her free non-channelled spirit. They are long and feminine and flaunt every bit of features that accentuate every woman’s body size. The plus point is one can dress it up or do in just a matter of moments.

These willowy skirts can actually create a melodramatic situation as well as great to be paired at red carpet events. And for this versatility long skirts are in the love list of many stylish women. Check out our easy to adopt guide to wear the traditional long skirts unconventionally.

Crop Top

Crop tops present the best ways to flaunt your belly beauty. And yes, the best thing regarding them is that they can be worn with jeans, quirky sarees, lehengas as well as hot pants. Women just love these kinds of diversity and that’s how they are pampered. Here is another trick – wear it with a traditional or western skirt and show off the dual trend with this simple dressing style. Crop tops are generally body hugging and skirts are known for their lavish flare and when they meet together they define utter beauty.

Style Tips: Pull on colourful crop top to complement your summer mood and wear it with your long skirt. Some quirky jewellery will surely make your entire appeal awestruck.

Classic Kurti

And here comes your festive mood with the mod.
For all the festive times, one cannot complete their selection without a kurti and that too with a long skirt will definitely add a cherry on the top. Depending upon the design of the skirt, you should choose your kurti. If it is heavily and lavishly designed, then wear multi-slit kurti to show it off.

Style Tips: If you wish to adopt an entire traditional look, then drape a dupatta an extra chic look. Wear heavy jhumkas or pretty chandelier earrings to make your appeal complete and sound.


How About A Shirt

How about turning on the limelight on yourself by breaking the traditions? Well, this category is all about that!
Go with the Indo-western look by picking out a denim, pleated, classic formal or casual shirt out of your wardrobe and pair it with your traditional long skirt. Button downs have a speciality of showcasing the serious beauty best among the peers and this is why they are the major-loves for all corporate women as well as date mongers. Watch out Bollywood belles or Hollywood divas and you can take serious fashion notes from them on the same.

Style Tips: Finish off your chirpy-girly look by pairing a pair of strappy heels. Take an addition of metallic necklace and feather earrings to rock the gala.

Long Jackets

Jackets are known for their regal touch and sturdy appeal. And this is why they are loved most by the fashionistas. So, time to unleash the power of these ethereal jackets on that special occasion. Pull on that long embroidered jacket and pair it with your favourite traditional long skirt. The long embroidered ethnic piece must go below the knee level and have contrasting designer weaves to that of the skirt. It looks so royal and elegant that no will take their eyes off from your queen like appeal.

Style Tips: Hitch up your hair into a bun or a high pony and apply a matte Marsala lipstick. Complement your royalist image by wearing a pearl or Kundan jewellery.

A Tee

The most effortless style, I have encountered is by pairing a tee or T-shirt with an old traditional skirt, taking up the space of a corner of ages back cupboard. Well, if the skirt is wrinkled or faded then you can weave a better story. Pair this type of rustic, worn off the skirt with the brightest top you have right now. Team up your unparallel look by finishing it off with a pair of ankle boots or sneakers or boat shoes.

Style Tips: Wear quirky and bright brogue sneakers with this style and flaunt like a celebrity with deep kohl look.

Stylish Long Dupatta

Wear it traditionally and pair your flowy skirt with a stylish tunic or top or asymmetrical shrug. Finish off your unbeatable look by carrying a dupatta and wearing it across the shoulders. Add a belt to your waist including the chunni and let the extra fall flow freely. You can also pull on dupatta from inside the shirt and make sure the shirt you are wearing is bodycon.

Style Tips: Focus on a designer shirt or blouse that you’re going to complement with a dupatta. Choose an embroidered contrasting dupatta to steal the limelight of the show.


Street Style – Boots

There is no rule book and of course, you can go out of the box in this life as you have only one to live! Now on a very serious note, I need to tell you girls, that yes, those girls do also exist who complement combat boots with traditional skirts and tops and that is how they grab millions of applauds in a day. Catch up and brush up a little of your winter fave combat shoes and wear them with a girly ethnic maxi skirt.

Style Tips: Make sure that your low down skirt has a straight cut and a slit to show off the luxe of the boots. You gotta flaunt out those pairs if you are boiling your guts and wearing them in summers!

Maxi Coat Over

A great tip for the winter stylists; hang out in winter days wearing a maxi coat over a long skirt. This will provide you carefree look and a perfect diva essence for which you have always craved for. You can take a long studious, deep coloured coat or can show off with an extra long shrug.

Style Tips: Wear a turtleneck top or sweat-top inside and layer it with a long cashmere coat. Finish off your look with a strapped heaven heels and apply nude or soft makeup during those freezy days.

Dapper Poncho

Those were the innocent days of my life when I was made to wear ponchos with frocks and I didn’t like them because of their extra frills and having a great confusion of the sleeves. But nowadays, the fear has been overcome and I found a keen likeness towards this piece of dapper. Sounds interesting?

Well, girls, you can actually spiff up your beauty by pairing a poncho with a maxi skirt. Initially, they may look like a drab and for that add a designer belt around your waist and tucking your poncho.

Style Tips: This triple combo will definitely work out if accessorised and presented properly. Wear smoky eye makeup with matte lip shade.

Layer With Modern Jackets

This category is way different than the previous one, written on the top. Pairing up your traditional skirt with a denim or leather jacket is the best way to modernize it. Keep it like a minimalistic and layer your dapper look with a jacket (of course short than your tee or top you wore under it). To give it the most stylish appeal, team up the idea with a net skirt and a contrasting hat. There is no mandatory rule and you can show off your short jacket with a short top as well.

Style Tips: Carry your persona well by grabbing a leather sling bag from Chanel or MK and flaunt your complete call among your besties and other fashionistas.

Lace Top

During summers, a translucent show is always a better option and for that what else would be better than a lace top! You can always flaunt this style with any kind of bottom wear and do not need any expert’s advice for this. Of course, you will rock the party!
Start the colour riot and for summer pick out the pastel or coral hue skirt to match up with a contrasting coloured lace top.

Style Tip: Chisel your complete look by working on your eye makeup and contouring. Strut off on the road by wearing catchy strappy high heels or pumps.

A Sassy Bustier

You got a date? And if you’re half ready with your skirt and waiting for a perfect - sassy top to holler out from the closet, then this is the time to finish up your waiting.
Complement your skirt with a sexy bustier which can be doppelganger of a crop top and strut on the road with lots of confidence and charm. Because that is all you need to make the moment WAO!

Style Tips: No necklace – no girly accessories! Wear sturdy metallic wrist watch and carry your personality with a folded clutch and pumps.

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