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Make up for a broken promise with 8 life saving ways!

If you have broken a gentleman's promise, then make a come back from such a situation with tips that will definitely safeguard you!

by : Garima. On 11/02/16. 0 Comments.

Breaking a promise that you made to your girlfriend can be the most fatal mistake a person can commit! Well, on the occasion of Promise Day, here are few tips that can make up for a broken promise and save you from the brunt of her anger:-

1. Apologise and Admit your Mistake
The first and foremost thing is to apologise and admit your mistake when you confront her. Till the time she can't see that feeling of regret in your eyes, it would be difficult for her to even believe that you are sorry!

2. Meet up with a Bouquet
Don't go empty handed while meeting her! Say sorry with a beautiful bouquet and see her anger melting down in a jiffy!

3. Accompany her on Shopping
We know how much you men hate going on a shopping spree with your partners! But, if you really wish to pay for your grave mistake, then go and help her in her shopping.

4. Gift a Present
Gift her whatsoever she has been demanding since a long time and awestruck her! After this she won't even require an apology!

5. Plan a Surprise Date
Take her on a surprise date to the place where you wined and dined out for the first time. She would not be able to keep revisitng those old momories in her head!

6. Cook a Meal
Startle her with your hidden talent and skill! Cook a surprise meal and make her day loveliest of all!

7. Watch a Movie Together
Watch her all time favourite movie together with a popcorn bowl resting on the couch or the table! This solution will definitely cheer up her miffed up mood.

8. Take Her on a Trip
If no other way is turning out in your favour, then a small trip to some amazingly beautiful place is something that will work out for sure!

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