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International Women's Day: A Salute to the Bravehearts!

Let us go on paying a tribute to all the women on the special occasion of International Women's Day!

by : Garima. On 07/03/16. 0 Comments.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, we are saluting the strength of all those women, who have made their lives large and given a ray of hope to other fellow women to grow above the tag of being a 'girl' in the Indian society. Following list is a tribute to 10 such brave woman:-

1. The Badminton Sensation: Saina Nehwal
Making the Indians see a sport beyond cricket is what Saina Nehwal has successfully done at such a tender age! She has taken the sport of badminton to a level it has never ever gone to and inspired the upcoming young talent to rise above every difficulty in life to live one's dreams.


2. The unstoppable Mountaineer: Arunima Sinha
It is very truly said that nothing can deter your determination, once you have decided to achieve something with your heart and soul. Arunima Sinha has very beautifully proven this saying right by conquering the peak of Mount Everest and four other peaks, despite of losing one of her leg in a train accident. Not even her disability could stop her willingness to win!


3. The Bollywood and Hollywood Hotshot : Priyanka Chopra
After winning the hearts and confidence of her own country, the burning sensation of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra has earned enormous love across the seven seas too! Getting People’s Choice Award in Los Angeles and being chosen to present an award at the Oscars are two real big achievements for an Indian actress ever!


4. The Strength of India: Mary Komm
Hailing from a poor background, Mary Komm completely changed the way women are looked upon in India and considered to be weaker than men. Her hard work and passion has made her the first Indian women boxer to win a Gold Medal in 2014 Asian Games and bring a revolution!


5. The Vesatile Talent: Smriti Irani
The current Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani also has a tale full of struggles and tough times to share. Overcoming every difficult phase in life and juggling between an acting and political career, she has today reached a position where women look up to her to derive some inspiration!


6. The First Woman IPS Officer: Kiran Bedi
The epitome of discipline and principles, Kiran Bedi has slammed the honour of becoming the first ever Indian woman IPS officer that will keep adorning her name always! Her vision and thoughts have always and will keep on inspiring the generations to come.



7. The Bold Voice of India: Barkha Dutt
The fearless attitude to go and cover the Kargil War is a crystal clear proof of the indomitable courage that Barkha Dutt owns! Leaving every inhibition and fear behind and going to Kargil for performing her duty as a hard core journalist is highly commendable.


8. The Stock Exchange Master: Chitra Ramakrishna
Chitra Ramakrishna holds the prestige of becoming the first woman to hold the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer position of National Stock Exchange and many other reputable positions. Her accomplishments are praiseworthy and highly motivational.


9. The Banking Queen: Chanda Kochhar
Running and handling India's largest private bank (ICICI) as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer is a child's play for Chanda Kochhar, who has been doing this work for quite some time. Looking at her and the position she has attained, is in itself an influencing factor for others.


10. The PepsiCo Head: Indra Nooyi
Being the current Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, which is the world's second largest business of food and beverages is also something that has not remain untouched by Indian women. Indian- born Indra Nooyi has made it to this position and set an admirable example for the rest.

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