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Innovative Ideas to Re-use Old Silk Sarees You Are On Verge of Throwing

Does your mom planning to get rid of her vintage silk saree??? Steal it from her and find out the quirky things you can do with it to spiff up your style statement. Here is the complete guide to reuse old drapes for creating flawless fashion wears and home accessories. It's time to flaunt your creativity like a fashion ninja!!!

by : Manisha. On 12/02/17. 0 Comments.

Are you seriously going to throw your vintage silk saree??? Stop it there, girl. You don’t Know what big mistake you are about to make. Let me tell you, the sheen and richness of silk can never fade away and its stays for life. But if the reason behind this throwing out is that you are in mood of wearing this old saree or adorned it countless times, then you definitely should sneak in to unroll some sassy fashion fad. Girl, you will be amazed by knowing about the various creative techniques to reuse and transform your old saree into fabulous Indian and western wears. Yes, you heard it right. Now, there is no need to discard your lavish old sarees and other staples as you can twirl them to match the vivacious intensity and enthralling capacity of modern fashion trends. Isn’t that amazing??? It’s time to spruce up your style statement by pinching your creative buds and reshaping your old ethnic garments into stunning outfits. Bundle up, ladies!!!

Peep in to check out the ravishing women wears made of old silk and other Indian handlooms and get ready to make your own to have a walk of your life. Just try it & see how you set eyes rolling!!!

Long Ethnic Dress

Did you ever think of this???
It’s time to ditch shopping to get your party dress and take out your or your mom’s old worn out silk saree to alter it into a beautiful long ethnic staple. The two gorgeous dresses shown in the images are the creations of this sassy reformation. Now, you don’t need to spend your hard earned bucks to get your dream outfit; it’s lying in your wardrobe. Just get it out and reshape it the way you want. There you go, beautiful!!!

Contemporary Shirts

This one is just the fabulous way of transforming the look of old silk or any other weave.
Who can say that you are wearing a classy shirt made out of a saree??? Imagine; you can become a fashion expert of your clan. Is the shirt shown in the picture perfect for your office look or royal evening gala??? Well, it’s not just perfect but more than that. Moreover, this is the easiest and quickest way of remoulding your old weave and styling it into a sassy western wear. Do it in a jiff & flaunt your style like a chic!!!

Royal Capelets

Who wants to become the fashion icon of the year???
If you wish to fall in the league of most fashionable people, then this is what you need to embrace parties and grand occasions. Why don’t you just skip sweaters and slip into royal capelets to beat the chills of winter weddings??? The choice is completely yours but once you design your old silk staple into enchanting capelet garment, you are definitely not going to disappoint anyone. Hurry!!!

Skater Dresses

If your old faded saree can look this way, nobody is going to throw it in dreams even. Sneak into your huge collection of old handlooms and take out what you think can remodel into a gorgeous skater dress and make heads turn around. Play with the shades and intricate borders to get the desired look. You can pick cotton, silk or any classic Indian weave to revamp your complete personality like a fashion ninja. Make your wish come true!!!

Long Skirts

When your mom will see you in a lavish long silk skirt made out of her old saree she was on the verge of throwing, she will definitely kiss your head and applaud your for your incredible fashion sense. What a feeling it would be. So, don’t waste any more time and steal the saree before it actually slips out of your hands and get ready to make a statement with your gorgeous looks and flawless ethnic style. Show your charm to the world!!!

Long Jackets or Coats

Now, there is no need to buy a new fancy overcoat when you can design you own and that too in a jiff. Take out a glistening silk saree and cut it to create a ravishing designer jacket or long coat and don it like a pro. Well, that’s easy and the best way to revamp your style statement and fashion sense to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Try it & bring the best out of your gorgeous self in a snap.

Short Blouses

One of the popular and fashionable ways of transforming a saree into spray of designer silk blouses!!!
The best thing about this way is that you can even gift it to your peers and loving ladies to come in their good books. What say??? Make a short slinky blouse out of an old stunning silk saree and style it with eye-catching embellishments and works. Pair these attractive blouses with plain sarees to hold a gaze at any occasion or party. Be bold & beautiful!!!

Boho Dresses

When the whole world is falling into bold Bohemian style, what are you waiting for??? And the best thing is that when a sassy dress can emerge from your old drape, who will say ‘No’?! Pull up your socks and take out your old vintage saree or any weave to give it a shape of a gothic Boho dress. Be the fashion chic of the year by remodelling the cast of your old drapes. Are you ready???

Designer Pants

Isn’t the look classy???
Well, you can also get it without spending a penny. See the fabric of her culottes and think what comes first in your mind??? Doesn’t it look like your mom’s luxurious silk saree which she no more wears??? Why don’t you steal it then??? Grab it & reshape it into a designer pants to look fashionable and voguish. Pair it with plain shirts or crop tops to grab eyeballs. Make it count!!!

Long Silk Kurtis

Just the best way to convert a saree into other beautiful ethnic staple!!!
Take out your expensive lavish silk saree which you simply love but worn numerous times. Still not in mood of giving it away, right??? You don’t need to. Make an elegant long kurta out of it and pair it with plain palazzo pants or sharara pants to embrace any occasion or party. Style your look with trendy fashion jewellery and accessories to bring the best out of your Indian style and strut like a diva.

Potli Bags

Can you say ‘No’ to this attractive piece of fashion??? I just can’t.
If you are in no mood of putting efforts in revamping an old saree into any other outfit, what about this??? Use it to make beautiful potli purse. First thing, you will have a beautiful handbag to pair with sarees and other ethnic garments. Secondly, people will envy you for your incredible and stunning fashion sense. Who wants this classic bag created out of old handloom???

Short Party Dress

Have no words for these beautiful outfits!!!
And the fact that these dresses have made out of old silk sarees makes me speechless and spellbound. You can also do the same in a snap. Just choose the colour and cut it out to make a beautiful short dress for any party or function. You will definitely make people go awe with your fabulous looks and style.

Salwar Suits

The simplest way to reuse the old weave! Convert it into a ravishing traditional salwar suit and get ready to flaunt your classic ‘desi’ style and pinch your flawless Indian features. The best way to do this is to take out an old printed saree and reshape it into a long Anarkali kurti and then you can pair it with any bottom wear to slip into a beautiful salwar suit. You can also pair beautiful silk dupatta with to make it bang on.

Exquisite Lehenga Choli

Being the most attractive and appealing ethnic staples of women clothing, lehenga choli has always been women’s first choice during wedding ceremonies and other grand celebrations. Just imagine the combination of rich silk and intricate detailing over the old vintage fabric in your designer lehenga! And if still unsure, check out these fabulous lehenga cholis worn by leading ladies of tinsel town and call it vogue.

Draped Tube Dress

What you have to say about this sultry tube dress???
The stunning tube dress draped from lustrous silk saree is enough to spiff up your style and make a statement. The way she has donned it is simply a fashionista’s call and perfect way to look stand apart and simply gorgeous. Try it once & see how it will bring you all the accolades you have always dreamt of. Finish off the look with some attractive jewellery to engage a gaze.

Short Skirts

When you will wear a beautiful short silk skirt to your workplace, then you are going to feel the allure and charm of the fabric. Pick a bright hue silk or Kanjeevaram saree which is no more a part of your wardrobe, reshape and restructure it into a short contemporary skirt to make a perfect office or casual wear. Pair it with plain formal shirts or bold crop tops to match your personal style and the theme of the occasion. You go, girl!!!

Printed Leggings

If in a need of designer printed leggings to match the appeal of your lavish kurti, get it from your old drape and make the most of your stunning personality. Printed leggings are highly trending and perfect pick to enhance your phenomenal style statement and fashion sense. Pick bold colours and striking patterns to make a spellbinding impact on onlookers. Moreover, silk fabric will also add extra glam and shine on your complete look. Go, get it now!!!

Palazzo Pants

Take out your plain rich silk saree. Reshape it into a loose baggy palazzo pants and add a quirky lace work or thread work border at the hemline of the weave to give a contemporary look to the outfit. You can also do extra embellishments to enhance the complete look of the garment and make it classic and perfect choice for any important occasion. Isn’t the idea great??? Try it & decide yourself!!!

Wedding Special Dupattas

This one is in trend and taken out by almost every renowned fashionista of B-town.
The way silk dupattas have caused sensation in the world of fashion is unavoidable. Be it sarees, salwar suits, kurtis, lehengas or any other traditional outfit, carrying an attractive hefty silk dupatta with an ensemble has become a trend. But you don’t need to buy a brand new one. It’s nowhere written or obligatory. When you have a glistening vintage silk saree with you which you have already worn vast number of times, make a lavish dupatta out of it.

Pillows & Linens

Not just only for your beautiful clothes, but you can also make use of your old sarees and drapes to decorate your beautiful home. Just look at the images shown and what strikes your head first. Isn’t the amazing way of transforming old silk sarees into royal linens and cushion covers??? We all know how expensive and pocket-burning to buy new silk bed sheets and covers is. So, don’t go for new ones when you can get the royal appeal from your old kept stuff. Make it happen!!!

Wall Arts

Perfect way of reshaping old weaves and sarees!!!
Skip clothes and cushions; pinch your creative buds and get ready to experiment with old handlooms to create something magical like this. Wall arts are the best ways to reuse and reform old Indian handlooms. The craft is majorly seen in hotel industries and museums to talk about the raw and majestic appeal. Make it a part of your lovely space!!!

Let’s create magic out of old silk sarees and handlooms. Remodel these drapes into fashionable wears & accessories like these and make us proud!!!

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