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Ideal way of wearing a Midi Skirt

Don't go wrong while wearing a Midi Skirt

by : Akansha. On 27/01/16. 0 Comments.



Of course Midi skirts look fashionably trendy but there are certain fashion rules that we must keep in mind when wearing them because a little fashion advice doesn't hurt, infact makes you look picture perfect.


Always wear your midi skirt with a tucked in T shirt or top finished with a sleek and smart belt.



The fashion police will impose a fine on you for wearing a Top outside of your Midi skirt.



The most graceful pair of shoes that go with a midi skirt are the High length boots/ or the calf boots.



Always be careful with what you pick as footwear to go with the midi skirt. Ankle length boots are a strict no with a midi skirt.



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