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How Traditional Jewellery is Better Choice than Modern Designer Jewellery

Bold is beautiful but Old is Gold! To highlight the feminism aspect, Indian women wear jewellery crafted with precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds. Though some women opt for intricate vintage look while others prefer minimalist modern style. The beauty of Indian jewellery lies in the uniqueness of its design and the efforts of the workmanship involved in creating the intricate designs which is always found missing in the modern touch. Come and join me to the journey of timeless charm and ever-increasing allure of traditional jewellery!

by : Mohini. On 05/01/18. 0 Comments.

Indian Jewellery has always been a vital adornment for Indian women since ages. Since the beginning of the journey, the charisma of jewellery and the magnificence of Indian women by adorning it never got separated. The significance of jewellery in any Indian woman’s life can simply be judged by the number of auspicious occasions occurring in her life where she gets precious jewellery as gifts. From her own birth to the birth of her grand children, the practice continues.

Adorning these exquisite and traditional jewellery accessories is not a mandatory custom for Indian women but a lot of values are attached to each and every jewellery piece. The tradition is still alive and the passing time has made the custom more vigorous and lively than earlier. The traditional jewellery came a long way with different customization as per the modern women choices. Modern designer jewellery is basically the modernized version of conventional jewellery but they are much easy to carry and have the X factor of blending with almost everything. The modern era women love wearing jewellery with significant fashion sense. Artificial, designer and contemporary jewellery essentials are the recent trends which are taking over the entire fashion market with their different designs and new styles. These jewellery accessories are comparatively low in cost and made up of cheap materials in order to get into the pocket of any person. Modern jewellery can be either big and bold or small and simple depending on individual’s taste and style. These are the perfect options to complete a modern and edgy style.

Though the uniqueness and royal charm of traditional jewellery is always missing in the modern designer jewellery! The value of conventional jewellery lies not only in the traditions, but also has a great significance in scientific terms. We must understand the reason behind each jewellery piece adorned by Indian women as it lies deep rooted in science. It would certainly increase your love and respect for traditional women’s jewellery in every way. Let’s do this...

There are still a number of women who opt for intricate vintage magic instead of getting wrapped in modern touch. Check out why!?

Vintage Effect

Old is gold is not a new tern for all of us! Remember the old pictures of queens before pre-history, adorning in heavy rani haar and unique maatha pattis, having intricate designs of broad bangles along with beautiful haath pool, who won’t want to look like a queen, right!?

The royal princesses and queens are responsible for the emergence of this antique jewellery pieces. The lavish necklaces and other exquisite jewellery never failed to amuse women. These intricate jewellery accessories are commonly crafted with precious stones and gems and they give a heritage look which is worth having even once in a lifetime.

The traditional jewellery is undoubtedly the best composition with exquisite traditional staples. These precious women jewels stand for grace, elegance, beauty and exquisiteness

Dying Ancestral Art

The art of crafting jewellery is very precious and it’s in culture since ages. It became famous because of the royal class of India since ancient times when the right to own the most magnificent jewellery pieces even led to battles. The availability of wide variety in Indian jewellery is mainly due to the different regional needs which include the varying tastes of people from different cultures and their lifestyles.

For example, Meenakari styles of jewellery are inspired by the designs of the Mughal dynasty; silver bead ornaments are especially popular in the states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, Manipur jewellery is famous and crafted with the help of shells, teeth, animal claws and precious and semi-precious stones. The huge variety of ornaments gives proof of the excellent skills of the craftsmen of the country.

But the modern designer jewellery is mainly crafted by machines and hence the ancestral art of crafting the intricate jewellery is dying day by day.

Royal Charm

No modern jewellery can make you look like a queen belonging royal blood. If you want a regal look you need to go for traditional jewellery leaving modern designer jewellery behind.

In the world of modernization where everyone is running behind the glam of western culture, Indian values and traditions always amuse women in different factors. Be it the big nath or especially when it comes to present India’s culture and traditions, it fits completely. Even though the world is going towards modernization and with that a lot of new styles and ideas came in trend as well. But no matter how immensely our Indian culture is getting influenced by the western fashion, the charm and allure of conventional values and classic ethnicity is something which is constant.

From reel life to real life of Bollywood divas, you can see the immense love or traditional jewellery. Known for its royal and vintage look, the sophisticated and forever endearing heritage touch will never disappoint you.

Tribal Allure

India is full of diversity and different cultures and hence every tribe has kept its unique jewellery style. At every few kilometres you can find a new tribe and they are not only different in food and language but also in the appearance. Differentiating them from other tribes, they got their own unique tribal jewellery.

Antique, eclectic, earthen and funky are some of the words that come across my mind when I think about Tribal jewellery!

The original format of jewellery design has been preserved by ethnic tribes and made of bone, wood, clay, shells and crude metal. Tribal jewellery in India is not only rich and attractive, but also holds a distinct rustic charm. The culture of wearing tribal jewellery is still finds its solace in mainly villages. Though modern designer jewellery is also available in antique designs which generally come handy by a minor women population.

Unique Designs

The uniqueness of design and the efforts of the workmanship involved in creating the intricate and exquisite designs is what been missing in modern jewellery. Modern jewellery got its own kind of charm but that never afford to stay still in front of conventional jewellery. The art of creating intricate ornaments, with delicacy and patience, has been a part of India throughout its history.

The patronage given by rulers to the art as well as the artists helped in flourishing the beauty of Indian jewellery even more. With the help of various precious and semi-precious stones like emeralds, pearls, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc. have been used since ages in order to make intricate ornaments.

Every jewellery type has its own particular style and varieties in it which is still yet to see in modern type jewellery.

Classical Dancers’ Pick

Can you imagine a classical dancer without those folk jewellery accessories and exacting make-up!?

Well, Indian jewellery has always played a crucial role in highlighting the beauty of the various dance forms popular in India. Dance forms like Kuchipudi, Kathak or Bharatnatyam, involves jewellery as a pivotal part. Each dance form has its own style, whether its jewellery or postures. These exquisite and charming jewellery accessories help classical dancers to perform various dance forms with a sparkling appearance on stage.

The number of items adorned by an Indian woman as jewellery is many and there is an ornament for adorning almost every part of her body. These classical and folk dancers wear every jewellery piece right from the hair to the toe. Though modern jewellery can also be used as a part of many of dance forms but the old classical dancers still continue the practice of wearing those heavy Indian jewellery. You can still go to any event of classical dancers and see them wrapped into the magic of traditional jewellery.

Source of Security

Traditional jewellery is generally a costly affair in comparison of modern designer jewellery which can be afforded by any person. You can have a plethora of modern jewellery accessories and still it won’t value equal to a heavy gold necklace. Conventional jewellery accessories are high in value but considered to be a matter of great security in time of financial crisis due to its good value.

Apart from having aesthetic values and enhancing the beauty of Indian women at different occasions, the gold and other precious jewellery used to signify power, good status and immense wealth of the owner. Traditionally a good collection of costly jewellery still considers being a saviour in the bad financial times.

Even in today’s day you can take a loan against the precious jewellery which is still far away factor in artificial and modern style jewellery.

Fusion Jewellery

Do I need to remind you the choker style necklace worn by our favourite Sonam Kapoor at Cannes red carpet!?

Well, that’s what called a perfect combination of traditional and modern style. These fusion jewellery accessories are so in trend nowadays because of their charismatic look and flexibility of blending with every appeal. Be it ethnic or western outfit, fusion jewellery can be the best option. There are some women who opt for traditional allure and then there are some who want to get wrapped in modern magic, and fusion jewellery is the best blend of both.

Traditional jewellery in modern style is all you want to rock like a diva!

The traditional Indian jewellery has come a long way with some fusion and some betterment, but it has only led to increase in its charm since ages, without diminishing its craze among the women. The fashion needs of the modern women have changed, for which new designs have come into view, but the delicately-designed traditional jewellery adorned by women still enthrals everyone with its enchanting touch.

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