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How to wear saree In Different Styles Perfectly

Wondering sarees and their attractive styles? But really afraid of trying even!? Fear not! Here are the best ways to answer how to wear sarees in different styles. Get a detailed description with steps for a quick make-over.

by : Paromita. On 16/11/16. 0 Comments.

Indian women just admire the sass and élan of saree. Have you ever thought of its dual styles? I mean how could that same piece of drape put forward your sophistication and sensuousness all at the same time? Something really amazing...

The significance of sarees is perfectly timeless and unmatched. But there needs to be something special which makes fashion enthusiasts to stick at one thing so excitingly. And the mingling factor among Indian sarees is different styles. Thanks to the diversity of India where people love to indulge in other’s dressing sense, fashion quotes, cuisines, languages and lots more. You go to Rajasthan, West Bengal, Maharashtra or any North Indian states; you will get to taste vivacious styles to wear sarees. Designer Saree is no longer an Indian ethnic affair but a global piece of admiration. And today we are here to discuss this only. But wearing each and every style perfectly sounds a little tricky and time taking. But here we will be discussing on wearing sarees quickly for every occasion and in every style like a pro. Yes!

This doesn’t end on simple styles of sarees but wearing them to ‘please your moods’ also matter. How to wear a saree for a party or to make you look slim are some of the cases which also determine your liking for designer sarees. Your days of fussing and meddling are now over. Now hand-shake with stylish online saree looks and swirl with your desi looks.
Scroll down peeps to find out best saree draping tips of the season...

Nivi Style Sarees

This one is the most common used style of saree, especially in Northern region of India. It has been practiced for years, and it found its origination on the lands of Andhra Pradesh. Commonly known as ‘ulta pallu’, Nivi style sarees have been the easiest and admiring draping. The locales are pretty accustomed with this umber and do it within a couple of minutes. You want to do like them?

Catch out same coloured petticoat & blouse. Tuck in your saree from the other end and drape it round to the frond and then cover it from the left shoulder. Make 6-7 pleats and then tuck them in as well. Now focus on the untied portion and tuck it rightly into the petticoat.

Bengali Style Sarees

Rich border, sensuous red colour and mysterious draping are the all one can sum up to define Bengali style sarees. Pre dominantly a fashion spree of West Bengal, this style of saree can be gained in simple and easy steps. There is a slight difference from any other style of sarees.

Tuck in your saree at the right side of your waist and take a complete round of the saree around your body. From there, make boxy pleats which are little broader than the regular ones. Hold the pallu left from the pleats make same pleats as well and clip it on to hold aptly and cross it over your left shoulder. Pull the right border and tuck it in. The pallu which is falling backward, take round back from the right shoulder to the front. And you’re done.
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Gujarati Style Sarees

Not only for Dhokla, but this place is famous for its distinguished saree draping tips as well. The main factor is its front style pallu which is also widely known as ‘siddha pallu’.

In Gujarati style sarees, pleats are being tucked and draped to the left side. And this why the left side is left open and after it the pallu is taken to the front of the right shoulder. Pin it up there and spread the left over pallu across the bodice. This statement is great when your saree has a gorgeous border work to showcase.
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Lehenga Style Sarees

You want party zeal and ethnic appeal? Hold onto this saree and take the best part you can.
To make your petticoat hold tightly and comfortably your saree, take chiffon or georgette sarees. Tuck the ends of the saree fully into the skirt while rounding it across your waist. Bring it on the front side. Leave a whorl of fabric in the back and tucks extra fabrics at the back only. Make pleats of the pallu and it on the front. Secure pallu it with decorated brooches.

Mumtaz Style Sarees

How can we forget our dear Bollywood actress Mumtaz when talking about sassy sarees!? This long hit saree style for women isn’t difficult to wear at if known some simple tricks.

Tuck the other end of the saree into the skirt or petticoat. Make a complete round around the waist and bring the fabric at front. Make two pleats and then again wrap it over on the same way but let the bottom be little above than the former. Repeat it once or twice (according to the length of the saree. Make several pleats of the pallu and bring it back across the left shoulder.
Look at you Girl!
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Marathi Style Sarees

From its dramatic draping and country charm, Marathi (Maharashtrian) style of saree has unique design to flaunt during traditional occasions. It forms perfect posture of the hips just due to its draping method. Let’s bring it on.

Wrap around your saree to complete single revolution around the waist. Pick out the shorter end of the bottom part of the saree and bring it centre back under the legs and tuck it there. Take the left over portion and make approximately six pleats and tuck it in at the front centre. Make pleats for pallu as well and take them back to the front over the left shoulder. Pin it up bae and you’re done.
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Mermaid Style Sarees

The difference here is not so much if you compare mermaid style saree with Mumtaz saree and lehenga saree. It showcases pallu of the saree more vehemently than any other. So pick out broader and lavishly worked pallus.

Everything is same but when you take the hold on pallu again, there comes the twist. Leave the pallu hanging there such that it falls 4 inches short from the platform. Tuck in the left over to the saree as shown in the picture.

Rajrani Style Sarees

Stealing the manner and looks of Gujarati style saree, Rajrani saree have simple difference otherwise they both are all same. Just take the pallu which you have left it on front side and pin it up on the front left side. Add a studded brooch to make it simply ravishing in single glance.

Pant Style Saree

When it comes to Indo-western style, one can simply experiment with different draping methods and looks and that too can be unconventional. For this style, buy online printed sarees, colour block sarees, or calligraphic sarees. This time we will go for pant style sarees and the same can be adorned with different stylish bottom pairs. Make sure the length of the saree is shorter than your regular one.

Opt for well tight pants at the waist and tuck the first short end of the saree in them. Make clean 5-6 pleats and wrap it round and bring it back at the front. Manage to tuck all the ends properly when you’re wrapping it around your waist. Now make 3-4 pleats for the pallu and cross it your left shoulder. Let the saree loose from the end of tucking so that it makes a deep U on the right side of the waist as shown in the image. Try georgette designer sarees for this one.
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Double Saree Style

Quite popular with fashionistas and saree lovers’ of generations, double layered saree is the most predominating fashion pickle to be seen in Bollywood industry. The style obviously comes when you drape two different styles seamlessly. Follow these simple saree draping tips to achieve this stylish flare

Select your first saree, take one end of it and make six short pleats from there. Tuck it in the in-skirt centre facing left. Take the pallu end and make pallu pleats. Hold pallu pleats and then bring it back and then front, making a complete circle from the shoulders. Leave the pallu hanging. Take your second saree. Make 5 pleats this time, overlapping the former saree pleats. The pleats of the saree is now should be facing right. Again make the pallu pleats and this time bring it from around the back from the other side to the front over the right shoulder and fix it with a pin.
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Nauvari Style Sarees

Nauvari saree style is highly popular for its classic ethnic and charming appeal. This draping style is similar to typical Marathi style saree with a slight difference in lower drape pleats.

First, make pleats of around 5-6 at the waist & then tuck in keeping the pleats to the left end while facing the left side only. Drape the pallu with wider pleats of around 5-6 inches and secure it with pin. Split lower pleats from bottom in centre, hold the middle part & bring it back between the legs and tuck it there. Feel your timeless ethnic vibes!!!

Dhoti Style Sarees

Highly popular & trending among fashion lovers!!!
Dhoti style saree is very easy and quick to adorn. Just drape the sari around the lower waist leaving around 1-2 m to the non-pallu end. Now overlap both ends keeping right section over the left, fix it with a pin. Drape the pallu with pleats of around 2-3 inches and pin it to the blouse. Take the lower part from pallu around the hips and secure this in front with a pin. Now take the leftover part from left and drape the pleats from end to form an exquisite dhoti-like drape. Bring these pleats to back and tuck it there. Now pleat the front part and tuck it.
Make sure that the border is clearly visible to display the graphic appeal of the saree!!!
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Butterfly Style Sarees

This saree draping style is quite similar to basic nivi style. Butterfly style is also considered as the Bollywood style of draping a saree. The only difference in this type is that the pleats of pallu here are made very thin to allow the peeping of navel or midriff. For a remarkable appearance in this style, use chiffon or net fabric for a neat draping of saree. Make your evening mesmerizing with this saree draping style!!!

Open Pallu Style Sarees

There is no science in this draping style of saree. Well, this is one of the most simplest and swift draping style. Drape the bottom part in a basic style and toss the pallu to the shoulder covering the front bodice, secure the top edge to the left shoulder and allow the other edge to fall down. This style is perfect pick for your official meetings or functions. You can unveil your classy and bold appeal while keeping it simple and highly comfortable.

Coorgy Style Sarees

This style is perfect for family traditional functions or festival related occasions. It perfectly unveils our classic Indian culture and traditional values. Do the bottom portion same like a basic saree style. Take the pallu, wrap it around the body and fix it with pin on the blouse. Bring one edge of the pallu over the left shoulder and fix it there. Keep the wrap loose and make neat pleats for clean look. Gear up ladies!!!

Half Saree Style

Half style saree drape is invented by phenomenal designer Anamika Khanna. This style is very swift and can be easily adorned at any occasion. First, hold the inner end of sari and make big pleats. Tuck these pleats at the front towards the right, and then wrap the upper edge around your waist till the back right side. Make the pallu pleats and toss them on left shoulder. Fix these pleats with the blouse covering the front bodice. This will create a tulip hem of the drape below. And your half style saree is done!!!

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