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How To Wear Saree In Bengali Style

Now adore her beauty in a more replenished way & learn how to drape Bengali style saree as the most quickest play. Don't worry, it won't cost you a designer saree or ultra modern blouse but few minutes. So get set ready to be a Bong diva in a jiffy.

by : Paromita. On 11/01/17. 0 Comments.

Bengali saree style drape is an exquisite blend of traditional charm and culture pride. One famous saying goes on like: ‘One’s standards and cultural strata can be explored with its arts, literature and music’. And these factors can be vehemently found on this land – West Bengal. Not only in arts and literature but one can discover a wide arena in textile and designs here as well.

For instance; Bengali saree style draping is loved by almost every stylish woman who enjoys in being attached to the roots. This style of wearing saree can be copied in many ways and in online YouTube videos you may find numerous other ways but the real draping trick is to stick to the original vintage style. The folding of the cloth around the body seems difficult and confusing but it is as simple as never have been thought by anyone. While playing with rich colours, amazing golden border works and pretty blouse designs, the Bengali draping style gives you the most elegant and contemplative look.

So check out these step wise Bengali saree style draping ideas to showoff a lot among other fashionistas at any occasion.

1- Start right from your right side of your waist and tuck the first end of your saree in your petticoat or body shaper skirt. Wrap it around your waist until the whole fall comes back again to the point where it has started – the right side. While wrapping the whole fall of saree, keep on tucking the entire edge all along for a secure fit.
Point To Remember: Make sure the bottom of the saree should stay on the ankle line and parallel horizontally and vertically.

2- Now pleat the saree by making two or one-and-half inches of pleats. Once your pleating is done, tuck it inside in such a way that the frills of the pleats are facing left side.

How To Make Pleats?

• When you wrapped the saree from right to left and tuck it at once there, you can start pleating.

• Take the rest of the cloth’s edge and tuck it on the right front side and then take the continued edge and tuck it to the left front side. Repeat this process thrice or two more times and your ‘box pleating’ will be complete to showcase the frills.

Good pleats should lay down perpendicular to your body and must not show any uneven pattern. You can even iron the pleats to get a perfect look.
After the initial draping and pleating, you need to tuck the saree twice on your both left and right sides.

3- After pleating, you have a complete idea, which side is shorter and which one is longer. Pull up the shorter edge (not from the tucked portion) and hold it in upward direction.

Segregate the portion of the Bengali saree in four to five inches sections. Now fold and layer the saree in accordance to bring it back and forth while holding the rest of the fabric.
This recent pleating requires its finish line opposite to the former pleats.

4- Now you can take the recent folded section to the back of your left shoulder – as pallu. Now pull it back in order to have the length of the pallu will lie in between mid calf to lower calf length. Place your pallu comfortably according to the width of your shoulder.

In a Bengali style saree, pallu and border work are very important. Make sure the adjustment of the pallu and folding has been done accordingly so that the full beauty of the border can be seen by all.

5- Now bring the end of the pallu, which is lying on the back of the left shoulder to the right front side shoulder. This must be done all behind your back. You can even ornament the end of the pallu with key-challas or pretty trinkets.
Traditionally, a Bengali woman used to take her house key knotted at the end of her pallu.
It is not necessary and you can leave the end of the pallu without any ornamentation.

Stand Apart Jewellery Types

So here are some essentials to know about typical types of Bengali jewellery:
• Chokers aka Chik
• Broad Kada aka Baala
• Wide Rectangular Kada aka Chur
• Crown aka Mukut
• Maang Tikka aka Tikli

Magical Borders

From magical golden brocade borders to mesmerising thread works, lace works on the blouses to frilled worked at the bottom of the petticoat, it seems that nothing is ignored in the eyes of Bengali beauty. In Swarnachari sarees, you can see an amazing golden threads woven work. On the other side, Baluchari sarees showcase alluring motifs all around the borders.
So, what’s your next pic?

Everytime Red & White Is A Myth

Whosoever says that in Bengali sarees’ array, red and white are the only colours to fondle, are wrong! The collection boasts of a wide spectrum of hues such as black, golden, purple, orange, pink, yellow and the list goes on...

Yes, red and white is the traditional pride of the Bengali sarees but don’t worry there is always scores of ways for styles.

Puff Blouses Are Really Dramatic

Bauti hatha blouse is the most traditional type of blouse but nowadays the same type of blouse design is called as puffed sleeved blouse. Tube blouses were used during conventional eras and now they can be worn with broad panel lines. Baati print is the most sought patterns in these blouses.

If we talk about the contemporary time, then shirt style blouses, collared blouses, quarter and full sleeved blouses are the most loved type of designs.

Contemporary Styles

With mixture of hues and designs and addition of several extra materials such as pom poms or kalamkari print, Bengali style sarees are loved and adorned by modern fashionistas as well. There is no compulsion of drawing the pallu at the front side. You can always take it as you like if you are such newfangled person. And experimentation is always accepted here!!!

Keep on trying girls and for any extra point and suggestion, I will be the happiest thumbs-up to help you!

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