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How to Wear Saree for Unbeatable Wedding Functions

Wearing saree is no big deal but some specific occasions demand extra efforts and styling hacks to make heads turn around. It's time to go extra mile and discover some amazing latest styles for saree draping and bring them to your skin to call it a statement. Let's unfold the Indian fashion mystery and find out how to wear designer sarees for lovely wedding season. Gear up, girls!!!

by : Manisha. On 11/11/17. 0 Comments.

Did you hear the wedding bells ringing out loud??? Well, if you have kept your ears closed by now, it’s time to wake up and get into the perfect mode of wedding shenanigans. Saree, being the ultimate women attire for wedding season never lets anyone down and is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious silhouettes of all the time. But it’s 2017 ladies and you need to reshape this evergreen staple to make it work for your personal style while keeping the booming Indian wedding mood on. Let’s find out some awe-striking ways of how to wear a saree in this captivating season. Peep in...

Everyone is well aware of the conventional draping style of a sari but did you ever think of going ‘out of the box’ and owning it in your own way. Trust me, this is what you actually need to make a statement this wedding season and come under the spotlight of the lavish ceremony. The long nine yard weave has always been the most favoured and foremost choice of every generation women regardless of their body shape and size. Saree has always been a special affair in every woman’s wardrobe and life as well. Be it wedding period, festive season or any intimate celebration, saree love pops up immediately. It’s time to cherish this love in some quirky style, and that is by shaking hands with new trendy saree draping ways which go perfect with the allure of Indian wedding season. Are you ready to turn heads around??? So, it’s time to gear up for your best friend’s big day or your cousin’s wedding celebration by sneaking into some chic wedding saree wearing styles. There you go, gorgeous!!!

Let’s own this archaic staple like a fashion pro and get ready to strut like a diva –

Conventional Saree Drape – Royal Connect

Have you heard of the phrase – Old is Gold. Well, it’s true at least in case of fashion. Being the oldest and perhaps the only existing weave from past, saree has always been above all. The conventional draping style of saree can never go wrong or put you in bad light for any occasion. But what is most important here is the choice of saree. Pick heavy border work sarees or zari work kanjeevaram saris to get the best out of it and hold a gaze instantly.

Draping Tricks
Wear the saree in casual manner with pleats in the centre and then fix pallu freely or pleated depending on your personal mood and taste.
Either let the pallu fall at back or drape it around, making the pallu rest on the wrist to add royal touch to your overall personality.
Do not forget to be smart on your choice of jewellery and other accessories. Bundle up, you beautiful!

Mermaid Saree Drape – Back to Front

You wouldn’t like to miss this one, especially not in the wedding season. Mermaid saree drape can do wonders to any woman’s personality and is the best way to make an everlasting impression on onlookers. Also, you don’t have to bargain for heavy embellished saree or expensive silk saree to try this look. This draping style of wedding saree can be a turning point in your style statement and ethnic fashion. You heard right!!!

Draping Tricks
Drape the lower part of the saree in mermaid style and take the pallu from back to front to rest on the one side of the shoulder.
Well, that’s the twist here which requires you to choose saree with exquisite pallu to make a difference and grab eyeballs.
Keep the pallu open and fix the other end on the opposite side of the lower skirt. Tada!

Bengali Saree Drape – Unmatched Fuller Appeal

Do I need to illustrate about the charm and fascination of Bengali style saree??? I don’t think so. The white and red border saree of Bengal and their old-world draping style – what a perfect combination one can ever have in life! Moreover, the fuller and voluminous appeal of Bengali style saree is matchless and forever unbeatable. What you think!?

Draping Tricks
Make the broader pleats of the saree and tuck them inside the skirt. Create pallu pleats and toss them on shoulder.
Cover the front bodice with the pallu and pin the border of the pallu into the skirt.
Take the rest of the pallu from back to front and secure it over the other shoulder to complete the Bengali drape. Let’s do it classic way this time.

Dhoti Saree Drape – Western Touch

Don’t you think that adding a punch of western trend to conventional Indian dressing can do wonders to your personality??? I totally agree with the concept. Dhoti saree for wedding is what you need to reinvent your saree style and make heads turn around. Check it out here –

Draping Tricks
Drape the saree around, leaving some portion to the non-pallu end and then overlap both the ends, securing it with a pin.
Make pallu pleats and toss it to the shoulder. Take the left-over fabric, make pleats at front and toss them inside the skirt to form Indo western dhoti style saree. That’s how you dress up at bestie’s big day!!!

Double Style Saree – Lush Everywhere

There is no magic in this draping style of saree. What you just need is two different sarees with contrasting prints and patterns to achieve the desired appeal and call it vogue. Double style saree is one of the most reigning fashion pickles to be seen in Bollywood in recent time. Be it extrovert Kirron Kher or fashion diva Sonam Kapoor, all these leading ladies have seen giving this drape a try. Don’t you want to come in the same league???

Draping Tricks
It’s very easy to wear. Take one saree and wear it in conventional saree like you do in your regular days.
Now, take the second saree and do the same but this time, in the alternate direction. The pallu of this saree will emerge from back to front, making a perfect double saree drape. That’s how wedding season should roll down!!!

Knotted Saree Drape – Bold & Beautiful

It looks like that there is no rocket science in this one but when it comes to the overall appeal, we definitely are speechless. Knot in neck has become a very popular trend in the world of sarees. Also, the style can bring you oodles of compliments in this pleasant wedding season. Here is the trick to get it done right –

Draping Tricks
A dress for wedding is always special for both bride and bridesmaid. But being a maid of honour, it’s your responsibility to give your best shot and dress like a fairy.
Slip into a sassy saree and wear the pallu as shown in the image. Take it from front to back and then wrap it around the neck, making a perfect knot at the side of the right shoulder. Do not forget to tie your hair in a perfect bun.

One-Side Saree Drape – Front to Back

What if you just make a little change in your normal saree wearing style??? Did you ever try this one??? If not, then get ready to do it this time and bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion sense. Fret not, these styling tips for wedding saree will never disappoint you and can actually bring you in the list of fashion experts. Who would have thought of that!?

Draping Tricks
Form pleats of the saree and tuck them in the centre. After this, keep the pallu in your hand on the side from where you started making pleats (just opposite of what we do in casual saree drape).
Toss the pallu on the same side from front to back and secure it over the shoulder. That’s how you wear one-side saree drape. Isn’t it quite easy and quick???

Gujarati Saree Drape – Grace & Glory

Known to be the hub of finest form of luxurious sarees and other traditional Indian weaves, Gujarat has got lot more to indulge you under the spell of its incredible craft and draping techniques. Gujarati style saree is all about grace, elegance and glory of Indian culture. It’s actually the perfect pick for classic royal weddings and ceremonies.

Draping Tricks
All you have to do in this is that bring the pleated pallu from back to front and fix it over the shoulder while covering the entire upper body.
Now, tuck the left corner of the pallu into the lower skirt and keep the rest of the pallu free, exhibiting the embroidery work of the saree. Ready to go, girl!

Retro Saree Drape – Over the Head

Be the retro queen of the modern world and make everyone fall for your phenomenal ethnic avatar. Over the head style is what fashion experts do to take ethnicity to another level and make it forever endearing. That’s how you do it to get the desired appeal –

Draping Tricks
Leave the large portion of pallu to don this style flawlessly. Toss the pallu over the shoulder in free style and then bring it over the head to look beautifully elegant and striking.
Bring the remaining pallu in front and curl it around your arm to grace the event like a royal queen. What say!?

Pant Style Drape – Trendy is Traditional

Never thought of that!? Well, it’s time to get on the side of both traditional and trendy. Pant style saree drape has become evidently popular in recent time and has gained huge fascination from young women and fashion lovers. Go for it...

Draping Tricks
Slip into tight fine pants to don the style and then make saree pleats from the right side. Do not wrap the saree around to reveal your pants (make it a point).
Bring the pallu from back to the front and then tuck it over the shoulder to complete your look. Forget not that your crispy pants are the highlight of the look.

We all know how to wear saree but it’s time to know how to wear saree for some special occasions. What can be more peculiar than a wedding!?

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