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How To Wear Lehenga Style Sarees- Simple Steps

Lehenga style sarees are everyone's love nowadays and the reason is their easy draping way which reflects the beauty of a saree and sass of a lehenga. IndiaRush has thus summed up and brought you a detailed description on how to wear lehenga sarees in quick minutes.

by : Paromita. On 03/04/17. 0 Comments.

Do you love lehengas or sarees? What about lehenga saree – where you can cool down desire to wear lehenga and sarees? Lehenga style sarees is a rage of nowadays and be it a young girl or a woman of high taste; you can find this staple in their ethnic wardrobe. And belles who find this draping and clipping stuff a hard are in the right place. Now don’t worry, if you find wearing lehenga saree a tough job!

Do you know the difference between sarees and lehenga sarees? It’s just that lehenga style saree is easy to wear and you can flaunt your draping style at anywhere and anytime. Here the dupatta or chunni works as a pallu which you can pleat or leave it as it is crossing the body. This pretty luxe ethnic wear comes in vivacious and sumptuous traditional and contemporary patterns, modern colours and, hues, and with unparallel neck and sleeve designs.

Check out these quick easy steps to wear lehenga style sarees:

What You Need:

• A georgette or net or chiffon saree will be the best for this stylish show.
• Keep the saree pins and brooches nearby you
• Are you standing in front of the mirror?
• Well, check if the pallu or chunni or dupatta of the lehenga saree is long enough to make a complete drape like saree pallu. If the pallu is not long enough, you can take a contrasting or matching piece to drape.
• The petticoat should be in light colour otherwise, the hue will peep out through the silhouette of the saree.
• Ask yourself; what will be your hairstyle for the day? If it is a stylish bun, then make sure you wear your designer blouse first and then style your hair. • Choose a crop top blouse or easily manageable front buttoned blouse, if you are an amateur.

Steps To Wear Lehenga Sarees–

If you wish to wear a petticoat, you can as it provides a full frame to the lehenga without any can-can. This is not a compulsion but the best way to drape lehenga saree.
2. Then pull on the blouse and make sure it is neither too tight nor too loose because it has to hold the heavy pallu of the lehenga saree.

3. Wear your lehenga skirt and tie it firmly on your waist.
4. Now pull up your chunni or lehenga dupatta to transform it into a saree pallu. Tuck the end of the chunni or dupatta on the left side and bring it around the waist from the back side to the front and then let it fall over your shoulder to the back.
5. Make sure the length of the dupatta is long enough to give a princess like a flare.
6. You can also pin the shoulder part to confirm its place. But before pinning up make sure what do you want: a pleated dupatta or a free flowing one? If you want pleats to make broad pleats for a lean structure and narrow pleats for a wide structure.

Style Tips:

If you are going to wear it to a party then don’t forget to wear a head chain with sleek chik necklace. You can ditch your earrings this time.
2. Well, if it is for a casual moment then earrings are essential. Don’t forget to complement it with sleek white gold bangles and ravishing ring.
3. A designer border chunni can do wonders; so, if you don’t have such designer dupatta, you can buy a contrasting one to pair it with the set.
4. Wear comfortable platform heels or platform wedges.

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