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How To Wear Lace At Any Occasion?

Laces are for desperate!? Have a quick look to make it sober on the go.

by : Paromita. On 16/04/16. 0 Comments.

Do you have a ‘too girly’ shape? Want to avoid that interfering cheesy looks while opting for laces? Here are quick suggestions on how you can put on lace outfits without making it a desperate show pool. From catchy lace to their choicest colours, here you can understand the niche of wearing lace dresses or tops while making yourself completely out of crowd.

Wear Same Colour Underneath


If you are selecting a darker shade then always opt for black braziers. It offers a ‘Page 3’ look. While going with pastel or light colours, opt for white bras or innerwear. Though wearing contrasts are also in trend and thus it has been seen most often that college girls are mostly clicking with neon bras under pastel tops.
#fashiontip: Do whatever but according to your complexion.

Be Specific About Lace Colour


Go for jet black, nude shade or blue hues. These colours are soothing yet known for sassiness as well. If you’re into summer moods, then give pastels or peach colour a try. Trust, it will be the worthy one! Avoid wearing whites, as they illusion bridal dresses.
#fashiontip: Remember ‘Black is a universal comfortable colour’.

Feel Confident


It’s not at all like that; ‘Celebrities are born with attitude’. No! They inculcate this difference with pinch of confidence because they know that at the end of the show, one thing which will be remembered is their unparalleled fashion quotient. Lend this feature from them...
#fashiontip: It is also important to know your audience or viewer’s type. Of course you won’t wish lingerie show on a village stage!!!

Club Contrasting Bottoms


Right selection of bottoms is very important; otherwise it can turn down the whole show! I am not talking about only pants or skirts but footwear as well. Always choose lustrous bottoms on pastel lace tops. Pick brogues, loafers or boots for a tom-boyish look.
#fashiontip: Go bare when it comes to accessories.

Layer On Lace


Feeling too showy!?
Wear it in layers with tougher materials such as denim jacket or long lycra shrug. It will balance out the over-all look and pitches up the ability to define yourself.
#fashiontip: Go with lace crop top with ripped shorts and cover them with long shrug.

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